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  1. cookie123

    Car Seat Returns to Amazon Prime

    I wish we had returned the Graco ETF 4Ever to Amazon but i don't even know how long it's been since my dd bought it. It seems to say 30 days and it seems much longer than that. Also I am not sure if that's also for Prime. I tried to convince her after I found out that the insert had to be...
  2. cookie123

    Pipa questions!

    We installed the Pipa for dd's baby a few days ago so it's in her car, not accessible to me right now and I have a few questions. She said the base is rattling and driving her insane. So I googled a little. I read a review on CSFTL and they said Nuna was okay with putting a piece of fabric in...
  3. cookie123

    2017 Ford Escape challenges

    Is anyone familiar with the challenges the Ford Escape has regarding car seats? Does anyone know what model years are included in the newest update? DD3 is thinking of getting one. She has no kids yet, due 4/22.
  4. cookie123

    Graco convertible choices

    I have a coupon for Babies R us so I think I should get DD2 a convertible for Nolan. SO, of the various Graco convertibles, which do you like the best? I should say I'm not a fan of the Contender, Size 4 Me, Headwise, etc because I hate the high sides. So the others. I think they're all...
  5. cookie123

    Questions about the trade in at Babies R Us

    First off, I thought I would get a Frontier but it wasn't in the flyer, just the Pioneer. So I'm wondering if it would be included. Secondly, do they take baby stuff? Like could I trade in an old jumperoo? Thirdly, is my discount best on Saturday with my credit card? Thanks!
  6. cookie123

    What ffing seat would leave the most leg room?

    This sounds weird I know. I'm using the Fllo ffing for Griffin and there's not much space for his legs between his seat and the seat in front of him. Which is me. This is better as opposed to the passenger seat because I sit closer to the dash than the passenger seat. I'm planning to give...
  7. cookie123

    RAVA - what makes it so great?

    I'm seeing on FB the Rava being recommended a bunch. Wondering what makes it so great? And in what circumstances would you recommend it?
  8. cookie123

    I had to laugh at my DD#3 today.

    She texted me a photo of her new diaper bag. It's a retired Downtown Mini she got for $50. I'm not sure of the brand but I'm sure you guys know! She's all excited about the deal she got AND that it's going to match the Blackberry Nuna Pipa she has decided on. I told her she will need clothes...
  9. cookie123

    Scenara Next Questions

    I'm at Walmart right now and thought I might pick up a Next for Nolan since DD1 is using my Fllo riding for Griffin. I'm embarrassed to admit to the issue I had using the City Go without the base. Anyway. The Prius seats are fairly sloped. I've needed pool noodles for about every seat...
  10. cookie123

    Nautilus or Pioneer?

    Griff's dad had an accident. Which should I get? Both are at Target which would be convenient. I'm torn because the Nautilus is so easy to install. At least it was when I had one which was awhile ago. Does it have the same short shallow crotch strap and is head slump still a problem? What...
  11. cookie123

    Target Maestro and other musings

    I looked at it at Target today. I was surprised to see it had some more substantial harness straps than usual. They remind me of the old Nautilus. Anyway, it looks pretty nice for the price. I liked the looks of it too. Black but not plain black. Ha ha. I really want to get a new seat...
  12. cookie123

    Are white based Marathons expired now?

    Curious. I saw a few on CL today.
  13. cookie123

    Airbag recall = new car?

    I just got a notice for my Prius. It's a side air bag thing. I'm not a fan of the car and I've had it almost 5 years. It sounds like it's going to be awhile before it's fixed. That worries me. I'm also wondering if it will be unsightly. Lame, right? So, would you get a new car? I...
  14. cookie123

    Would you get a different car seat? If so, what?

    My new grandson is still not fitting well in his City Go. Narrow shoulders are the problem. He's gained a bunch of weight since his birth, now is 6 lbs 4 oz. Today was his first outing since his initial weight check after birth. He's a little over 3 weeks old. I have no photos right now...
  15. cookie123

    Did anyone get the Graco Slim Fit?

    I saw mention of it on FB but no stats were ever made mention of on that post. I'm curious if it would be useful as a ffing harnessed seat since the Transitions wouldn't install for me.
  16. cookie123

    City Go disappointment

    I'm disappointed in the City Go. It doesn't fit Nolan well at all. His shoulders are narrow and the harness isn't staying on. I adjusted them up so they're more at than below which seemed to help a little. Also he doesn't seem to sit straight even though the insert seems to fit him well...
  17. cookie123

    Graco Extend to fit 3 in 1 sale

    The Graco 3 in 1 Extend to fit is 20% off at Babies R Us. I got an email!
  18. cookie123

    Mike & Molly's car seat!

    No chatter about the forward facing seat for their newborn on the show last night? Lol. They never showed the baby in the seat so that was good. Mike did say he made sure to get the safest seat. I couldn't tell what it was. Did anyone else see it?
  19. cookie123

    Fllo Forward facing or Combination seat?

    Ha ha. Auto correct made Fllo into flu. :) Anyway, I'm going to be having Griffin more and I probably should have returned the Fllo when I saw it wouldn't work rfing with someone in the passenger seat. But I got such a good deal on it and figured other grandchildren would be able to use it...
  20. cookie123

    20% off Travel systems at BrUS - would BBB take coupon?

    Does anyone think BBBaby would take an email coupon for 20% off a travel system over $250? I did use a coupon there last weekend for 20% off furniture stuff. DD likes the City Mini GT TS there have over there.

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