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    In Search Of ISO-purple diono cover IHA-COBALT

    Looking for a good condition purple rxt cover. I have a blue to trade.
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    In Search Of RXT plush cover

    Open to any colors. Possibly have a cobalt cover to trade or have PayPal.
  3. J

    Free APT cover

    Its black and in decent condition. Free for shipping. $5 shipping.
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  5. J

    Joined the coccoro club!

    I found a combi cco today at babies r us for $128! Not the best deal ever...I happen to be in the check out with a nextfit when I noticed it! He's got some room to grow, at least 3in. I was just not loving the radian for him. Maybe when he outgrows this I will try a radian again. He was pretty...
  6. J

    Question 2013 parkway vs 2012 parkway

    Does anyone know if the belt guides are positioned differently? The 2012 sgl always fit my dd funny. I think were headed to booster land sooner rather than later.
  7. J

    In Search Of RXT cover

    I'm looking for a plush rxt cover. I'm hoping it will help Damian from slumping so badly. I'd be interested in any but ventura.
  8. J

    Britax frontier 90 $180

    Kmart has them on sale for $205-215 Use code 25off125 to get an additional $25 off!
  9. J

    News New seats at Target

    I stopped at Target today to check out the clearance(still at 15%off) and seen some new seats! I was excited to see a pioneer! The fabric looked really nice New graco buckles! Just like britax buckles. New nautilus covers next to the nautilus with surround sound...I mean safety...
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    Help me decide on a seat!

    I finally have a few option for my 3 across. I have a frontier 90 OTW that's staying. DS1 is forward facing(36lbs,42in) and DS2 is rf of course(24lbs,30in) I really like ds2 in the Blvd70 but I think by 2 I'm going to want him in a radian. The radian is a tough install and the center is the...
  11. J

    Question Best nauti cover

    Which one is your favorite for a boy?
  12. J

    Foonf next to a radian or frontier 90

    Does anyone have pictures of a foonf FF next to a frontier 90 or a rear facing radian?
  13. J

    Question Britax Pioneer or frontier 90?

    I found a britax pioneer sale for $137...would you buy it or pay $100 more for a frontier? Its for ds and he doesnt need the harness height or weight.
  14. J

    Growing into the radian...

    I'm pretty sure I'm taking back the nextfit I bought last weekend. It makes Damian sweat like crazy! The radian was ok except it was too open. He always shifted in it and had major slump. I'm thinking now I should just deal with the slump until he grows into it. Did anyone else feel like this...
  15. J

    TRADE-R120 for your nextfit

    Is anyone interested on trading their nextfit for my r120? I'd throw a little PayPal in also.
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    Altering radian insert

    I'm tempted to cut my radian insert in half and use the part that goes behind the back up behind the head. I'd secure it, of course. Rolled towels were suggested but I dont think he would leave them alone. I hate seeing my baby like this.
  17. J

    In Search Of Old style radian insert

    I need one that can be used behind the head. Preferably onyx.
  18. J

    News Britax pioneer is up! Britax Pioneer 70 Harness-2-Booster Car Seat, Gardengate: Baby DS1 is getting the green! It will be well under $200 with 25% off.
  19. J

    Frontier 90-Click tight not engaging on both sides

    Today I noticed the frontier 90 was moving around way more than when I installed it. I went to open the click tight and noticed one moved freely and the other was hard and required some effort. I installed it again and noticed it was like that again. You can even see the difference in the gray...
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    For Sale Bumgenius 4.0 snaps & flip

    I have 3 bg 4.0 in snaps. The elastic was just replaced by myself this month. No stains. PUL in good condition. No inserts. Colors are bubble, noodle and sweet. The star on the tag is so I'd know which elastic I already did. $12ppd each or $34ppd for all 3 I also have a noodle flip in aplix...

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