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  1. carseatcoach

    Recommendation is still 13 for front seat riding, right?

    Just checking. (My daughter is 12.2, 5'2" and 115#, and is *well* into puberty. I know she's better off in back, but we just drove 2 hours each way on a road trip, just her and me, and we both would have liked it better if she got to be in front. But she didn't.)
  2. carseatcoach

    Who goes up front?

    2006 Saturn Vue. Me driving, four girls as passengers. Two are smallish and will stay in back. One is 5'1", 115#, well into puberty. One is (guessing) 5'3" and 105#, not as pubescent as the first. Both are newly 12.
  3. carseatcoach

    Car rental/5-step/crosspost

    I asked this in car safety but didn't get any answers, so I'm crossposting here: I may be travelling with my daughter and may need to rent a car. Is anyone aware of a typically offered rental vehicle (I will probably not get one of the smallest sizes) that a 5'1" 115# child will NOT 5-step in...
  4. carseatcoach

    Another car rental question.

    I may be travelling with my daughter and may need to rent a car. Is anyone aware of a typically offered rental vehicle (I will probably not get one of the smallest sizes) that a 5'1" 115# child will NOT 5-step in? I think she will be very unhappy if she needs to go back in a booster.
  5. carseatcoach

    Any techs near Potsdam (NY)?

    Asking for an online friend.
  6. carseatcoach

    ID this carseat for a friend, please.

    Matt Farmer Auditions - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12 - YouTube
  7. carseatcoach

    Nissan LATCH questions (general)

    Defers to carseat LATCH limit, does not allow borrowing of center anchors. Correct as per 2011 LATCH manual (I only have 2009)?
  8. carseatcoach

    Vent I want to sell my Monterey for $500

    just because of the pain-in-the-butt-ness of taking the cover off and on again to clean it.
  9. carseatcoach

    If you could fix ONE child passenger safety issue, what would it be?

    (Misuse doesn't count here. That's a given that we'd all want to fix that. I'm talking about "issues", like extended rear-facing, extended harnessing, etc..) Me: Kids riding in seatbelt alone when they need boosters.
  10. carseatcoach

    Now she 5-steps in the center of the Kia as well.

    This doesn't feel right!
  11. carseatcoach

    Which is better, booster outboard or seatbelt in center?

    Daughter 5-steps in the center of our 2001 Subaru (that hump, that hump, that lovely Subie hump). Her ears are over the headrest in that position in a backless booster. Is she better off center in seatbelt only, or outboard in a backless booster? No side airbags. Not primary vehicle, not...
  12. carseatcoach

    For sale: MySims Kingdom for DS

    SOLD, thanks!
  13. carseatcoach

    How strict would you be?

    For my daughter's birthday, I am taking her and a friend for mani/pedis and then for ice cream. The ice cream shop is in the same strip mall as the nail place. We were going to walk but weather is going to be terrible. Friend's mother has instructed me NOT to put her daughter in a booster...
  14. carseatcoach

    Any southern Georgia techs?

    Friend of friend needs help. Please PM, thanks!
  15. carseatcoach

    Which is less bad?

    Asking for an acquaintance. I haven't been over to play with seats yet. She drives an older SUV with no headrests at all in the back seat and very low seatbacks. Three-across. Oldest boy has outgrown a Turbo -- his shoulders are above the belt guide. She can't afford another booster and...
  16. carseatcoach

    I'm sure I'm overthinking this...

    but husband and I are considering redecorating daughter's room for her birthday in March. This would probably mean a day trip to IKEA, about 2 hours away. It's very possible that I'd have to fold down the backseat of the SUV, which would mean that my 78# ~10yo (we'd be going right before or...
  17. carseatcoach

    Yay Geico adjuster!

    I was in a minor crash today. (I'm fine; car is not fine but is driveable and repairable; child and booster were not with me because I had the backseat folded down to take recycling to the center.) The adjuster made sure to ask me if I had child seats and said that they would be added to the...
  18. carseatcoach

    I know we do this every year,

    but would you put a 75# 9yo in the front seat (she's begging) to go see Christmas lights? The light display is in a park. All cars drive the same route -- there are no cross-streets or intersections or anything like that. We rarely exceed 15mph. She would, of course, be in the back on the...
  19. carseatcoach

    Unpadded cotton training bras, size M

    Monkey bra has been worn once, pink bra has been washed but I don't think it's ever been worn. Daughter decided she did not like the racerback style. Brand is Mudd, size is M (daughter wears a size 10). $5.50 shipped cheap and slow.

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