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    Question Looking for booster for older/taller kids

    Just checking in after a long hiatus... time for a car seat shake up. DD1 and 2 are 10 and 8.5 years old, but very similar in size and height-- essentially both are between 70-75 lb and around 5'5". They have been in high-back Graco turbo boosters since 7 and 6 yo after being in 5-pt harnesses...
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    FS: Recaro Signo covers, exc cond, Desert sand

    I tried selling my two Recaro Signos earlier in July with 15 months left before expiring, but got no takers. The seats now have one year left before expiring. So now I've decided to just sell the covers and destroy the seats. The covers are in excellent condition (sorry, photos from last...
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    FS: Pair of Recaro Signos in Desert Sand

    I'm offering up my two matched Recaro Signos. These were purchased new by me in 10/07 and expire in 10/13. So basically a year+ left. They are in excellent condition, never in an accident (as a driver of 26 years, I haven't been in a car crash in 21 years!). All original parts and...
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    Free Recaro Young Sport Cover in Charcoal

    Our beloved 1st generation (from Ocotober 2006) Young Sport is approaching expiration so we're retiring it. I just can't bear to toss out that beautiful microfiber cover, so I'm offering it free to the first person to respond indicating they want it. I only ask the recipient to cover the cost...
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    Nicest HBB under $60?

    We're getting an HBB for DD1 who is 6.5 and still EH in her Recaro Signo. It's for traveling by plane and in the Grandparents' car, and won't be used as her main seat. It should be lightweight for carrying. We don't want to buy an expensive one, but we are spoiled by the luxury and the...
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    FS: Ergo, Maya Wrap and Sutemi (pic heavy!)

    We are doing a major de-cluttering of our home, and it's time to get rid of the three (yes, THREE) baby carriers that DW had. All have been used very gently, with the Ergo and Sutemi seeing the least use (probably no more than a dozen times used). All are in almost new condition and have been...
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    Just traded in the 3 for a 5!

    well, the car that we adored finally had to be traded in for something bigger. as the girls have grown, so have the accoutrements. so we just signed the papers on a new mazda5. we got a whopping sum for our mazda3 on trade (holy cow, they hold their value: it depreciated only $6800 in four...
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    I'm back! Booster advice for 5.5 yo, and 3-across

    hi all, long time no posting! i've been out of touch with the carseat domain for over a year, as i've been consumed with my newest passion, bicycling and bicycle building. but as the kids are growing, i need some refresher advice to keep them safe in the car. our two DDs' stats are in my...
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    Deleted posts?

    i noticed that some posts from today were deleted? what gives? :confused:
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    How's the head slouching in the XT?

    for all you radian XT owners: how are your kids' heads WRT slumping forward and/or side-side? how do they sleep? do they complain about the seat and/or its headwings? as i've mentioned in some other threads, i need three radians for a FF 3-across arrangement in my car for carpooling this...
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    Question Proper etiquette for acronym usage?

    would it be too hard for people to spell out a full phrase at least when starting out their posts before just assuming that everyone will know what the acronym stands for? i've been on this board for almost three years, and i'm still overwhelmed with the acronym usage. i realize that acronyms...
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    For Trade: 2 signos for 2 radians

    as much as i (and both DDs) love our signos, they have to go. we have to do 3-across this fall and the only way that i've figured it can work is with 3 radians. so if anyone would like to trade two radians for two signos (both in midnight desert), let me know. both have DOMs of 10/07. both...
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    3-across FF in mazda3???

    has anyone accomplished this? here's the dilemma: we need 3-across in our mazda3 to try to implement a pre-k carpool plan this fall. currently we have two signos FFing. there is NO chance of a third FF seat, booster or harnessed. child stats: DD2: 3yo, 34 lbs. currently in signo. DD1...
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    For Sale or Trade Possible trade? your como/signo for my YS?

    i'm just feeling the waters here. DD1 is soon going to outgrow the harness weight for her charcoal RYS which is currently in her grandma's car. we bought it new in november 06 (DOM: 11/06). she'll be around 5 yo when reaches 40 lbs, at which point we'll have to use the RYS in booster mode...
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    Coupon codes for REI???

    anyone have any coupon codes for i'm looking to buy an item at full retail from REI (non-REI brand). i can't seem to find any coupons except for REI-branded items and free shipping.
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    F/S: 2007 Maclaren Twin Triumph

    Probably one of the cleanest used Maclarens around. Lightly used, always kept clean and always stored indoors. Looks almost new and functions as new. Purchased new in March 2007 for $225. Best online price for new 2008 models is $225 + shipping. Includes everything it came with new: rain...
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    We turned her...

    we just turned DD2 FF at 25 months and 28 lbs. her signo was getting really cramped RF and she complained about her legs being bent. but the worst part was getting her in and out. the signo is a beast of a seat and with those SIP wings, for RFing it's really better suited for a minivan with...
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    ISO: used bicycle trailer

    anyone have a bicycle trailer they don't want or use? i may be interested. condition does not have to be good. it's not for kids (we use bike-mounted carriers for them), it's to convert into a utility trailer for hauling goods :). i would be gutting all the fabric and harnesses and building a...
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    Boosters, excursion, and FMVSS213

    does FMVSS213 call for boosters to have head excursion requirements like harnessed seats? or are boosters exempt?
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    Anyone notice differences in alligator LATCH clips?

    i have two signos, one with a 10/07 DOM and the other with a 12/07 DOM. i just noticed that the 12/07 IMMI alligator LATCH clips are different than the 10/07 ones. they look the same, but operate differently. i never noticed it until today. with the older ones, the red pushbutton is...

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