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  1. lovemybabybug

    In Search Of Iso Coccoro

    Whatever color, infant insert not needed, must have the locking clip and nearing its expiration is totally fine (I only need it for one trip in the spring/summer).
  2. lovemybabybug

    Question Chicco Keyfit crotch buckle too long.

    My baby is tethering right around the 11 lb mark so I took out the infant bottom cushion but now the crotch buckle is super high on her belly and the straps don't sit on her thighs at all. Is this safe?
  3. lovemybabybug

    Question Did Evenflo redesign the belt guide on Right Fit Booster?

    We have a right fit with a 2014 manufacture date that we bought on clearance last year (I didn't even notice the date till now). It just doesn't work in any cars I have tried so far. The seatbelt sticks in the guides, none of the kids that use it in my car can buckle themselves and the seatbelt...
  4. lovemybabybug

    In Search Of ISO graco snugride and maestro harness pads

    Does anyone have harness covers for the SR 30 and maestro laying around? I don't care about the color. And possibly an infant insert for the SR? It's black with gray and white stripes, but again, I don't care about the color. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. lovemybabybug

    For Sale Classic MA covers

    I have a Cowmoo cover and a Brooke cover (pink and yellow) for the classic MA 65 that I'd like to get rid of. I believe I have all the pads for both. $12 each just to cover pp fees and shipping. They are so pretty, I can't bring myself to toss them out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. lovemybabybug

    Smallest/lightest seat with built in lock offs?

    Next year I will be traveling with a 3 month old out of the country and I need a seat with built in lock offs. The smaller the seat the better and no lock offs is absolutely not an option. I will be there for a month and will be transferring the seat from car to car daily, sometimes more than...
  7. lovemybabybug

    ISO Coccoro or infant seat with built in lock off

    I am searching for an infant seat that has built in lock off on the seat itself or a Coccoro with lock off clip. Seat will be used for an out of the country trip, so I don't care what it looks like as it will most likely be gate checked then tossed upon my return. All I need is one more year of...
  8. lovemybabybug

    ISO Britax Chaperone

    Cover color does not matter. Naked OK also. Must have 2018 or further expiration on it. I am located in NJ for shipping purposes.
  9. lovemybabybug

    ISO Classic Marathon

    Does anyone have a Classic Marathon to sell? It can be old, I only need it to have about 6 months left of life. Going oversears in a few months and need a narrowish seat with lock offs. Don't care about the cover. Can be naked ( I have two covers here) Bonus points if located in NJ so I can pick up.
  10. lovemybabybug

    Booster for my smallish alsmot 6 year old?

    My almost 6 year old is harnessed in all vehicles she rides daily in. However, she goes to a cousin's house for occasional sleep overs. Neither my SIL or BIL know or bother to learn how to install a seat and they don't give a crap about car seat safety ( niece rides in 12 year old seats with the...
  11. lovemybabybug

    ISO Coccoro and Classic Marathon

    Looking for either/both seats with at least 2 years of life left. Ideally no pink CCO. Don't care what cover the MA has ( naked would be ok too) I am located in NJ if that matters I also have a 2010 My Ride in Alma I could trade for it.
  12. lovemybabybug

    Three seats in a 2008 Subaru Legacy (sedan), what will fit?

    My friend is looking to buy t a 2008 Subaru Legacy sedan. Very tall parents, so front seats must be pretty far back. Children are 5 yo, 48ish lbs, 47 inches 3 yo (ff and absolutely not willing to rf) 34 lbs, not sure on her height 8 month old, 19 lbs, not sure on height Budget not a concern.
  13. lovemybabybug

    No radian in the center of a 2014 Odyssey?

    My friend called me over to help him put the radian in their 2014 Odyssey. he wanted it RF center second row...but that seat is funky looking and the seat bight is actually higher on the seat so basically the boot wouldn't sit flush on the vehicle seat. I am assuming that seating position is...
  14. lovemybabybug

    Booster fit check please

    This is our "emergency" set up for the next 2-3 weeks. . There's a possibility she might not ride in it at all, but I don't like having no seats at all in my husband's truck in the event I don't make it do school pick up so I am hoping this works. This child rear faced till 3 months ago, so...
  15. lovemybabybug

    Casually ISO Coccoro

    Does anyone have one they would like to sell?. Preferably NOT pink. DOM doesn't matter much as long as it has about 2 year left. Must have all pads and inserts.
  16. lovemybabybug

    Bubblebum for $25

    Just saw them at my walmart.
  17. lovemybabybug

    2005 Dodge caravan and retrofitting the third row with tethers.

    I have been reading here for the last 2 hours looking for the answer, but I couldn't find anything concrete. So can the third row of a 2005 Dodge Caravan with stow and go seats be retrofitted with two more top tethers? I only need two ff seats in the car, but I would like to put the rf seat in...
  18. lovemybabybug

    Question 3 seats in a 06 Scion XB

    I have been reading the forum and Google for 3 days straight and can't find any conclusive answers. I am all set to go check a scion XB out today and possibly buy it, and before I take the 3 hour round trip there can someone please assure me it can be done? Maybe post pictures? I am stressing...
  19. lovemybabybug

    Need a new car - 5K budget

    So I need a new yesterday. Mine is dead. I have been using my friend's car for a week in hopes mine would be fixed, but it is done. I have 5k to spend. No more, and I do not want to finance. I know NOTHING about cars, reliability and stuff and my husband is no help either. I really...
  20. lovemybabybug

    Buying a used Grand Cherokee. Seatbelt/LATCH info please

    I am looking to buy a used/older Grand Cherokee/ Laredo, but a lot of them still have a lap belt in the center and no top tethers. At what year did they start making them with lap/shoulder belts and TT in all positions? My daughter and the kids I watch are 4 1/2 and I expect to still have this...

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