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  1. 1mommy

    Chicco Fit2

    Went to an event the other night called the "mother of all baby showers" and got to geek out over the Chicco Fit 2, the cocoroo, and the Radian. Although I was most intrigued by the Fit2 as I loved my Keyfit, and this seems like a souped up version of it with an anti rebound bar and easily...
  2. 1mommy

    Vent The moment when...

    Your husband took your oldest on a trip/plane ride to see his parents and texts you this picture. BTW he is 4.5, about 32 pounds, and 39.5 inches tall and has never been in a booster before. *eek* Face palm. After an immediate call to have him fix the belt he then texts me this picture...
  3. 1mommy

    Question Budget Infant Seat and Stroller

    Hi, I'm looking for a good budget seat and stroller for my boss who's 8 months pregnant with her 3rd child. She has a 2016 Honda I forget the model but it has 3 rows and is not a minivan. She plans on installing the baby in the second row. She was looking at Graco CV SR 30 but the cheap ones...
  4. 1mommy

    Securely strapped in

    So after I hassled DH about making sure everyone was always strapped in securely he sent me this picture when he ran out by himself during nap time. What a stinker. At least there were no projectiles, right?
  5. 1mommy

    Oh Graco Milestone- how do I love thee?

    Oh Graco Milestone, I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach... Seriously I just love our new Graco Milestone! I love how low profile it is, no more squishing my son into his seat, easy to buckle and adjust the harness too. Not a huge fan of the infant insert buckle...
  6. 1mommy

    Britax 'Bin the Booster'? So Britax is now claiming that backless boosters are dangerous? I thought there was no data confirming or denying a difference in safety between the two? Thoughts?
  7. 1mommy

    To keep or not to keep...

    I got a great deal on a bohemian red pria, but I'm not a fan, for just minor reasons, but enough to bug me. Should I just deal with it or return it? I feel so fickle after lusting after a pria and not liking it and getting a steal of a deal... Is it worth it to keep going in pursuit of that...
  8. 1mommy

    For Sale Chicco Keyfit 30 $100

    sold :)
  9. 1mommy

    Price Check Keyfit 30 DOM Oct 2013

    So I have a Keyfit 30 DOM Oct 2013, which has a little snag on the fabric back behind where the baby sits, and stickers are a little messed up on the base. I also have the matching stroller and an extra base with a slightly older DOM (sometime in 2012) and I have it listed on Craigslist for...
  10. 1mommy

    ISO Safety First Harness Clip

    Nevermind :)
  11. 1mommy

    Confused regarding weight limits

    So I've been eying up the Maxi Cosi Pria 65 in Bohemian Blue for a while but I'm confused if it will have an older date of manufacture. I thought that in February of 2014 that they changed the rules for crash testing so all the seats were rated to 70 pounds are now only rated to 65 (except for...
  12. 1mommy

    New seat

    So I bought DS2 a MySize because DH was tired of carrying him and the infant seat in to daycare. How does the install look? I've read that Graco allows 20% of overhang but that wasn't addressed in the manual. I kinda wanted to put it more upright (DS2 is 9 months) but I didn't want any more...
  13. 1mommy

    Not feeling the CT love

    Got my Cowmoo Marathon CT over the weekend and was so excited to try it out, haven't installed it in the car yeat but I played with it and just wasnt impressed. I was expecting a plush seat, not a fabric that felt kinda plasticy - granted this seems easier to wipe off in case of spit up or blow...
  14. 1mommy

    Question Baby always spits up in seat

    I have a keyfit 30 for my 4 month old but he has been driving me crazy lately with always spitting up in the seat. It doesn't matter if he ate 5 minutes ago (which I try to avoid) or 2 hours - at the end of a 10 minute ride his clothes are soaked and so is the harness. Do you think it's the...
  15. 1mommy

    Facebook ad for SOS system Apparently it's a special chest clip that is designed to alert you if you leave your kid on the car. Interesting idea, I wonder if it works.
  16. 1mommy

    Question First years c680 lock off backwards?

    I recently uninstalled my seat to clean it (just the cover) and I am now having troubles re-in taking it. According to the directions printed on the seat cushion and the lock offs themselves, I am supposed to flip the blue lock offs to the center to unlock and outwards to lock. Well when I...
  17. 1mommy

    New BRU coupon

    This new BRU coupon doesn't have a lot of the typical restrictions, so if you wanted a maxi cosi or peg perego car seat it should work for it (providing it's not on sale).
  18. 1mommy

    Parents Magazine Article on new Latch Rules

    ...Just have to say wow at all the comments on the Parent's Magazine Facebook Article on the new LATCH rules... I mean it really shows the depth of parents ignorance, with some people trying to correct the misinformation but yea :jaw: One parent says their going to use latch regardless of the...
  19. 1mommy

    Free FFS Tassimo system

    Have this old Tassimo maker that a friend gave me, we used it briefly and it works great, but those T-disks are not common and get expensive, but if you love a great at home latte it's perfect! It's kinda heavy, I estimate shipping to be around $25 dollars without insurance (not sure how much...
  20. 1mommy

    Question What to do in real life?

    So I'm great about giving car seat advice to strangers on the internet but I don't know what to say in real life. I have a work friend who just posted pictures of her daughter (around 11 months) with the caption so excited to be turned around. Now I recall her telling me get daughter is in...

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