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    Ideas for harnessed seat

    I need a harnessed seat that can work for both my 7 year old and my almost 5 year old, and switch between them easily. Bonus for low cost, easy to use, low profile (not filling too much of the rear window), and long lasting, particularly for the younger one. Stats: 7 year old: 55 lbs, wears...
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    HBB for 3rd row Mazda 5?

    Is there a cheap HBB for occasional use that works in this spot? My 7 year old is fine in a NBB in the 2nd row, but I occasionally need the 9 year old in there too. And the almost 5 year old, who spends the most time in that vehicle, is asking to FF in the 2nd row. He’s RF right now I’m that...
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    3 kids in a GC

    I’ll be driving my kids around in a Grand Caravan for a day or 2 next week, with minimal time to try out car seats. Which kid should go in the 3rd row? 9 year old: Britax Essentials HBB (would this work in the center?) 6 year old: Britax Parkway SGL (also center?) 4 year old: Britax Frontier...
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    For Sale Any interest in a TWE?

    I bought a Britax Two Way Elite (Swedish seat) 4+ years ago, before there were all these US car seats that RF to 50 lbs and are tall enough to actually get most kids to 50 pounds. Pluses: VERY compact, RF to 55 lbs, lightweight. Minuses: requires bracing against the seat in front (I only use...
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    Combination seat recommendations?

    My sister needs to replace car seats after a collision. Her oldest is turning 4 next week and is not quite 40 lbs. She wants something that’s super easy to install and use, and is willing to pay extra. Thoughts on a MyFit vs. the Nautilus SnugLock?
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    Wayb Pico

    Does anyone know anything about it? I just saw an ad for it and almost reported it, but it looks legitimate. I’m thinking top harness height and expected price point would be interesting.
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    Narrow latchable nbb?

    Does such a thing exist? And is it relatively cheap? I’m considering a temporary 3 across scenario.
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    In Search Of Harness pads: E2F 3-in-1 and Radian

    Does anyone have harness pads for the E2F 3-in-1 or the older short pads for a Radian? I’m not super picky about colors.
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    Snow pants in boosters?

    Is it safe to wear snow pants in a booster? It’s rare that we are in a situation to even consider it, but on occasion, DH wants to do school drop off via minivan, 10 minutes before they’re allowed to go inside. So they’ll be on the playground.
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    NBB rider sleeping

    DS1 is almost 8, tall, and long waisted. He outgrew the high back on his PWSGL ages ago (maybe a year?) so he’s been in a NBB in the “around town” vehicle since then. This summer we de-harnessed him—he was in a FR90 in the long-haul vehicle. The one that got the “check fit” booster rating from...
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    Upcoming trip--need to use every seat in a 2013 Odyssey

    We'll have 3 adults, a nbb (almost 8, 60+ pounds, long waisted), a FFer (5.5, 45ish pounds), two rear facers in convertibles, and an infant under 2 months. Available car seats: R100 x2 E2F E2F 3-in-1 Milestone FR90 B-safe (the older model, purchased in 2014) Graco Affix (nbb) Britax Parkway...
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    Walked through the car seat aisle at Target today...

    ...and I got all kinds of warm fuzzies. They had 3 car seats that rear face to 50 pounds (E2F, 4Ever E2F, Grow & Go EX), a bunch of Gracos (Headwise, Milestone SS, 4Ever with and without SS, Nautilus,) some ClickTights, a Nextfit iX, a Grow & Go Sport, a couple of Apts, a couple of Finales (! I...
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    Has anyone put a TWE in a T&C/GC?

    Specifically 3rd row outboard. Does it work?
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    How to report illegal restraints on FB?

    I just saw one for the first time. There are limited options for reporting, so I reported it as "illegal or violent." Is there a better way if I see another one? Click on it and report the link to NHTSA, maybe?
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    NBB with LATCH

    So DS1 is too tall to use the back on his PWSGL. He's been using it backless for months now. I'm planning to pass it down to DS2 this summer and get a new NBB for DS1. Any reason to get anything other than a backless Affix?
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    Harness pads for Sureride

    PSA: If you've been meaning to call and get harness pads for your Sureride forever, but calling during business hours is difficult, it's possible to order them from your phone at midnight. (My 5 year old, who has decided he wants the Sureride to be...
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    In Search Of Extra Milestone SS cover?

    Anyone willing to part with one for a reasonable price? Color unimportant. Not sure what I consider "reasonable" yet.
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    How dangerous is this?

    And what do I do about it? 2 year old has decided that the appropriate way to ride in his (RF) car seat is to put his hands back through the harness. He's not moving the chest clip, so he's still mostly harnessed. Right now he wants to fold his hands on his belly, with harness crossing at his...
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    E2F 3-in-1

    Ow ow ow. Got the cover back on. Helpful tip: use some sort of tool to get the elastic loops through the tiny holes at the top of the headrest. My first thought was crochet hook, but the large safety pin in my junk drawer was more easily accessible, and did the job nicely. (That's not what hurt...
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    Question Help! E2F 3-in-1 cover

    So I bit the bullet and got a cyber Monday deal on an E2F 3-in-1. I can't get the cover off to save my life. It's entirely off, except for the 4 "button clips" mentioned on page 103 of the paper manual, which is very different from page 103 of the online manual. I've pulled hard enough I'm...

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