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  1. geekKT

    Easiest seats to clean? (DD gets carsick)

    So, humor me. What's the seat you find easiest to clean? It would be for ~26lb 2.5 year old DD, FF in an F150. (yep. I know. We made it to two. Turning her back means I can't leave my neighborhood, FF means I only clean the seat a few times a month. I've tried.) I already have an RXT...
  2. geekKT

    Casually ISO RXT cover

    I'm thinking about switching up my carseats again and putting DD into my RXT as her main seat. Mine currently has the grey fabric cover (storm?) which is fine, but if by any chance something a little more fun was up for cheap sale, I might be interested! (I'm in Canada so shipping alone might...
  3. geekKT

    ISO Cranberry TFP cover

    I've posted this before, but I'm back to my long shot of maybe finding a cranberry TFP cover someone is getting rid of. :) DD is back in our TFP full time and I ditched our Peg since she gets carsick a lot and I find the TFP slightly better for her and easier to clean. I've got two covers...
  4. geekKT

    For those of you who have had carsick kids...

    Did switching seats help? 16 month old DD has thrown up 6 times or so in the last two weeks. She's been rear facing in a Peg convertible for about a month having been in a TFP before that. It happened once in the TFP in March while driving to Vancouver. It seems to be worse if she has...
  5. geekKT

    Peg Convertible with ALR belts RF needs a locking clip?

    I bought a brand new Peg convertible this week in the Aquamarine color for DD. I love it; it will work well for us and it frees up my TFP as a spare. I was going through the manual though and found this bit about using a locking clip which I thought I'd share. Looking at other examples of...
  6. geekKT

    Current Canadian Combination (harness/booster) Seats?

    Hi all! My DS is just shy of four now and still riding RF in an RXT 90% of the time. I'm more than ready to flip him full time and I can do so in the RXT but am wondering what else is out there. I haven't been paying attention at all. I'd potentially like to free up the RXT or my TFP for a...
  7. geekKT

    There's this Clek rep on my morning news...

    I just happened to flip back to Global after watching my PVR'd show, and there's someone with a bright pink Foonf and a Clek badge. Wonder who it could be? :) ;)
  8. geekKT

    Canadians - MEC Ursus suits on sale

    Wasn't 100% sure of where to put this but thought I'd post.. The Ursus fleece suits at MEC are currently on sale at $33. Seems to be last years colors, pink and gray, in stores and on the website. I picked up a pink one for DD, and I'm glad I went in. I heard they ran big but I was still...
  9. geekKT

    Flying with 2 kids within Canada - logistics

    It sounds like we may be flying to Vancouver next month rather than driving it as we usually do. My planner brain is thinking about the logistics of how to do this, so give me any advice/tips/tricks I need to know, pretty please!! It's not a long flight. I'll have a 3 year old and a 4 month...
  10. geekKT

    In Search Of Cranberry TFP Cover - Anyone have one?

    I'm itching for a new seat for DD, but realistically buying another convertible isn't necessary right now. Anyone have a Cranberry cover and padding set for a TFP they want to get rid of?
  11. geekKT

    Expiration of First Years Via?

    I'm on my iPod and am not having much luck searching. Can someone tell me how many years a Via infant seat is good for? The manual just says 'throw away after date on back of seat' but the date on the back of the seat is the manufacture date :). I'm still flipping through the manual and...
  12. geekKT

    TFP in a Sedona

    Good morning! :) I've got a couple questions about the 06 Sedona with regards to the install of my TFP, I've been looking at the manual online but am hoping someone can clarify a few things for me. 1) The manual states: "Install the child restraint seat fully rearward against the seatback with...
  13. geekKT

    I was impressed today at West Edmonton Mall

    Forgive me if this has been posted before. I was at West Ed today for a babywearing walk and noticed a billboard style version of the "did you know car seats expire" commercial on at least 2 different signs at the door entrances. They were big, bright, and you couldn't miss them! :thumbsup...
  14. geekKT

    Need a backup seat for a Subaru WRX - Complete Air?

    Yea, nay? Anyone tried it? After reinstalling the TFP 8 times in various vehicles over the weekend, I think maybe we should consider a second seat. I can get the TFP into the WRX but it has to be pretty upright for me to not eat the dash, though I still end up close, and it gives J some nice...
  15. geekKT

    Mazda 5 Questions

    We're planning to replace my 04 Ford Taurus in the near-ish future and are looking at a used Mazda 5 or a minivan (likely the Sedona). I've sat in a 5 but it's been a while and I've never put seats into it. I've got a few questions I'm hoping some Mazda owners might be able to answer. Car...
  16. geekKT

    Suggestions on car toys for baby

    At the end of the month we will be taking a trip back to my hometown in NW's a looong drive. DS is at the age where he likes something interesting to stare at for a short while but doesn't have the coordination to hold/grasp for an extended period of time, or pick it up if it's...
  17. geekKT

    Vent Hmm..I've never seen that seat before...(misuse)

    I was just at the bank, sitting in the backseat buckling baby into his TF and a car pulled up next to me with 2 kids in the back. The boy was about 6 and had obviously unbuckled himself early from his high back TB, hopefully just as they entered the parking lot, but it caught my eye so I looked...
  18. geekKT

    Just for fun - newborn in TFR (pic)

    I have a rider for my TFR now :) This is a little under a day old, 8lbs 3oz at birth, as he was getting strapped in for his "carseat test" at the hospital. (totally didn't think of the fact that they would want to check him in his carseat, therefore making hubby drag the seat into the hospital...
  19. geekKT

    True Fit ARB Recline Question

    I'm still deciding between the MyRide and the new True Fit (likely the rebound/premier/ARB or whatever it's technically going to be called in Canada) for the new baby. A question though - looking at the pictures of the TrueFit Premier on the website, I'm wondering if it's possible to get a more...
  20. geekKT

    What makes a car seat Canadian?

    So...a curious mind wants to know - what actually happens for a car seat to be sold in Canada? If a manufacturer makes a new model for the U.S. market, what has to be done before it comes here? If this has been discussed in a previous thread please feel free to link me! :thumbsup: I've been...

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