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    Travel w/ 2 Combi Coccoros or 2 Fllos

    Next week we are taking car service to airport, flying virgin america from nyc to sfo, renting a Hyundai Santa Fe (or similar), flying back to nyc, and taking car service back home. So I would need to install in 3 different vehicles. I have a two year old and tiny four year old. Both do...
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    Britax Roundabout G4 on Airplane?

    We are considering buying two britax roundabouts to travel for our two year old and four year old. We would forward face on plane. Does any one know if these are the types of seats where the airplane buckle would land right at child's back? Or does the buckle go in a closed area where it will...
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    Question Head Falls Forward in Forward Facing Foonf

    I just turned my 28 pound, 41" 4.5 year old to forward facing in his Foonf. We have a mercedes benz ml320. I had to turn him because my two year old is about to outgrow his combi coccoro and one of them needs a new car seat. Still uncertain as to who would get the new car seat, I decided to...
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    Question Which Car Seat Next? - please recommend

    We have a 2008 ml320 and two kids that travel outboard. Someone is almost always riding in the middle seat between them so we need narrow car seats. 4.5 year old is only 28-29 pounds, 40 inches and riding in a rear facing foonf. 2 year old is 26 lbs, 35 inches, riding in a rear facing combi...
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    A Foonf and a Fllo

    My 3.5 year old ds is in a foonf and my 1 year old ds just outgrew his bucket seat. I was thinking about getting the 1 year old the fllo instead of the Foonf because my husband is 6'6" and the 1 year old would ride behind the driver's seat in our mercedes benz ml320. I was hoping the fllo might...
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    Oh man...i chose the wrong seat

    So i received our travel seat today at 5 pm and our flight leaves tomorrow at 7am. The problem is, its a cosco scenera next in blue and it has barely any padding. Sigh. My 3.5 ds complains that his butt hurts with the Foonf. We have an hour drive to the airport and then a 6 hour plane ride...
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    Tether for cosco scenera next?

    Hi, I will be using the cosco scenera next as a travel seat for my three year old. We will be installing rear facing. Am i suppose to use a tether for a rear face install? Thanks
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    Convertible travel seat

    Hi, What's the most plush and narrow convertible seat that will install easily? Looking for a travel seat for my three year old who has out grown his combi coccoro rear facing. I want to keep him rear facing. We loved the combi coccoro because it is was plush, natrow, lightweight, and...
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    Please Set Us Up for Home and Travel

    We would love your expert advice. The Kids: 3 year old, 36 inches, 24 lbs (tiny) 13 month old, 30.5 inches, 22 lbs (50th%) The Current Seats: Foonf Cybex Aton Q Combi Coccoro (used for travel for older kid) The Problem: Foonf - 3 year old complains his butt hurts, seat too hard Cybex Aton Q -...
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    Clicking Noise/jiggling in Cybex Aton Q?

    Hi, We just purchased the Cybex aton q for our mercedes benz ml320. We indtalled it outboard next to our foonf. we have a rock solid install on the base, but when we put the carrier in, it jiggles a bit. If you shake the carrier, it shakes about a quarter to an eight of an inch withon the...
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    Tips for Take-off and Landing Please

    We just bought our 16 month old his own seat after reading here that it was recommended. Prior to this he traveled in arms and nursed for take off and landing. This time i wont be able to nurse him and i worry about the pressure hurting his ears. How did your little ones do with take off and...
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    Question Talk to me about rebound please

    I see some car seats have anti rebound protection in form if bar or tether while other seats have none. It seems that some seats are also more likely to rebound? When would a car seat rebound? Is it dangerous for the car seat occupant? Or just scary? We are thinking of the coccoro but have...
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    Best Travel Option for Our Family?

    Hi, we have a 17 month old kid who weighs about 18.5lbs and is almost 31 inches tall. We will be flying from nyc to west palm beach in the next couple of weeks. We need a car seat that we can travel with and will easily install in our florida rental car. He recently outgrew his infant seat and...
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    Question Have I selected the best seat for my car and kid?

    Hi, my son just outgrew his bucket seat and after reading through this forum we opted to buy him the Clek Foonf. The Kid: 16 month old between 2nd-5th percentile in weight and 10-20th percentile in height. (About 18.5 lbs and 30-31 inches.) The Car: 2008 Mercedes Benz ML320 The Problems...

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