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  1. wnkw

    Graco Ready Ride Replacement straps??

    Anyone know if Graco sells these? A friend called Graco and they said they don't. I told her to try back and talk to someone else. Idk anything about this seat..
  2. wnkw

    need some help with booster (lots of pics)

    Need to reattach smaller pics, but I need help with boosters..None of these look good to me. I have some pics in fr85 as booster, but need to delete some pics before I add those. I can pm them thru Facebook if anyone can help!
  3. wnkw

    Any deals on bjcm or b-agile?

    B-agile is $180+ on amazon. Any better deals?? Sil is looking to buy one. We have both and I prefer b-agile, but either would work.
  4. wnkw

    Question Why isn't Safety 1st boost air recommended??

    Title says it all. Looked up specs and it looks like its 2in or so taller than graco tb. Dd is about to outgrow her tb. Just switched her to that from harnessed fr85s. The fr85s are a pain to buckle as a booster in our outlook (like gmc Acadia). Need something inexpensive and narrow. Dd (7) is...
  5. wnkw

    In Search Of iso lightweight/travel carrier

    Looking for a packable carrier for dd2. She's pushing 30lbs, around 37" (but mostly legs).
  6. wnkw

    rf'ing tether in Outlook??

    Possibly trading our poc 07 odyssey for an 08 outlook. Where do I attach the tether for a rf blvd? Most likely passenger side (unless I can fit it middle with a booster or fr85 on other side). Eta.. Also, I think dd7 has outgrown the harness (wears size 10 shirt). I tried one of our fr85s as a...
  7. wnkw

    Tallest Booster?

    Haven't looked in a while.. which ones are the tallest now? Dd7 is still harnessed for now in fr85, but she doesn't have much longer. She's 48ish" but has a longer torso. 60lbs. At some point I'll use the fr85 for my younger, so I'd need a dedicated booster for dd1. Also, the fr85 can be...
  8. wnkw

    Britax Blvd RF Height limit?? When to turn?

    Is there a rf height limit for the Blvd G3? I saw the one inch under the actual shell {not adjusted headrest, right?}. How long does it usually last? DD turned two back in July. At her 2y check up they said she was 36.5 inches, but when I measure her standing up she is only around 35. I need to...
  9. wnkw

    Next ? - Britax seats in 2014 Ford Edge

    I've never installed either of my seats in my mom's new edge. Back when I had an edge {seven years ago}, I only had one seat. How should I install a FR85 and a rf BLVD? Where are the lower latches and top tethers {at least for fr}? I normally do rf BLVD center and fr passenger side in my...
  10. wnkw

    Anything safe under carseats?

    Our Odyssey is a complete lemon. Something is up again, and we need to borrow a vehicle as we leave for Disney in a few days. My mom said we could borrow her Ford Edge, but it's brand new and has leather seats. She told me I needed to put something under them... I'm scared I'm gonna mess the...
  11. wnkw

    In Search Of iso A beka 2nd grade

    Dd is cruising thru 1st grade. I'll need 2n by December. Preferably current edition. Ship to 30417
  12. wnkw

    faa approved? evenflo symphony 65

    I saw on the blog it is approved.. but where does it state it on the seat. A mom on a Disney page wants to use it on the plane to Disney, but wants/needs to make sure it is approved. Thanks guys!
  13. wnkw

    At what age/point to booster??

    Did will be 7 on 9/11. She rides in a fr85 98% of the time. She also has a turbo booster. Since we have multiple fr85s she rarely rides in the TB except a few miles round trip. She has used it for a few 40min one way trips, but she just can't sit still. The fr85 just looks more comfortable when...
  14. wnkw

    Question chest clip

    On the way home from vacation.. Reese (just turned 2 on wed) keeps sliding her chest clip down to her belly. She's in a g3 blvd. Suggestions? The harness is super tight. I guess it's the hugs (or whatever the rubber things are) that is allowing her to move it so easily. Sent from my DROID4...
  15. wnkw

    In Search Of Bitty Twin/Baby Clothes-Possibly Doll

    Dd1 has a Bitty Baby and is getting a Twin for her bday. Looking to purchase clothes and/or accessories. I might be interested in another twin if the price is right. Would love the car seat/carrier, too! Ship to 30417 Sent from my DROID4 using Car-Seat.Org
  16. wnkw

    4 Adults + 3 Kids in 2007 Odyssey

    How would you arrange 4 Adults + 3 Kids in 2007 Odyssey? We have the eighth seat, but I was thinking it be more comfortable to take it out and have two adults sit in the middle row. I can get a seat if I NEED to, but this wouldn't usually happen. 6.5yo- Frontier or TB Almost 2yo- RF BLVD 3yo...
  17. wnkw

    In Search Of BJCMD Raincover (or B-agile)

    Looking to buy a rain cover for a 2012 bjcmd (or can be the b-agile version). We only use raincovers at Disney, so I'd rather not buy new. Sent from my DROID4 using Car-Seat.Org
  18. wnkw

    Question bjcm double used?

    How much is a bjcm double worth used? Manufactured 7/ 12? Its black. Im looking to buy it. Sent from my DROID4 using Car-Seat.Org
  19. wnkw

    What can I fit in a 2014 Camry?

    We might ride with my sister to the coast. I need to figure out seats, and if they'll fit. Reese is in a rf blvd and Rayleigh can ride in a frontier or turbobooster. Can I use latch in the center? Will I be able to use the back to the TB? Will a small person fit w/ blvd and TB?
  20. wnkw

    Cheapest Aircraft Approved HW Harness

    My aunt and her child {two} are about to move cross country to live with her uncle. The child is umm heavy. I have no clue, but very solid and overweight. What would be the best, least expensive seat that she couldn't mess up the installation..

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