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    thoughts on booster seats: chicco or britax or Uppa Baby

    I am trying to decide between the Chicco KidFit Zip Air booster or the Britax Highpoint for my 7 year old son who weighs 60 lbs. I drive a toyota sienna, 2017. Any advice on either booster? Does the Chicco still require you to seatbelt it in while driving without a kid even if you use LATCH...
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    Combination seat recommendations

    Hi, my six-year-old is currently riding in a britax advocate click tight, and while he still fits all the parameters well, I feel like he’s uncomfortable and would be more comfortable in a larger seat. I am no longer active in the Car Seat community, so I’m curious as to what the current...
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    Thoughts on cars with 4 star NHTSA ratings

    I would appreciate some thoughts on buying a car with a 4 star NHTSA rating. We are looking into getting a vehicle for our 17 year old son. Our top choices are 5 vehicles with 5 star ratings, but I am curious on how safe 4 star rating vehicles are - specifically the Nissan Sentra and the...
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    Mifold Grab and Go Booster?

    What does everyone think of the Mifold booster? I have a friend with a 4 year old who is looking for a booster seat for when they are traveling, or need a taxi.
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    Britax advocate rearfacing question

    In this picture, you can see where the top of his head is in relation to the shell. I have a ruler at the top of his head. There is not much room if I measure to where the padding ends, but there is plenty of room if I measure to the top of the plastic piece that adjusts the headrest. I am...
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    Britax advocate rearfacing question

    I have a question regarding the limits of the Britax Advocate Clicktight. What part of the shell do I measure to ensure that my son has 1 inch of head room between his head and the top of the shell? Do I measure to the side? Or to the part above his head? If above his head, I measure to where...
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    britax clicktight and 2017 sienna

    Hello, We just bought a 2017 Toyota Sienna yesterday afternoon. I have a son who is 3.5 years old and still rearfacing in his Britax Advocate Clicktight seat. I have a couple of questions... 1.) if you have a sienna, did you find the use of a pool noodle necessary? The seat has a steep...
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    Issue with britax advocate clicktight - anyone else seeing this and advice...

    I am having a problem with my britax advocate clicktight. I am wondering if anyone else has seen this/is having this problem. Sometimes the harness does not tighten evenly. For instance, the right side will be tight, yet the left side will be loose. This keeps happening. I have checked...
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    Advocate or Rainier? (Advocate G4 and Click Tight comparision pics post 13)

    I am undecided between these two seats (The britax Advocate G4 or the Diono Rainier). I gave them both a try at Buy Buy Baby today, and I like and dislike different things on each seat. My ultimate goal is to rear-face to around 4 years old. Any advice on which seat might be a better fit for...
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    Combi coccoro

    What do people think of this seat? Right now my 7 month old is in a Britax B Safe. We will be living overseas for the summer, so I am looking for a seat that is good for traveling. This one seems compact and light. I also like that it can tether rearfacing. Eventually we will get a Radian, but...
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    Need a second opinion/advice...

    I drive a 2002 Toyota Sienna, and I really dislike the 3rd row. The seatbelt configuration is awful for adults, never mind children. My newly 9 year old rides in the back row (I have a 12 year old who just outgrew a booster and a 6 month old riding in the middle row). The 9 year old is...
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    How long will the Britax sale last?

    I see that a lot of sites have Britax seats for sale. Anyone know how long this will last? I'm not sure if I can wait a week or so, or if I should snag one now! Thanks!
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    car seat safety bumper stickers?

    I used to be active here a while ago. About 9 years ago, we did bumper stickers here. They said things like "love me? buckle me" "It's not about laws, it's about lives." "Are your kids safe? Are you sure?" They included a weblink to different websites. Are these still available here? If...
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    Is the bubblebum available in any local stores?

    Does anyone know if I can get the bubblebum in any store, or do I need to get one online. N started a new school and has a field trip on Friday. He might like to use this instead of his other booster. It is less conspicious (not sure if any other kids will be using one) and lighter.
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    Clek Olli/bigger booster for a 10 year old

    Currently, my 10 year old is riding in the low back portion of the SK monterey. He does not pass the 5 step test. He is near 70 lbs. The lap portion of the seat belt rides very low over his legs - past his crotch. I'm wondering if he needs a booster that would fit a bigger kid better. Would...
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    dishonest vendors - anyone seeing this problem?

    I heard this story from the woman who runs the fitting station I work at today. I was wondering if anyone has seen anything similar. She had parents come in yesterday with a brand new infant seat from Peg Perego. It was purchased at The seat was perfect except that it didn't...
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    For Sale Britax Regent - $95

    DOM 7/9/2007 In excellent condition. Comes from a smoke free home. Never in a crash. Contains all parts and the user manual is attached. Asking $95. I live about 35 minutes from Philly, and I will ship UPS.
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    Any interest in a Regent

    DOM 7/07
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    true fit or nautilus

    I need (okay want) another car seat for my 5 year old. Currently he is riding in a regent. I'm using the excuse of needing a carseat to fit on an airplane for our upcoming trip to disney as reasoning to get a new seat. :whistle: So, what do you recommend - a true fit or the nautilus. Both...
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    airbags on airplanes Sounds like an overall great idea. How do you think they would work on small children? I can see some serious issues with lap held children.

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