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  1. eva_luvs_dave

    Convertible seat options in 2017 Fiesta hatchback

    Any recommendations would be appreciated. My daughter has a 2017 Fiesta Hatchback and looking for affordable seat options for her avg 10 month old besides a cosco scenera. I looked at some of the Graco options but I'm worried about front to back room. No other car seats will be...
  2. eva_luvs_dave

    Question Smallest infant bucket for 2017 Fiesta ST

    Looking for recommendations for smallest infant bucket front to back as well as side to side. I have a 2017 Fiesta ST and the graco snugride 30 is just too big front to back and side to side. It leaves me using my F150 on days where I’m sitting my grandbaby and would like to find him a second...
  3. eva_luvs_dave

    Britax Frontier Clicktight G1.1 in GUC DOM 5/16

    Britax Frontier G1.1 Clicktight in GUC DOM 5/16. Purchased it new in Sept last year for about $300 and used it in my f150. It's been a fantastic seat but I now primarily drive a little Fiesta hatchback and my child is using a booster. Still have the booklet it came with new. Never in any...
  4. eva_luvs_dave

    For Sale Britax Boulevard Clicktight DOM 2016

    Britax Boulevard Clicktight car seat in great used condition. Purchased last year in Sept for over 325. I used this for one child in my F150 and it has been a fantastic seat for us. I now primarily drive a Fiesta hatchback so I have downgraded to a more compact seat. Non smoking and pet free...
  5. eva_luvs_dave

    Question Infant seat recommendations for 17' Ford Fusion

    Looking for infant bucket recommendations for a 2017 Ford Fusion. This is her first so no other car seats. Just looking for lightweight options and reasonably priced. I had the keyfit 30 with her baby sister but not looking to spend $200 on another infant bucket. Was looking at the graco...
  6. eva_luvs_dave

    Question Best seat options for 2017 Fiesta ST

    Hello there! I did a search before posting this but didn't come up with much. Any seat recommendations that fit well (maybe more narrow and short seat options) in a 2017 Ford Fiesta ST? My very avg 30 lb 3 year old (36.3" tall) currently uses a Britax Boulevard Clicktight in my 2015 F150 but...
  7. eva_luvs_dave

    Chicco Keyfit 30 in Sedona

    Chicco Keyfit 30 in Sedona. Purchased early 2014 and used for one child. Smoke free/pet free home. Will delete when sold. DOM 10/13. $75 plus ship which should be $12 Priority mail. Will add pics as soon as the cover is finished being cleaned and put back on. I can't seem to find the...
  8. eva_luvs_dave

    FS Diono Radian R120

    FS Diono Radian R120. DOM 10/2011, purchased new in early 2012. Used for one child. Smoke free/pet free home. **Never** in any accidents (wouldn't sell such a seat!). Includes all pictured and the angle adjuster. Shoulder pads included but not pictured. $125 shipped. Sent from my...
  9. eva_luvs_dave

    Convertible seat recommendations for....

    My 2 y/o avg toddler that weighs 25 lbs and is about 50% on height. I put her in her brother's Radian R120 RF today (she was still in her keyfit 30 but almost out growing it on height) and she flipped out while driving. She seems to be holding on for dear life 😔. I am sure it is just going to...
  10. eva_luvs_dave

    Seats for FF with highest 5 pt harness weight limits

    What are some of the combo seats (ff/booster) that have the highest harness weight limits on them? Also, easily adjustable. Any input would be great. I'm moving my 57 lb 5 y/o (90% on height, always has been) from a Radian R120 to another seat so my 2 y/o can be in his Radian R120 rf. I was...
  11. eva_luvs_dave

    2016 Mustang car seats

    Which seats work best for rf, ff and booster? No budget. Just looking for most narrow and takes up least room. Currently have a Radian R120 for my big 5 y/o and keyfit 30 bucket for my almost 2 y/o (2 in Sept). Both of these fit great in my F150 but I will be driving the Mustang...
  12. eva_luvs_dave

    Question G1.1 vs 90 or other seat recommendations....

    I am on the market for a seat for a tall (always 90%tile) 40-42 lb almost 4 y/o. Looking at the G1.1 clicktight, FR90, Pinnacle, etc. What are some pros and cons of a G1 & FR90? A friend recommended a nauti. I currently have a radian r120 which I love but am looking for another so my rf'r...
  13. eva_luvs_dave

    Question Britax Pinnacle vs Frontier Clicktight G1

    Looking to buy one or the other now. Which would best suit a child who is always 90%tile on height and weighs 40-42 lbs? Pros and cons of each? Input is appreciated :)
  14. eva_luvs_dave

    Question Best Deal on a Frontier?

    I'm looking to buy one now to replace my son's radian r120. Who has the current best deal? Thanks in advance!
  15. eva_luvs_dave

    Question Keyfit deals?

    Any deals going on? How often does Target usually run the sale?
  16. eva_luvs_dave

    Question Should I even buy a double....??

    I'm torn. Dh thinks since my son will be almost 3.5 when the new baby will be pointless to buy a double. He does already not want to be in the stroller and would rather walk. However, that may change once baby arrives?? I'm looking at getting the BJCMD GT and found it for $375...
  17. eva_luvs_dave

    Question BJCMD City double vs B agile double

    Which would you get and why? Have you used/owned either/both? I just sold my City Elite and am looking to replace it with a double. I found a BJCMD for around $299 but I don't know if I should go with a GT instead or look at something else? I do plan to use it outdoors but I don't...
  18. eva_luvs_dave

    In Search Of Amazon $25 GC IHA $25 Target GC

    If you have one for trade lmk :)
  19. eva_luvs_dave

    Good deals on a Keyfit 30?

    Anyone know of any? I have my eye on one and I may just snatch it up ($140s). It's a gender neutral color too which is what I'd like to get :) Any input is appreciated! Also, do you know if it is compatible with the BJCMD?
  20. eva_luvs_dave

    B-safe vs Keyfit 30 question....

    Which seat takes up less room front to back? Also, are either more narrow than the other? Any input is appreciated :D I'm trying to decide between the 2. Leaning more toward the B-safe because of wanting a Britax double stroller but a keyfit is not out of the question. My last infant...

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