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    Question New Car Advice

    We weren't planning on purchasing a new car until next fall or winter, but we may have to replace our 05 Malibu Maxx sooner than later. Important info: Nicholas-3 yrs old, 37", 33ish lbs. Current seats-GN-elite and TFP. Right now his Nautilus is in the 2009 Hyundai Elantra. I work about 45...
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    Hyundai Elantra Back Seat

    Does anyone know if the 05 and 09 MY's of the Hyundai Elantra have the same back seat? I'm thinking about getting Nicholas a Radian for the Elantra. (He asked to go back RF and we only have 1 convertible.) We have the 09 Elantra and I saw that someone was successful with the 05. Thanks! Susan
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    Question Evenflo Momentum

    Has anyone used one? In what vehicle? I think I'm down to that or another MyRide to replace our crashed MyRide. It'll need to go into the center of the Hyundai Elantra. Susan
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    Looking For A New Convertible

    My son and I were in a crash this morning, we're fine. I'm still a little shaken and am/will be sore, but other than that good. He was in his MyRide and I'll need to replace that now. We were in a 2009 Hyundai Elantra. I want to keep him RF. He's almost 32lbs and in a 3T shirt. 36" tall...
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    Well, we're now a 1 carseat family.

    Only for a short time hopefully. Nicholas and I were on the way to work/daycare this morning(I work in a child care center and he goes there too) and I somehow missed the curve in our road...a road I drive on at least twice a day! I went off road, took out a mailbox(shattering our...
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    What to do???

    Nicholas is 2 yrs, 8 months. I had him at the docs yesterday and he weighed in at 31.2 lbs--shirt, shorts, socks, shoes and slightly wet diaper. He's got room to grow height wise in both of his seats(MR, TFP), more in the TFP. At 1 he was 19-20 lbs. At 2, he was 24lbs...and has been packing...
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    Question Boosters with Lock-Offs

    What boosters have shoulder belt lock offs? I've got a mom interested in them, but I haven't kept as up to date on boosters. Besides...with so many new seats out and new's almost impossible to be aware of every seat and each of it's details. Thanks Susan
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    Question Which seato do I take?

    We're going to FL(from MD) in Dec and we've rented a mini van since my mom and nephew will be going with us. I know this is way early....I've gotten to be a bit of a planner. We've rented from Alamo and we'll be picking up from the airport rental we should have a few to pick from...
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    SN seat for my neice here's the background: DN has epilepsy(since infancy) and is on the autism spectrum. She turned 6 in Nov, with little language. She has low tone in her trunk. She has just moved up to the top slots of her GN, so SIL is beginning the hunt for a SN seat for her. She needs a seat that...
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    Question Dream on Me carseats

    I was looking through new products at BRU and found a new travel system by Dream on Me. I knew Summer Infant was supposed to be entering the carseat market soon, but I don't remember hearing/reading anything about this brand. Anyone know anything...
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    Baby Trend Flex Loc in an F-150

    I'm helping a co-worker who's due in about a month. New to her seat and she drives an F-150 with a rear bench, but not 4 doors. I haven't gotten in the truck to know what I'm dealing with room wise, but can tell it's not much. I'm unsure on the yr as well. I'd venture to say it'll have LATCH...
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    Which Seat?

    I've decided that we're getting a new seat. I'm tired of moving a convertible nearly daily. Right now I'm thinking I'll put the Scenera in the DCP's Expidition with LATCH. The TFP in DH's car center with belt or outboard with LATCH. His car has side curtain I might stick with...
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    Considering a new seat

    I just started a new job and found an in home sitter I'm happy with until Jan when Nicholas can come to work with me. (I'm the 3/4 teacher in a child care center and the youngest come at 2.) The sitter has to take one of her kids to school 2 mornings a week for band before school. She takes...
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    Question RF tether & installed anchor

    2 seperate questions: 1. Where the FP/Britax seats allowed to be tethered while RF? I don't think so, but I can't remember 100%. 2. Does anyone have a picture of dealer installed TA's in a Chrysler Minivan? I'm helping a mom who has a 2000 T & C van, but is unsure if TA's were installed by...
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    Guess what the pedi told me

    So I took Nicholas for his 6 month pedi visit today. Dr asked me if he was still riding RF, I said of course. Then he told me that they are now reccomending to stay RF to 4 yrs old, but the academy didn't have an official policy on it yet! The concern he's hearing from parents is that the...
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    TFP-Blue Aurora

    Are they're any pics of this cover besides stock photos? I'm anxious to see it. If there aren't any yet---mine will be here TOMORROW! It'll probably get here late in the day. I dunno why I'm the last stop on the UPS route. I probably won't get pics up tomorrow evening either. Sorry, but...
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    My Ride issues

    I was messing with my seat yesterday and noticed that it had a hole in the cover. I also noticed that the adjuster strap was starting to fray. By the time I got home yesterday, Graco was closed. So I called this morning and talked to a girl---missed her name. Told her what was going on, gave...
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    MR product#

    nak what's the my ride product # @ bru? 1 store said it's not in the comp, so no one should have---i'm in the same state as nannymom. Susan
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    MR # @ Wal-Mart

    I remember somehow we found out the sku # or something like that of the Nautilus at wm. WM gives products their own number in their system. So you could call the store and ask if they had a specific product # rather than the product name. I remember when the GN came out they didn't know what...
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    Question LATCH manual ?-Toytoa Sequoia

    I was just asked if you can use LATCH in the center of an 05 Toyota Sequoia. I know Toyota says no to center LATCH, but the manual makes it seem as if there is center LATCH in this model. I want to make sure I'm reading it right before advising the parent? (online forum, so I don't have the...

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