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  1. Keeks64

    Frontier CT seat cover issue

    Im on my 3rd bum portion cover on our CT & it's now not staying attached either! I'm almost tempted to sell the seat because it's so irritating! I rarely un-install it so it can't be that causing it ... I haven't even washed this latest cover yet & DS doesn't climb in/out I lift him It's to...
  2. Keeks64

    Which truck?

    2003 Dodge Ram 2500 Disel extended cab with 304 km's OR a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 extended cab with 136 km's My husband wants the Disel , I want the 1500. My reasoning is the 04' is WAY nicer in both body & interior & has low km for the year My DH wants the Disel because well it's a Disel but I...
  3. Keeks64

    2015 Sienna or Oddy?

    I'm really leaning towards the Sienna but I just keep thinking I'm missing something with the Oddy that might change my mind If it matters at all, we have 2 kids & TTC #3 We will be getting a mid model in terms of features & FWD likely as we don't really need AWD here. Do I want leather...
  4. Keeks64

    Option I haven't thought of?

    I'm going to be watching DS's friend after school, so will pick them up from school mon-fri. She's 6 & in a booster, no issues there. But I'm trying to figure out an option besides boostering DS too who is also 6. My DS is fine in a booster but I want to keep him harnessed in his Frontier for...
  5. Keeks64

    Where are all the MyRides?!

    I'm in Canada for reference :) Target hasn't had any on the shelf since the recall, TRU doesn't show they even exist online & they are gone from Sears online too. Off to check Amazon & Walmart online. Is it just Canada? Do the US have them still? This can't be still from the buckle recall?
  6. Keeks64

    2014 Chevy Orlando - 7 Passenger

    My DH just brought home this rental vehicle & I was all excited to try our seats (obviously lol) It's pretty much useless!!!! No TT in the 3rd row (no suprise) but extremely shallow front to back so no RF seat will fit - I tried my MA & a Keyfit - key fit is okay baseless but it's just barely...
  7. Keeks64

    Trying to find an aquamarine Peg PVC (canada)

    Need free or as close to free shipping as possible! I've found them in stock at TJ's but no free shipping & it's a 3 hour drive away Snugglebugz apparently isn't getting them :( ToysRus has them in the warehouse but not in stock. I can either drive the hr down there to pay for it & have it...
  8. Keeks64

    Question 2009 2 door accent & nautilus - incompatible

    Holy incompatibilities!!! Nautilus & a 2009 2 door Hyundai accent seriously would NOT work in any seating position :O Deep seat bight, long buckle stalks & the buckle stalks are really far to the centre. I did manage to get an acceptable install (less than 1" but not as rock solid as I would...
  9. Keeks64

    News Titan65 not on yet?

    But the secure kid is .... Odd Because it wasn't online I had to go to in search of a sureride & came across THIS FINALLY!!!! This...
  10. Keeks64

    Question So undecided on new seat

    I keep flip flopping between a Foonf & Peg DS2 just doesn't fit well in his MA - he's a chunky monkey & it's just I dunno ..... I LOVE my MA's but it's just not working for him I despise Dorel seats so they are out ...... I had an RN & didn't feel the love .... No love on the MR either ...
  11. Keeks64

    For Sale or Trade Standard Blue Seahorse Tula

    Standard blue seahorse Tula in EUC. I bought it locally 8 weeks ago for $175 but want a different print :/ lol $160 shipped or $150 local pick up on VI. I would consider a partial trade for a toddler Tula or even a standard depending on print :)
  12. Keeks64

    For Sale Miraflex Frames (infant under 18mths)

    Not sure if there would be any interest but worth a try :) My son has outgrown his miraflex frames. I have one light grey pair Baby Zero 2 & one dark blue pearl Mini Baby. Both fit from about 6m-2y depending on the child. My son has an "average side" head & he has been wearing them since 6m to...
  13. Keeks64

    Question School me on boosters

    Were entering a new territory & I feel lost lol FYI: were in canada :) DS1 is 5y3m - 38ish lbs & 41" I need to start booster training him, my mom & grandma occasionally need to pick DS up from school & neither can install let alone use his car seat correctly. So far I've always been the one...
  14. Keeks64

    Special Needs Seat Issue

    There is a local woman who often posts car seat photos on her blog of her daughters, they are twins , age 2 & one is special needs. She has a trach & other medical necessity equipment required. She cannot walk unassisted yet & obviously with the trach needs a decent recline to accommodate it...
  15. Keeks64

    For Sale or Trade Frontier CT Onyx Cover

    Looking to trade for another FR CT cover - I have a boy so not girlie. My onyx cover is in EUC ( only used for 3 weeks) all pads come with. Shipping would be from Vancouver Island.
  16. Keeks64

    Question Kiwi Pioneer cover

    Is this new?! I have never seen it before on the US or CA sites I freaking love it!!!! I just bought an FR CT though & DH might kill me lol
  17. Keeks64

    Question Baby Trend Harness Threading piece

    Does anyone know where this is located on the seat?! Just did a check & they had a brand new in box baby trend seat & there was no tool for threading the harness through like shown in the manual?! They wanted to be shown how to remove the harness in case it needed to be washed ( went over not...
  18. Keeks64

    Question 3 across 01' Caravan

    I had a client come for a check in an 01' Caravan. The situation is she needs ( wants) 3 across the back & one captain chair stowed , the other is for a baby to be born any day. She arrived with 2 radians side by side & an AOE outboard. They appeared tight upon arrival but were jammed...
  19. Keeks64

    Foonf Rebound bar installation

    Has anyone ever had an issue with the hole not being drilled all the way through where you thread the bolt & locking piece? I did a seat check today & the one side was easy but the other side didn't appear to be drilled through - it would get stuck midway through & if I tried to thread the bolt...
  20. Keeks64

    Question Harmony Dreamtime

    Does anyone know (US or Canada) wether the dreamtime requires in vehicle head support when used as a highback? The manual is conflicting. I do plan to call Harmony on Monday but just thought I would see if anyone had an official answer Thanks!

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