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    ISO Coccoro Sets

    I will check but unless I have lost them I have the pink and key lime
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    Chicco Kidfit leg rest

    Is this feature truly comfortable and useful or just a gimmick? I notice the Surf color (the only one halfway acceptable to my daughter) is discounted and hard to find - is it an older model? Thank you!
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    3 across VW Passat

    Asking for my SIL. Is there a way to get an infant seat, a high back booster (hopefully one that converts to a no back), and a harnessed seat all in a VW passat? No isofix in middle seat. I think it's a 2012. Thank you!
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    New Maxi Cosi carseat with actual airbags

    Interesting to read about! Released today in the UK.
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    Cybex x fix

    Does anyone have any experience with the Cybex X Fix booster? It's one of the few that has a cover (purple rain) my daughter likes - she is HUGELY into beautiful things, fancy dresses, etc and it makes life a lot easier. Does it generally fit well? She is 43 inches. The Evenflo Amp fits...
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    Help with UK travel

    Well, I am super excited because I think my oldest is at an age where this 2x year trip can be way easier. It's truly been the biggest hassle with transporting carseats. I have been bringing Britax Clicktights and G4's and using them on the plane and lugging them around through many airports...
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    Foonf Lockoffs came off

    I went to reinstall my Foonf rear facing yesterday after cleaning out my car and the blue lock offs on each side basically came off in my hand with zero resistance- i have installed this seat many times and this has never happened. It's the smaller blue piece, not the big one that acts like a...
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    Odyssey 2nd row

    My Odyssey is involved in the recall with the outboard seats not locking and I have already noticed this problem on my own, ironically just days before the recall! I moved my kids to the 3rd row to make room for in laws over Christmas and outboard seat was extremely hard to lock after sliding...
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    Click tight question

    If a britax click tight didn't seem to make the real click sound when the seat panel was closed, but the dial is straight and the panel does appear locked, will it be ok?
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    Forward facing baby in front seat

    Today while driving down a 2 lane major road I saw a carseat in the front seat. I thought for a moment maybe it was a booster, but no it was very much a convertible with a 5 - 9 month forward facing baby in it. We were in traffic and I was able to watch the car a bit and the mother was tending...
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    Seatbelt wrinkled - damaged?

    So I went to a SafeKids stop yesterday because I saw it on the side of the road and my DD1 is always screaming about her harness being too tight and I thought maybe it really was and I could have someone look at it. Anyway, while I was there they asked if I wanted seats checked and I thought I...
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    HIC numbers

    I have a Foonf that gets mid 400's in a frontal crash for a FF 3 yr old. Clek published the numbers and they were even better FF than RF so I thought what a great seat for all phases and assumed that was a great HIC number. Just recently Baby Gear Lab recently did the same test and it came out...
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    Odyssey and Foonf

    I had a terrible time with the older lockoffs and my Foonf in a 2014 Odyssey with leather seats. Gave up and turned DD1 around. Got a Fllo for DD2 for the extra latch time. Now that seat was in an accident and I need a new one. I asked in an earlier post if the new lockoffs were that much...
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    Cosco Scenera Next recline issue

    I just installed this for my 2.7 yr old. She is 33 lbs and very strong and when she climbs into the seat she always ends up pushing against the back and changing the recline. It seems very solid when I install it before she gets in. Almost zero movement side to side at the belt path and a...
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    Pria 85 harness

    I need a new convertible seat and have always liked the Pria for the padding, legroom, colors, and removable seat pad. Just been scared off from reading about the harness being difficult to tighten and use. Is this still the case now with the Pria 85? Also is it any easier to adjust FF than...
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    Accident and replacing

    I was in accident where someone fell asleep and came over onto my car almost perfectly parallel. It was not a big jolt but I do have a dent and scraping and $1600 worth of damage. Clek says replace, Britax says minor accident ok and it does meet the criteria of minor. Would you still want to...
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    Kids Embrace

    My 4.8 yr old desperately wants the Cinderella seat. I have searched for threads about it and most of them are from many years ago. There are some references to the top harness height being low (now it's 17") and the company being shady. What is/was shady about them? I have heard the belt...
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    Boulevard/Advocate Click Tight weighted dummy harness failure - is this Consumer Report issue new?

    I remember the G4 Britaxes having the harness pull through the shell issue with the heavy dummy, but I thought CS loved the Click Tight. Now it looks like the Boulevard and Advocate Click Tight had the same problem - which I swear is new from when I last looked! Is this from the second round...
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    New Foonf Lockout Question and news seats...

    I need new seast after an accident. I had a Fllo for the 2.5 yr old in my car and have been praying she makes it to 3.5 or so before I have to use the belt because of my horrible experience with the Foonf rear facing lockoffs (a 2013 model). I now use that Foonf FF and it's awesome. Since...
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    baby gear lab testing

    They say they run a test identical to FMVSS 213 and post the results. Are they able to be trusted?

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