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  1. turtlemama

    2011 Toyota Sienna third row three across solution

    I used to be a CPST. I know how to install and pick seats, but my third row is giving me issues and I am not sure what to try next. I have five kids in my vehicle for now. Seats and kid stats are: 9 yo, 62 lbs, 53.5 inchest tall, Incognito or Harmony youth booster 7 yo, 52 lbs, 48-50 inches...
  2. turtlemama

    Any smaller 6 passenger vehicles?

    I really want a Mazda5, but we have four kids and it has no cargo space. We are going to be trading in my Chrysler Pacifica. The Pacifica is too small on cargo space and breaks down too often. I don't want a Chysler/Dodge vehicle ever again. I am considering a '07-'10 Honda Odyssey, but it just...
  3. turtlemama

    If you have a battle getting the kid in the car..

    What do you do? I need helpful tips beyond ripping my hair out and screaming in frustration. Both of my younger boys are refusing to even get in the car. They are both rear facing and aside from one week of forward facing for my 3 year old, have never known different. They've never given me any...
  4. turtlemama

    For Sale Local preferred, Britax B-Ready with the second seat in Twilight.

    I'm selling my B-Ready. I was thinking $350 local to me (Groton, CT.)
  5. turtlemama

    ISO Shadow XTSL cover. FS Cybex Solutions X Fix.

    I'm looking for a Shadow cover for my XTSL. I can't seem to snag one anywhere and Diono says they are permanently out. I also have a Cybex booster for sale. I'm thinking about $100? I'm not sure what to sell it for that would be reasonable and cover the cost of shipping. I have it already...
  6. turtlemama

    Top tethering (RF) underneath the seat the car seat is on...

    Is it ever ok to do this? I did a check for a lady who said she was told by someone on here that it was ok. I always thought it wasn't ok, so now it's been bugging me.
  7. turtlemama

    FAA car seat safety video?

    I'm looking for the video about car seats on airplanes. I did a search on here and also cannot find it on google or youtube. Does anyone know the video I'm talking about? It has parents with a lap baby and someone else saying something about how that's not safe. Then a spokeswoman comes on and...
  8. turtlemama bumper sticker

    I tried using the search, but couldn't find what I was looking for. Where can I get a bumper sticker? I remember there being a link or something where buying one would support the forum?
  9. turtlemama

    Are there any good baby carriers for not a lot of money?

    I want to be able to carry DS3 while DS2 rides in the cart when we do grocery shopping. DS2 is always a pain when he's not in the cart, and there isn't room to put him in the basket part (plus I get paranoid about that since he could just fall out) and he likes to run off, which leads to me...
  10. turtlemama

    Cheapest price for a B-Ready second seat in Twilight?

    I got a Twilight B-Ready for super cheap on Craigslist and now just need the second seat. I've found it for as low as $118, but was hoping for a coupon or something to get it lower than that. Any ideas?
  11. turtlemama

    Jane Matrix Light

    Has anyone seen this? I thought it was kind of neat.
  12. turtlemama

    Which car seat for frequent taxi and bus rides?

    I'm not sure where to put this, so I put it in General. My SIL is due in March and I'm hoping to get her a bucket, but she doesn't have a car. They use taxis and buses (the bus has seatbelts, but I don't know if it's ok to use a car seat on a bus with sideways facing seats. I'm assuming no?)...
  13. turtlemama

    Angle adjuster. Too upright?

    If this works, it will be excellent. The driver seat can go all the way back! I think it's too upright, though :/ Also, it was hard to actually get the adjuster to go where it needed to go. It was really gripping onto the seat of the car and onto the bottom of the car seat. I was wondering if...
  14. turtlemama

    Trade: Cuddle cover set for newer Boy or GN MR cover.

    It appears that I will not be getting a new MA70 for ds3, so I guess I will just deal with the MR buckles and trade the cover on it. I have a Cuddle cover set, the insert and harness covers have not been used. I would like one of the newer covers because the older ones don't fit all the way on...
  15. turtlemama

    Banned from KidsEmbrace Facebook page?

    I went to "like" their page so I could ask why they are calling their seats "safestchildcarseat" and why the ad on here says "baby seat" but found that I couldn't like or comment on their page. Did they ban me (I think I might have commented there before but don't remember) or is no one else...
  16. turtlemama

    Britax bodyguard

    I saw one today in a car parked next to us. It was primary colored and on the lowest setting. Is it expired? I've never seen one irl and only know what it was thanks to google. I have a pic, but it's on my phone and I don't know how to put that on here.
  17. turtlemama

    If you don't buckle up..

    Not sure where to put this, but I wanted to share the coloring book they handed out at a safety fair event we went to this morning.
  18. turtlemama

    would it be safe to assume ..

    That if I can push one of those Target carts that holds 3 kids through small aisles, that the City Select would be just as easy? Those carts are super long and I was hesitant on the Select because it's supposed to be really long. Surely it's not as long as one of those carts?
  19. turtlemama

    This will probably be really funny looking, my car seat dream

    I dreamed I was doing a check for a family with 2 girls. They had Sceneras, but the straps were really thin and there was no crotch strap. It only had a thin metal clasp. I drew a picture using the paint program on my tablet. :o The parents got upset with me for tightening the very loose straps...
  20. turtlemama

    Am I reading this right? VA Law RF <7?

    I'm reading this wrong, right? It looks like it says rear facing under age 7 in the rear seat?

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