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    Least expensive Marathon clicktight

    My Britax Boulevard G3 has broken (no one's fault) but it was out of warranty so probably won't be replaced. I have scoured my choices and decided on the new Marathon Clicktight. I need it quickly as we have no back up seat at the moment but want to still get the best deal. Anyone know where the...
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    Question Diono rainier strap covers

    Are the strap covers absolutely required to be used on the new diono rainier? I know there are two sets that are for under 65lbs and one for over 65lbs but do they have to be used? My nephew just keeps unvelrcroing them but can't find in the manual where it says they are absolutely required or...
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    Peg perego convertible in 2013 Honda Odyssey

    Might be ditching the combi coccoro bc I hate how difficult it is to get a snug fit rear facing on my leather seats in my '13 odyssey. I love the peg convertible and curious how it installs in this car? Any experience anyone? Pics? Other better recommendations for this specific car? Would love...
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    Rear facing tether in 2013 Odyssey

    I just installed my combi coccoro in my '13 honda odyssey and used a rear facing tether for the first time. I love that it made it rock solid and not so tippy however, with the tether tied around the passenger side seat track I can't move my seat back very far making it difficult for even myself...
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    Question Safety First Air Protect Convertible Installation

    Grandma got an air protect for grand kids and we are having a hard time installing rear facing in 2013 odyssey captain chair. We lean it back following the line on the side and install as tight as possible but it seems wobbly and one time it even slid down making it stand super straight. Any...
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    Maxi cosi Mico safe usage

    I just bought a Maci cosi mico and I have a question about safe usage. No where in the manual does it mention what position the carry handle should be in when it is placed in the car. I know some infant seats require the handle to be in upright carrying mode bc it is part of the rebound safety...
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    Cybex aton 2 or uppababy mesa?

    What do you think guys? Are you liking the mesa or the aton 2 better? Baby is due in 1.5 weeks and originally I was going to get the Mesa but since production keeps getting pushed back I'm wondering if its worth it to wait. We have a coccoro installed until I decide and we could just stick with...
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    Combi coccoro install problems

    So I have four weeks to due date and decided to bust out our combi coccoro and get it installed. We just bought a new 2013 Honda odyssey with leather seats and I can't get a good install rear facing with the latch! Aaaaaahhhh! Losing my mind. Seat is the older style latch and does not have the...
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    Best way to install a RF and FF in 2013 odyssey

    My pregnancy brain is driving me crazy with deciding how/where to install my two kids in our new odyssey. Currently have a 3.5 year old FF in a Britax Frontier and will be having a new baby in May. Baby will be RF in either an Uppababy Mesa or Combi Coccoro. In our new 2013 Honda Odyssey I have...
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    2013 seats?

    Does anyone know if there are any new carseats coming out this fall or early 2013? Particularly tall cOnvertibles or combo boosters? My daughter might have at most 6 months left in her combi coccoro and I'm debating on buying a new frontier now or wait it out to see if anything new and exciting...

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