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    minor accident question

    Hi, I think I know the answer to this question, but just want final confirmation/input. I was involved in a very low impact rear accident today (I was hit). I could get up, move around normally, etc. I did get bumped forward but only have some mild discomfort down my leg at this point. There...
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    Car Sun Shades

    Hi, My friend is now realizing that her "bar" Eddie Bauer sunshade (hooked under the window, with suction cups as well) is making life difficult when putting her 20 month old into the car. (I think the hooks keep falling off. She has been given the option of "cling" shades although I know it...
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    Tech in Thunder Bay Ontario?

    Hi-I'm posting this for my friend. She is currently at Sick Kids in Toronto with her 2 yr old who has multiple special needs, including low muscle tone, increased head slump in carseat, etc. She has been dealing with her son and the recent death of her only sibling. I have not pushed the RF info...
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    My Ride or Complete Air

    Hi-I've got a thread going in the SN section "advice needed". I'm wondering what the pros and cons are to the My Ride and Complete Air for a 2yr old (23lbs) with low muscle tone, seizures and overall delay. She has finally decided to RF again due to his needs (I talked to her last year). I will...
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    advice needed

    Hi, I'm familiar with many carseat recs/practice, but I do have a question about my friend and 27month old with low muscle tone and overall delays. He weighs 23lbs. Last year I talked to my friend about keeping little one RF for as long as possible (and why). At the same time one of the child...
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    Walmart has...

    LB Turboboosters (black and blue-newer model) on sale for $15 at the S. Surrey/White Rock BC location. There is a pile of them near the check outs. Just thought I'd pass along the info since it is such a great price!
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    yikes-fast growth!

    deleted post
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    True Fit Harness

    Hi, I just purchased a TF today because I now need a convertable RF and FF to 65lbs for little friends. I'm hoping to sell my GN to someone I know who desparately needs to have proper seats... Anyway, I was fiddling with the seat and needed to place the straps in the top slot. I noticed that...
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    no more GN at Sears?

    Hi-I just got a copy of the Fall/Winter Sears catalouge and the GN is not there at all (unless I totally missed it). I don't know if they will be keeping it online or not. Seems like a shame that they may have discontinued it. The majority of their other seats don't impress me either...
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    GN at Zellers

    FYI-I was walking through Zellers-near Nicole's place- and saw the GN on the shelf. It looked like the Reese pattern. No price listed, so they must have just got it in. I'm assuming it will get to all Zellers at one point. HTH
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    photos and foster children

    Hi, I have noticed that some people mention the ages/sex of their foster children and what seat(s) they ride in. I think this is fine. However, I've also noticed that in a couple situations, people have photos (and possibly name, can't remember) posted on their "siggy" relating to their foster...
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    Tech Advice Needed

    Hi, I'm writing for my friend who has a 16 month old with special needs and a lot of them are physical needs. He has just turned 20lbs and I have recommended he remain rear facing in a convertible (like a Scenera or Evenflo). I've explained the benefits of rear facing especially for this little...
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    No More Distribution of SK in Canada

    Hi, I went by TJs today to look for another booster seat. I was talking with one of the owner's relatives who works there. She said because of US SK raising prices a lot, TJs will no longer be carrying/distributing their products. It sounds like any store who wants to stock SK will have to...
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    quick GN question

    Hi- I'm wondering if anyone can tell me the harness height limits for each slot. Thanks
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    GN-Easy Install

    Greetings from Canada.... I installed the GN in my Echo today and it went very smoothly (much better than Radian w/Latch and seatbelt install that didn't work). I used the seatbelt and started by installing the tether first. The seatbelt was easy to get tight on the first try by locking it...
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    GN Harness Question

    Hi, I have recently purchased a GN and will be using it in the top 2 harness slots (depending on the person's child I am driving!). I've been fiddling around with it and when I tried to route the top slot harness in the back through the plastic part and up over the red rollers, I couldn't get...
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    GN in an ECHO

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has had experience or knows if the GN can be tightly fit into a Toyota Echo with a seatbelt (and any tips I need to know). Thanks!
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    Expired seats and public education discussion (split from TC question thread)

    Hi Again, Just wondering if anyone has comments/agrees with my previously posted idea of increasing public awareness of proper car seat use/expiry dates. If a person looks at Craigslist, they will find many expired seats listed. I've flagged them and/or emailed the seller with info and...
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    Craigslist, ICBC/TC

    Hi, I've been seeing a lot of "expired seats" for sale on CL. Sometimes, I send a response about the 6-7 yr. expiry date, where to get more info. I recently received a rude response from an individual quoting ICBC/TC that seats without expiry dates are ok if they are less than 10 yrs. old. The...
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    New Maxi Cosi Stroller

    I was in Babies R Us the other day and saw a new Maxi Cosi stroller. It looks like it would compare to a Maclaren, but has some added features: accepts Maxi Cosi infant car seats, reclines fully, has a nice/full zip on rain cover and high handles. The current price is $179. Has anyone else seen...

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