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  1. Keeanh

    RAV4 3-across prohibition?

    I know you *can't* properly install 3 car seats or even safely put 3 people in the back of a RAV4. But does it say so in any manual? Bubbaray mentioned it being prohibited in 2013 & later but I can't find it in the 2014 manual. Thanks!!
  2. Keeanh

    Minivans with all shoulder belts & head restraints (cheap!)

    A good friend unexpectedly needs a new vehicle and doesn't have much to spend. I'm trying to compile a list of affordable used 7+p vehicles and the earliest years that they had all shoulder belts at the minimum. One missing headrest isn't the end of the world, seeing as how I know how to add...
  3. Keeanh

    Mitsubishi Outlander vs Mazda 5

    And... go... LOL Please ignore my siggy!! This would be for me & 1-2 kids 95% of the time. I want a 3rd row in case I have to do a bunch of drop-offs & pick-ups around town (less than 10 min in the vehicle) so while 3rd row safety is a concern, comfort isn't :p . Car seats aren't a big deal. I...
  4. Keeanh

    Chevy Orlando

    Anyone here have one? Comments? How does it compare to the Mazda5? And how's the belt fit in the 3rd row?
  5. Keeanh

    Nuna Pipa in Canada

    The Pipa has landed. I was told there's a display model at TJ's in Vancouver (I believe the Marine Dr. location, but don't quote me on that!). I was told they should be arriving in all TJs within the next week-ish. My pre-order is supposed to be coming in to the Kelowna store on the 11th. It's...
  6. Keeanh

    Minivan or Mazda5 POLL :)

    When I put $1200 into fixing a seized clutch in my van, I said I would drive it 3 more AC-less summers. I did that. As I got around the 270,000km mark, I decided I would go for 300,000 kms. I'm at 298,500. I've never had a bit of trouble with the old girl, but it's 16 years old and I don't fully...
  7. Keeanh

    Infant seats - humour me ;)

    So baby isn't due until March - April, but I'm already thinking car seats. I've never bought my own infant seat before. Yes, it's true. 8 babies and I've always had trusted hand-me-downs. So I want something nice. Something cool. Something fancy. Yes, I know Graco makes nice seats, but I've had...
  8. Keeanh

    Free infant seat & coccoro, N Washington

    Northern Washington people, I have a KF with 8 months left and a CCO with 2 yrs left. I don't need them anymore and would like to give them to someone who does. Here's the catch -- the seats need to be picked up in Burnaby BC. Any takers? Posted via Mobile Device
  9. Keeanh

    Scenera Next on

    Haven't been around here much lately, so I don't know if this is old news. I was on the Walmart Canada website and saw the Scenera Next is available online for $85. Not too keen on the price -- the Sureride often goes on sale for $80 or less. But sometimes you don't have room for a Sureride, and...
  10. Keeanh

    Mazda5 3rd row seatbelt fit?

    Are all Mazda5 3rd row seatbelts wonky on adults & backless booster riders? Or are some years better than others?
  11. Keeanh

    Scenera NEXT in Canada this summer!

    (Apparently LOL) I just got a reply from Cosco Kids Canada that the Scenera Next is supposed to be coming to Canada this summer. It will have the same limits as the US version! Yay!!! 40lbs, 40", top of the shell for RF and parental discretion on the recline angle for older babies :)...
  12. Keeanh

    4Ever allows all seat protectors?

    Graco seems to be encouraging people to use pretty much whatever they want under the seat. Scroll to page 12 of the manual:
  13. Keeanh

    Anyone here have an Elantra Touring?

    I can't find trunk dimensions anywhere online, and no Hyundai dealership in town. Hoping someone can do me a favour and measure width, height, depth of the Elantra Touring's trunk. Thanks!!!
  14. Keeanh

    Kids in stinky sports. What kind of vehicle??

    Okay, so far I've been fine with my 10 & 12yos and their stinky gear in my van. My van is big and they don't smell too bad... yet... But I need a new vehicle at some point. It seems like everyone at hockey drives either a Sienna or a crossover or SUV of some sort. But I don't want something...
  15. Keeanh

    Clek Fllo at Canadian Tire :)

    Looks like they only have Drift. I've put it on my sale alert list, even though I don't need one LOL.
  16. Keeanh

    What do the clips on the Incognito do?

    Maybe it's my kid or my vehicles, but the clips just kind of sit there and the nylon straps are slack. I know they're required per the manual. But I'm already using it in Canada for a kid who is old enough & big enough to legally use nothing. So, yeah, I'm wondering if they actually have a...
  17. Keeanh

    LATCH -- Radian + 05 Chevy Express

    So, yeah, what's the deal with Superlatch vs. new LATCH rules? What do I tell my friend about LATCH limits with a Radian in an 05 Chevy Express? Thanks!!!
  18. Keeanh

    Older sedans with 3 headrests? (inexpensive, fuel economy, wide, booster-friendly too??)

    Anybody want to help me out with a question that's probably been asked 1000x? I've been driving vans forever. I've never paid the slightest attention to car threads because I'd already pinned down my next van (06+ Sedona). Then we decided to change strategy. Now we're thinking about a car...
  19. Keeanh

    ISO receipt for an Enspira

    My friend's car got hit yesterday. She had an Enspira and a backless booster (I think it's a Cosco Highrise, but I'm having her check it). If anyone has an Enspira receipt they can scan for me, that would be awesome! Thanks!!!
  20. Keeanh True Fits? Anyone know DOM?

    Has anyone here ordered a True Fit from Amazon lately? Wondering what DOMs they have. Does anyone know when the True Fit was last made for Canada? I'm trying to help someone on a FB group. Thanks!!

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