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  1. Brianna

    Urbini Sonti in Subaru Crosstrek

    I’m 12 weeks pregnant and was just rear ended, my car is totaled. I’m safe and so is baby, but I’m in need of a new car ASAP. I’ve really had my eyes on the Subaru Crosstrek, 2015-2016 most likely. I also really like the idea of the Urbini Omni Plus travel system, which includes the Urbini...
  2. Brianna

    Question Need booster ideas

    What backless booster puzzles well next to an Argos? This is a tight 3 across and the Argos must be in the middle because the center seat only has a lap belt. The Harmony Youth Booster is very difficult to buckle next to it. I've already moved it over as far as I can while leaving enough room...
  3. Brianna

    Convertible Confusion!

    I feel like I should be able to figure this out by now! My BFF's 14 month old twins are about 25 pounds each and are still in their OnBoard 35s with room to grow but mom is ready for convertibles. They're in captain's chairs 2nd row of a 2003 or 2004 Chevy Venture. Big brother is 3rd row in an...
  4. Brianna

    1" rule for Britax seats- please help me clarify!

    A mom on a FB group is being told by 3 different Britax reps that her G4 Advocate is outgrown RF at 1" below the top of the movable headrests. From what I gather from the carseatblog reviews, it is 1" from the shell for the G4 and 1" from the headrest for the click tight seats. Can you please...
  5. Brianna

    When did your LO outgrow their OnBoard 35?

    The twinkies are 8 weeks in this photo, and are 14 weeks today. Their shoulders are almost to the top harness slot and their heads cover up the Safety 1st logo. I thought they'd make it to a year easy but at this rate!? They were 75% percentile for height at their last check up, up from 25% at...
  6. Brianna

    I gave away all my car seats!

    Throughout my years of babysitting my godson I acquired a lot of seats for him that he outgrew or were no longer needed. For a while they were just sitting in my spare room because I no longer babysat on a regular basis. As of today I've found new homes for all of them! They've all gone to...
  7. Brianna

    WWYD- tether or center?

    5 year old will be harnessed in 3rd row of 2003 Chevy Venture split bench seat. L/s belts and top tether outboard, lap belt no tether center. The crash ratings scare me, so center seems better, but not tethering, especially with a lap belt doesn't seem all that great. Seat choices are Argos or FR85.
  8. Brianna

    Narrowest booster for temporary 3 across

    Family only has a Neon for now, looking to get a minivan with tax refund. Twins are coming tomorrow and have OnBoard 35s. 5 year old is in an Argos on the top harness position with less than an inch to grow, around 50-55 pounds. The Argos is too wide at the armrest/cup holder- it hits at the...
  9. Brianna

    Harmony Defender available anywhere?

    The only one I could find was $13,000 on Amazon. It had better come with a car for that price! Walmart out of stock online and within 50 miles.
  10. Brianna

    Has anyone tried these showercap style covers?

    I'm shopping for my cousin's baby shower. Her baby is due mid-March so it won't be *too* cold here in NY- I don't think he would get much use out of a quilted cover before it gets too hot. I saw this and it caught my...
  11. Brianna problems on iPhone 5

    It's been happening for a while. When I click on a carseatblog post from within the app, there are no issues. When I use Chrome or Safari usually the entire page won't load, I can't copy the link, and my browser shuts itself down. I have an iPhone 5 with iOS 7, but this has been happening since...
  12. Brianna

    Car seat goodness today!

    I invited my pregnant cousin over for a car seat play date today- she already knows she wants to RF as long as possible so I just had to point her in the right direction. She had her friend's twins car seat bases in her car so I checked those- the latch hooks were connected to bars behind the...
  13. Brianna

    Vehicle for family of 5

    My friend asked for my advice so I thought I would ask you :) the older child will be 5, twins are due in February but expected before then. Mom is short but dad is a little over 6'. They are interested in a minivan or 3rd row SUV. I didn't get an exact budget, but I think they're looking at...
  14. Brianna

    3 Across Chevy Equinox

    Will a SnugRide 35 Classic Connect, Size4Me70 and Radian work? One will be FF and one RF. Not sure on vehicle year. Will anything cheaper than the Radian work as a 3rd seat? They have the S4M70 and SR35 now, looking to move baby to a convertible and are expecting baby #3. The 3rd seat could...
  15. Brianna

    Contest I Can Haz Carzeat? (Photo Contest)

    Not eligible, but here's my fat cat. She ruins my couch cushions from sitting on them all day.
  16. Brianna

    pics of vehicle interiors

    Here's the original :)
  17. Brianna

    Weird view in app

    I'm using the iPhone app and when I clicked the name of the thread to open it in the browser the logo was huge on every post leaving it to look like this- I've never seen it do that before. It's normal in Chrome and Safari on my iPhone.
  18. Brianna

    Question Frontier 85, harness mode, versatether storage

    I just looked at my manual and played with my FR 85. It looks like it should still be stored in the same spot in harness mode, there's an indented section in the recline block so that it doesn't stick out under the seat. I don't see why else they would have designed the recline block like that.
  19. Brianna

    Question Seat belt warranty- Chrysler?

    Does anybody know if Chrysler has a lifetime seat belt warranty? Google wasn't much help which leads me to think they don't...
  20. Brianna

    Need 3 across suggestions- Dodge Neon

    Here's what I got. The smaller 3 yo is just under the top slots of the Tribute. Tribute and Sureride are both independently tight. The Turbo has to be slid out to reach the buckle. I would not want to deal with this on a regular basis but I'm glad I got them all in the back!

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