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  1. happiness-and-balance

    In Search Of Britax Multi-Tech

    Hi all :) I've been thinking it over and have decided that I really want a Multi-Tech. Preferably one in cowmooflauge. If anyone has one they're looking to get rid of, let me know how much you'd like to get for it!
  2. happiness-and-balance

    In Search Of Frontier 85 Cowmooflauge cover

    Please let me know if you have one! TIA 😊
  3. happiness-and-balance

    In Search Of Looking for a Maxi Cosi Prezi!

    Hey all, Looking for a Prezi, with a white shell (preferably with the devoted black or courageous green cover). Let me know what you have! TIA :)
  4. happiness-and-balance

    In Search Of Assorted Parts

    Odd request, I know ;) I'm looking for: *chest clips from Britax, Chicco and BabyTrend *chest clip from a Britax Companion *set of tan HUGS pads *SG clip *covers from older Britax seats *Adjustable chest clip from NextFit Let me know if you have any of the above! Willing to pay :). TIA
  5. happiness-and-balance

    In Search Of **ISO** - Britax Covers and Roundabout Puzzle Buckle

    Looking for older (pre-G series/CT's) Britax covers and a puzzle buckle from the old Roundabout. Also looking for random older parts of Britax seats. If you have anything, please PM me with price :)
  6. happiness-and-balance

    What seat is this?

    I wanted to say Mico but I'm not sure about the Euro routing clip.
  7. happiness-and-balance

    In Search Of RECARO Performance Sport

    Hit me with what you have. I'm in Canada but have no problem paying whatever shipping charges are. Bonus points if it's Redd or Vibe.
  8. happiness-and-balance

    Britax ClickTight Convertible Anti-Rebound Bar

    I've tried for about 45 minutes to get this to work properly and have followed the instructions to a T. Everything I do results in the ClickTight panel not locking. Anyone else have trouble?
  9. happiness-and-balance

    Am I the only one..

    Who is a little, I don't know, surprised? that there isn't any foam of any kind, at all whatsoever in the sides of the Marathon ClickTight? I went to BRU to check it out, spotted it from afar and basically skipped toward it. It looks SO nice. But once I stripped it down, it's just hollow...
  10. happiness-and-balance

    FFS Peg Perego SIP cover and Classic MA cover

    Peg cover is "pepper" (red and black with silver edging). Includes the main body cover and canopy with canopy stays. EUC. NO HEADWING COVER! This is a part of the seat and didn't come with the cover when I ordered it from Peg Perego, so I only have one and it's on the seat with the other cover...
  11. happiness-and-balance

    Question Toyota Tacoma and 2 kids

    Is it possible? Kids are 1 and 3, 3 yo is FF and mom would like to RF the 1 yo hopefully to age 2. They are both average height/weight. Maybe a little long in the torso. Mom is purchasing 2 seats and needs to find something that works, so cost isn't #1, but the less expensive, the better. It...
  12. happiness-and-balance

    News Psst... New seat - Britax B-Safe 35 and B-Safe 35 Elite

    I have a feeling this isn't supposed to be up yet but I'm not sure Britax B-Agile 3/B-Safe 35 Elite Travel System, Cowmooflage:Amazon:Baby
  13. happiness-and-balance

    Have we noticed this pattern? I know they had one with a pink harness and this pattern at ABC last year but haven't seen/heard of it since.
  14. happiness-and-balance

    Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30

    It says shipping late December. Looks neat! Have we discussed?
  15. happiness-and-balance

    Who wants to see the inside of..

    SafeCell Technology G3 HUGS pad? I know when I first played with the seat, one of my questions was "wth is inside of those?". Well, after saws, knives, and a vice grip: It's rubber. Thick rubber. I was expecting tiny men running an energy-management system. Oh well.. still cool to see! I...
  16. happiness-and-balance

    Who wants to see...

    What the base of a FR90 looks like disassembled? :cool: Bought it for $70 on my local classifieds today, pretty much for the cover, and to disassemble. The family was moving to the mainland and didn't want to take it with them for some reason. Disclaimer: This car seat has been disassembled...
  17. happiness-and-balance

    News Woohoo! Go Clek!

    I'm excited for this:
  18. happiness-and-balance

    Girls 6-7 and 4-5 Clothes

    All almost brand-new. Worn by L maybe 6-8 times each, if that. Some never worn at all. Sizes 4-5 and 6-7. I'll send it anywhere in Canada (except NWT) all for free . There's leggings, shirts, sweaters, etc. all in great condition and all brands like BabyGap, . I've packed it all into a baby...
  19. happiness-and-balance

    Harmony LATCH-able Backless Booster

    Have we seen this? Its a backless LATCH-able Harmony booster.
  20. happiness-and-balance


    I honestly feel like this should be labeled "sensitive topic"... Looks like the Classic MA has been retired in the US :(

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