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  1. oxeye

    Which seats would you bring for travel?

    We are flying to the west coast in a week to visit family. I have things figured out for DS but am curious what others would do with my DDs. My DDs are just turned 8 and nearly 10 years old. They both normally ride in Parkways. I would be inclined to just take both of those seats with us but I...
  2. oxeye

    For Sale Britax Multi Tech - Cowmoo

    SOLD!! As much as it pains me to sell this seat, it is definitely time. :( I'm ready to have DS ride FF full-time so we really don't need the seat anymore. I am the only owner of this seat, purchased just over two years ago. It has mainly been installed in our second car with very little use...
  3. oxeye

    ISO boy/GN Frontier 80 cover, can trade Pink Sky!

    I want to use my old Frontier 80 for DS, but it has a pink sky cover on it. I will trade the pink sky cover for any of the other covers or I will buy your cover if you don't want to trade. My pink sky cover is definitely well-loved, so I definitely don't need a pristine trade!
  4. oxeye

    For Sale Flora Radian XTSL and Rio Radian XT

    Both sold Flora Radian XTSL: DOM 09/09, comes with two carry straps. There is a stain in the cover where the child's feet go. Asking $160 shipped. Rio Radian XT: DOM 12/08, comes with one carry strap. The cover has the typical mesh wear, but not bad at all. The stickers have mostly fallen...
  5. oxeye

    Beco Butterfly II Carrier

    Very sad to let this go but I haven't worn DS in a very long time. It is the Andrew print, very cute for a little boy. It is missing one of the snaps for the infant hood, but this is probably easy fixed if you are good with that sort of thing (I'm not). It includes the infant insert. Asking...
  6. oxeye

    Cloth Diapers and Pail Liners - Flips, Fuzzi Bunz, and more

    DS has been potty-trained since this summer but I've been putting off listing all his cloth diapers. I really just want them gone, so make me offers and I'll likely take it if it's reasonable. BumGenius Flips - 5 shells (3 dark blue, 2 dark green) and 14 stay-dry microfiber inserts. SOLD...
  7. oxeye

    Unexpected Multi Tech Issue

    I ran into an issue with my Multi Tech that I didn't expect. We drove 10 hours to Las Angeles to take the kids to Disneyland earlier this week. I installed the Multi Tech for my 2.5 year old DS as I thought it would be nice for a long trip and he is very close to the RF limit on his classic...
  8. oxeye

    Does anyone have pictures of a kid RF in the Marathon65 and Marathon70?

    I can't find anything by searching but I'm curious if anyone has done a direct comparison of a kid RF in a Marathon 65 and Marathon 70? I know the shell is shorter on the 70 but I'd love to see it in pictures, preferably with a kid around 2-ish years old but I'd love to see any pics! I'm trying...
  9. oxeye

    My almost 6 year old is rear-facing again

    By her request. ;) She's teeny tiny (5th percentile height) so she definitely has the option. I installed the Multi-Tech for her and she said it "way comfier" than the Radian. I didn't have my camera on me to take pics but I will get some soon. She looked great it in and had a lot more leg room...
  10. oxeye

    In Search Of Cover for Radian XT/XTSL

    ---On hold for now, I'll bump this up again if I end up not getting my cover from the original person--- If you have a cover you want to sell please let me know what you would like for it. I'd prefer boyish or gender neutral but will consider anything. Thanks.
  11. oxeye

    Cowmoo Multi-Tech pictures

    I got a little bit of an early Christmas present today. :love: Love this seat! Excuse my unenthused model, he's still not feeling 100% well. Trying it out in the house - In the Sienna - Possible incompatibility in the Sienna? The buckle stalks are very long, this is twisted as far as it...
  12. oxeye

    Just $120 away from ordering a Cowmoo MT

    I have a problem, I know I do. But I also know you all understand. :love: I've been selling seats I don't need and other random stuff around the house and I'm only $120 away now! The only way I can justify a seat I don't need is by selling stuff around the house until I have enough money for it...
  13. oxeye

    Carriers for Sale

    I need to let go of the carriers that I am not using! Reduced prices ... Olives and Applesauce, 16", Flower Shower. This does not have the internal harness. Very cool soft-structered carrier if you are not familiar with it. You can cross the straps for a front carry which is very comfortable...
  14. oxeye

    Any interest in a Malibu Radian XT?

    ---SOLD--- Just gauging interest before I go to the trouble of taking pics and getting it ready to sell. DOM is 12/08, it is from the first batch of XTs made. Very limited use, though it has been installed in the car for nearly two years and the cover does have some sun bleaching. And the...
  15. oxeye

    ISO Boy/GN MyRide

    --Found one! Thanks!-- Does anyone have one they want to part with? I can do paypal or do a trade with a Combi Coccoro (carrot cake or key lime). My nanny's baby is getting close to being too heavy for the CCO so I need to start working on upgrading his seat in my van. Let me know. :)
  16. oxeye

    Say you have 5 minutes to talk about carseats to a room full of doctors

    What would you focus on? I'm going to give a carseat presentation on Friday to about 30 family practice residents and attending doctors. I only have 5 minutes, so obviously not a ton of time. I want to focus on the things where doctors can make a difference in terms of educating parents...
  17. oxeye

    What would you tell this mom?

    I helped a mom with an infant seat for this mom last summer and her baby is now at most 15 months old. I just got an e-mail from her saying that she would like me to help her with the FF seat she just got for her. I am not comfortable installing a FF seat for a 15 month old. Obviously at the...
  18. oxeye

    Combi Coccoro Flash Stroller Frame

    ---SOLD!--- $55 shipped. Only used for two travel trips so still in great condition. This is seriously the best way to travel with the Coccoro. I wish I had bought it sooner. Pics coming soon!
  19. oxeye

    For Sale Combi Coccoro - Carrot Cake or Key Lime

    ----BOTH SOLD---- DS has definitely outgrown this rear-facing so I need to let it go. It's been sitting in my guest room for three months now and needs a new baby to love it. DOM 3/09. I can put either Carrot Cake or Key Lime on it. The main covers on each have normal wear and tear for the...
  20. oxeye

    Orbit Infant seat

    I'm installing one of these tomorrow and haven't done one before. I'm reading the manual online ahead of time but does anyone know if you usually need pool noodles for a newborn like many of the other infant seats? I'm just wanting to know if I need to pick one up ahead of time. I'm excited to...

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