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  1. mom2juliarose

    In Search Of ISO Snugride 40 Infant insert

    Just wondering if anyone has one.
  2. mom2juliarose

    Question Snugride 40 for newborn without infant insert?

    A close friend (whom I trust 100%) handed down her Snugride 40 to us. The problem is, she can't find the infant insert (that you can use until baby is 12 pounds) anywhere! Can I use it with a newborn without it? I've tried Googling to see if I can find any info about it and really can't. I...
  3. mom2juliarose

    Next step on a budget...ASAP

    The time has come... our Radian expires next month. :( At the end of this month we are moving and flying cross-country. I'm going solo with 3 kids and would prefer not to take 2 seats with me, so I'm looking at ordering something to have shipped to our destination waiting for us. (DH and my...
  4. mom2juliarose

    For Sale Girasol Agua Azul Dark ring sling

    I'm selling a Girasol Agua Azul Dark ring sling. It is an XL (88") which means either a super long tail or it can be chopped. Super soft, toddler-worthy. Dark blue aluminum rings. It was originally a size 6 wrap, converted by Two Trees Handwovens. Pictures do not do this beauty justice! Asking...
  5. mom2juliarose

    Need a new seat soon.

    DS is 5y2m and riding in an R100 in my car and a Radian 65 in DH's car. Unfortunately, the crotch buckle is really short and snug on him now. :( It's OK for brief periods of time, and he's only in DH's car once a week, so we'll keep him in the Radian 65 until it expires in September, and then I...
  6. mom2juliarose

    I need help choosing a seat (or seats!)

    Currently we have a '97 CRV and an '05 CRV. DD is now 5-stepping *sniff!*. In my car (the '05) we have a Snugride 30 with DS2 in it and a Radian 65 with DS1 in it. In DH's car we don't have a base or seat for the baby (he takes my car when he has the baby), there's just a Diono R100 in there for...
  7. mom2juliarose

    PLEASE help me find these toys!

    Last night at church babysitting they had these toys that reminded me of Magnatiles or similar but they weren't magnetic. They were colored clear plastic building toys in various shapes (triangles, squares, cylinders, etc.) that had notches in them and you connected them by slipping the pieces...
  8. mom2juliarose

    LL Bean Deluxe Book Packs 25% off....

    Does anyone know if the price tends to go lower during the summer? I'm thinking of taking advantage of this sale but will beat myself up if later it winds up being cheaper.
  9. mom2juliarose

    Occasional survey bar at bottom of screen?

    All day on and off today I've been getting this bar at the bottom of my screen, only here on It says different things at different times, but always looks the same. I am using Windows 7 and running Firefox 38.0.1 Screenshot attached. Any idea what it could be from??
  10. mom2juliarose

    Are Britax Regents still unexpired?

    Saw one today in the drop-off line at school and it kind of surprised me! When do the ones made last expire?
  11. mom2juliarose

    Does she 5-step?

    I am going to admit that I still don't fully understand lap belt fit in terms of 5-stepping and where it should be, so I thought I'd ask here. She's 10.5, around 90 pounds, and 4'10" tall, possibly taller? Her feet are flat on the ground in DH's '97 CRV, she has head support from the headrest...
  12. mom2juliarose

    Baby Jogger glider board WITH SEAT?

    Yesterday I was walking in our outdoor mall when I saw a mom pushing a Baby Jogger City Mini. Now I've seen a Glider Board before on the City Mini, but this was a Glider Board that had a stool on it (looked attached to the board, so not like she just put a plastic stool on it) and her child was...
  13. mom2juliarose

    What infant seats fit an average size baby from birth?

    I don't know what "average" is--let's say 7 pounds? I've heard some seats like some Gracos and the BabyTrend seats don't (harness slots tend to be too high). I am trying to give a friend good info on what infant seats really fit from birth, but I haven't been in the market for one in a while...
  14. mom2juliarose

    Tiny newborn in a Diono R120?

    My friend 3 Diono R120s in her Honda Accord for her 3 kiddos. 2 are FFing, and the baby born today is RFing (obviously). Baby was born today weighing 5lbs 13oz and is 19" long. Is he going to FIT in the Diono R120? Does it work that well with tiny infants with the insert in place? He'll grow...
  15. mom2juliarose

    Need some girls' dress shopping help ASAP!

    My brother and future SIL have 6 nieces. 2 are in the wedding (junior bridesmaid and flower girl) and the other 4 are taking part somehow in a "ring warming ceremony" in the beginning of the wedding (not quite sure what that is yet). They want the 4 non-wedding party nieces to all wear similar...
  16. mom2juliarose

    For Sale American Girl Bitty Baby set, $50

    This poor doll has NEVER been played with, but her head is dinged up a ton from being in the bottom of the toy box for ages. Comes with Bitty Baby, sleeper, dress, long-sleeve onesie, pants, bib, bottle, hat, shoes, bear, blanket, and book. Oh, and a backpack to carry it all in. Asking $50...
  17. mom2juliarose

    In Search Of Bowling shoes, little kid size 10

    If anyone has any for $20 or less (including shipping) please let me know! Hoping to do free bowling this summer, but shoe rental adds up! ETA: Also could use girls' size 4 (big girls) or women's size 5.5
  18. mom2juliarose

    9.5yo bosterless, in Incognito, and Graco LBB

    I thought I'd post these pics for reference and also for advice. This is DD (9.5yo, 69 pounds, 53"--no clue on torso height) in DH's '97 CRV. Is she ready for the Incognito or do you think the booster is a better choice right now? This is a new phase for us... Boosterless. Her feet touch the...
  19. mom2juliarose

    Target Cartwheel 20% off all car seats

    If you have the Target Cartwheel app, they now have 20% off of all car seats (excludes clearance and travel systems)! If you don't have the app on your phone, you can sign up for it at and even if you don't have a smartphone you can use it. Sign up, add the deal to your...
  20. mom2juliarose

    What would you buy?

    If you were shopping for a certified pre-owned mid-sized SUV, what would you buy or look at? If you were shopping for a certified pre-owned minivan, what would you buy or look at? We're getting the point where we need to retire DH's '97 Honda CR-V. It's been so good to us, but with 320K+ miles...

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