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    Need a RF seat that fits 2016 Explorer center bench mini center seat and still allows for …

    Thanks! Narrow is helpful, but I think something that sits a little higher above the base is what will be most helpful. I’m not going to convince DH to let me get a Clek, but I might look at the Graco … and tell him it’s $200-something 😂
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    Need a RF seat that fits 2016 Explorer center bench mini center seat and still allows for …

    We just added a little foster guy to our clan that needs to be RF and I need to find a seat that when installed in the center bench center seat of my 2016 Explorer still leaves both door seats useable. The struggle is that the buckle receiver for the driver’s side bench seat ends up under the...
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    ISO - Britax Marathon G4 Cover

    DHS placed a 20mo old with us 2 weeks ago and it’s looking more and more long term. A friend is shipping me a Britax Marathon with 3 years left but it’s the pink giraffe cover. Does anyone have a boyish one they’d sell or trade??? Thanks!!
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    Retrofitting Headrests on Bench Seats?

    Looking to retrofit headrests on our big van, I think. We have a 2001 E350 15 passenger van. We also have an 05 Armada, but we are adopting #7 soon (hopefully!) so we are going to outgrow that and have to go back to the land yacht. It has all outboard shoulder belts, with lap in the middle. So...
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    Document with specs on seats like Britax Frontier?

    Ages ago, someone shared the Convertible Car Seat and Dedicated Booster Seat docs with me, which is awesome! The Frontier isn't on either of those because it's a "combination" seat (I think that's what they'd call it?) Anyways, I did find the info on the forum here, but is there a document like...
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    5yo HATES Frontier :(

    I'm in a car seat dilemma (again! Or maybe I just like to play with seat combos?) Radian65 has as cracked base so they told me to stop using it. So I need to move (newly adopted as of 12/24!) dd to ds' Diono100 so she can RF. His shoulders are *almost* even with the top harness slot, and I...
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    2005 Armada ... can I put a child RF in the rear bench?

    New-to-us vehicle! We are ordering a vehicle manual, but in the meantime I need to do some research online and ask questions here :) Trying to decide where to position kids in seats and boosters...anyone know if it is/isn't ok to put a kiddo rear facing on the rear bench? In any position? Thanks!
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    Need a new seat ... almost 5yo into a booster?

    Ok .. So if I saw this title I'd be thinking " NOT booster your "4" year old." (He will be 5 in Oct) In fact, I keep telling myself this. But this guy has nearly outgrown the Diono100 by height and the only other thing he fits in harness-wise is the Frontier which he A) HATES and B)...
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    Car spec sites for comparing and research?

    We are in the market for a new(to us) SUV. We purchased an '01 Acura MDX in December after realizing our Land Yacht ('01 E350 van) was going to eat more gas than a car payment. Land Yacht is still around for camping trips and such, but is not my daily driver. MDX ... I LOVE it. But the cargo...
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    ARGH!!!! Marks in my leather seats!!!!

    Oh MAN. I'm in big trouble with DH. I *PROMISED* him that installing the car seats in my Acura MDX leather seats wouldn't ruin them and that any marks/dents would quickly pop out as soon as the seats were removed. Well, DH drove my MDX today which has been without carseats for several days...
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    In Search Of FPSVD Cover(s)

    I know these seats have just about run their lifespan, but we are still using ours until it's expired because I. Love. It. :D However, one of my covers was lost to mildew in the basement :sick: and the other is getting rather ratty. I bought one off here awhile back, but it's a Britax cover...
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    WHAT cover was it??? FPSVD (Britax?)

    A couple years ago, I bought a FPSVD and the cover was black and kind of silvery/beige-ish ... it was "Cool something or another" as in, was supposed to help the kiddo stay cooler in the seat. It died. Or rather, was eaten by mold smell from the basement :sick: so I trashed it. I bought...
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    Has anyone put a Frontier in an MDX Rear Bench??

    I tried to get my Frontier installed in the rear of my 2001 MDX the other day and I couldn't get it AT all ... using the short belt path. I've never (ever) used the long belt path, and didn't have time to play with it that day (so I moved the seat elsewhere) but I need to play with it being in...
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    Question Diono 100 vs Radian 65 ... real life experience anyone?

    We have a Radian 65 and I was going to grab another one so they'd fit better in the MDX, but when my 4 1/2yo sits in it he complains that it's too tight on his shoulders. I just saw that the Diono100 is on sale at albeebaby and when I looked at the doc, it says the Diono is 3 inches wider at...
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    Is it Possible to Rear-Tether in a 2001 MDX?

    I'm guessing no ... I can't see anywhere under the front seats I could attach to?? I *DID* however get the Radian65 installed RF in the center bench position (YAY!!!! I should get a gold medal for that lil bugger!) but was wanting to tether it since lil one is about 30lbs.
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    SO FRUSTRATED!!!! 2001 MDX & Leather Seat Install Issues

    I am fanatical about my seats being *rock solid* ... I don't like any give. Never had cars with latch and most of my cars didn't have tether anchors either ... so I always made sure my seats were installed uber tight. Enter my new-to-me 2001 Acura MDX last weekend. Beautiful. Fancy. Leather...
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    In Search Of Iso: FPSVD cover

    My extra cover got moldy while in storage, my current one is falling apart ... Anyone have one they can spare? Thanks!!!
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    2001 Acura MDX - opinions? And Seatbelt Question

    We are looking at a 2001 Acura MDX. It's in the budget range, looks nice, isn't a mini-van (I've had 3+, it's my turn for something more fun!) Who out there has one? What do you like/dislike about it? How about real-life gas mileage? Also, I could nearly swear that I've read somewhere...
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    Low-Profile Combination Seat???

    I'm looking to replace our MyRide65 as the buckle is defective and Graco is sending me a refund check. (YAY!! CarSeat Shopping!!! LOL) Our current vehicle is a 2001 Ford E350. No headrests on benches. Yes, I know, many of you are gasping. It is what it is, and I LOVE it. So we try for good...
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    HELP! Tiny baby and a SafeSeat ... doesn't fit! :(

    My brother's wife just had a baby and she is PERFECT, but tiny ... only 4lbs 5oz ... They have a Graco SafeSeat (The infant one) and when they try to put her in it, the crotch piece comes up her chest, almost to her neck! So that's obviously not ok ;) Any suggestions? They really don't want to...

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