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    Securing a heavy booster?

    Well I just went and checked how he fits in the seat, and he definitely has outgrown it, lol. Kicking myself for not checking on him sooner, but his shoulders are definitely higher than the last harness slot. High back booster it is. :)
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    Securing a heavy booster?

    I have a Diono Radian, my son is 73 lbs, 54 inches (9.5 years old). He technically still fits in it as a harness, but I'm debating switching him to booster mode just to get him used to booster. If I use it as a booster, can I use the latch connectors to secure it to the seat, so i don't have...
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    FF seat for 8 yo

    Thank you. This is kind of where I'm coming back around to - been reading all sorts of reviews on car seats, and I'm suddenly finding myself wondering if keeping them harnessed as long as possible is necessarily better, like it is for rear facing. I will read that article, thank you, I very...
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    FF seat for 8 yo

    Hello friends! Hoping for some advice. I've got 6 kiddos, so I've been in the car seat world a long time - except it's been about 9 years since I last purchased one!! gah!!! My last two in seats are ages 7.5 and 9.5. They both ride in Diono Radian RXTs, but sadly they are set to expire in a...

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