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    Overwhelmed by choices for tall 5 year old

    For easy install, I would avoid the Tranzitions, as it tends to be finicky in many vehicles. I haven't played with the snuglock seats myself or know much about their compatibility. The Nautilus might be a good middle ground, as a typical Graco install is pretty simple, and I haven't had trouble...
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    Scion TC. 2016

    No, your son is not at all ready to be forward-facing. We consider age 2 to be the minimum age because, even with a larger child, a 9-month-old will still have the soft skeleton of other kids that age. A 2-4 year old child has a more mature skeleton and different body proportions. This allows an...
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    1992 Ford Ranger

    With no airbags, it is totally appropriate to install the seat in the front passenger seat. Be sure to read your manual to find out if and how your seat belts lock. If they don't lock except in a crash (ELR), you will need a locking clip. One might have come with your seat, but if not, you'll...
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    Three across

    I would go with a midsize at least for a crossover/SUV. A compact will be much more difficult. Beyond that, I don't have any specific suggestions.
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    Car seat for taller, older child

    Do you have a budget? Also be aware that combination seats can be hard to buckle as boosters, so some prefer a dedicated booster when the time comes. I believe the Britax combination seats still have the highest harnesses on the market, but some have concerns about using them with kids over 40...
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    Best infant car seat for BMW X3 I found the above thread that mentions some options. The thread is 4 years old, but the seats mentioned are generally still available and haven't changed much. Sometimes installing in the center can help give more space...
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    Car Seats to fit 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon

    Do you have a budget in mind? I don't think that hump should be a problem. It would likely be difficult to install a seat in the center because of that plastic bit at the bottom and because of the type of lap belt there. A convertible might work, as it's less likely to contact the lower part of...
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    I would read the manuals (for the seats and your vehicle) and try installing them! That's the best way to know if they are compatible. Both seats are pretty new, especially the Relx base on the Pipa, so you may not find anyone who has experience with them in your vehicle. I haven't heard of any...
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    car seat for 2017 Honda CRV

    Thanks for the updated info about the recline angle on the Next. That was updated after my child outgrew the seat, and I missed it! However, judging by the photos of which area has to contact the seat and my experience with it, it is quite possible to get the seat fairly upright and still be...
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    car seat for 2017 Honda CRV

    What convertible seat is the older grandchild riding in? Is it possible to switch the positions of the two seats? If not, the Cosco Scenera Next can be installed as upright as needed for children with head control. Most 9 month olds have the necessary head control. The downside is that it isn't...
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    A 4-year-old is required to be in a child restraint system by law in TX unless they are over 4'9" tall. I would recommend a forward-facing harnessed seat with a top tether. A belt-positioning booster cannot be used with a lap-only belt. You should be able to get a top tether anchor installed for...
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    2003 Dodge Ram 1500 2 car seats

    I assume it is the quad/crew cab? Also, it sounds like there are lap-only belts with locking latch plates in the two center positions, so those are locations where harnessed child seats would be ideal if everything else works out. Everything else is whether your vehicle manual allows the...
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    Searching for a Car seat for a Hyundai Sonata hybrid

    First, thanks for finding a picture so we don't have to go searching for one! The good news is that infant seat bases are generally pretty narrow, so you have a pretty good chance of finding something that will work with the hump. Do you have a budget in mind? Do you expect your newborn to be...
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    Need a harnessed forward-facing seat that doesn't obstruct view

    I find the Evenflo SureRide sits nice and low for forward-facing. I doubt it would obstruct your view more than the seat itself. It sits lower than the seat + head restraint in an average sedan. It is a convertible, so it doesn't transition to a booster, but it's pretty inexpensive and has a...
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    Graco Nautilus fit Mazda3?

    What is he riding in now? Does it not fit in your Mazda, or is there another issue? He might not have much growing room in the Scenera Next, but it does fit in smaller spaces with toddlers. Most Graco convertibles are good in small spaces, too, and they last kids longer. I had a 4Ever...
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    05 Chevy Silverado crew cab

    Assuming you mean the middle rear seat, it looks likely from what I can see of the vehicle online, especially with the center of the front seat folded down. However, that seat may be somewhat shallow, so you'd have to be sure the seat doesn't exceed its overhang limit. Trying your seat in the...
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    How to remove Britax Pinnacle Clicktight cover

    Do you mean the plastic clips under the front edge of the seat? Those can be tricky! I would try to release all the elastics you can before trying to remove them. I suggest looking in your manual as well, since that will write out the steps to remove the cover in case the video is unclear or...
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    Three Across Honda Odyssey

    While the turbobooster is overall narrow, it is very boxy and doesn't leave as much space to buckle as do boosters that taper toward the back. If one of the boostered kids might do well in a backless, especially between two other seats with tall shells, that could help your configuration as well.
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    3rd row of Escalade- car seat that fits

    What year is your Escalade? It looks like the third row configuration varies depending on model year, and that could help us figure out what needs to change. Is there another position in the third row you can try? How many of the seats are RF and how many are FF? What age/weight/height are the...
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    Graco 3in1 E2F vs graco 3in1 slim fit as second seat in Jeep Grand Cherokee

    It's hard to know for sure without trying it, but a lower profile seat like the Slim Fit may puzzle well next to the E2F. You may want to try the E2F in the middle since it has a narrower base. A more basic seat like the Cosco Scenera Next will also sit lower since it doesn't have a recline...

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