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    Keen sandals

    Anyone interested in doing this thread again? Post your old ones for sale and any ones you’re in search of. Looking for size 13 or 1 for a 7 yr old girl. She loves pink and purple but we are open to any bright colors. Will go through our shoes and see what we have to post!
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    Toddler Tula Carrier

    Toddler Tula in GUC. I did not "baby" this carrier but I also took good care of it. It had one owner before me and came to me missing one of the clips for the hood. I added one so they don't match but it is completely functional. There is a picture showing both clips. There is some fraying...
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    Lesser of 2 evils?

    A is now 6 and 1/2 and weighs 50.4 pounds. She is boostered in my car 99% of the time. Her Frontier Clicktight is in my mom's car and she uses it for A weekly and a little boy she babysits on occasion (S). S is 3 and some change and probably 35ish pounds? However, she will very likely reduce...
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    Boosters in pre-'08 (I think) Forester

    Wanted to do an update for those who may be looking since finding a compatible booster was TOUGH! Chicco KidFit, Britax PW, and Graco TB do not allow the belt to retract. I did not end up trying Diono seats due to them not likely fitting a smaller child but Diono ok-ed the gap the headrest...
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    ISO Recaro Performance Booster

    Figured I would check here while I wait for a magical sale. Not picky on color or DOM for the right price. From everything I can find it is the only HBB that will work with my seat belt geometry so I am getting desperate!
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    Booster for Forester

    I am in need of a HBB to put in a 2007 Subaru Forester. Child is almost six, 45ish pounds, and 45ish inches (somewhat of a guess but around there). I have tried a TB and KidFit, but neither allow the shoulder belt to retract smoothly. They work center, but with the "hump" she gets tippy when...
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    For Sale or Trade Keen swap again?

    Anyone interested in doing this again? I think last year we set a price for selling or trades could be arranged. I have a purple pair, size 11. Looking to trade for size 12.
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    Naked MA70 local to MA, NH, CT, RI, etc.

    I have a naked MA70 that was manufactured 1/11. So it has a little over 2 years of life left. Not worth shipping most likely, but A and I frequently take trips in/around MA and could meet up if someone needs it. Trade for a HBB that would fit her (37ish pounds and torso ~15"- not a super wide...
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    Stroller that is shaped like an umbrella stroller but folds like a City Mini?

    Do any exist? I want a simple, compact stroller that golds in half rather than an umbrella fold. Would be for 4 yr old who is mostly legs. Posted via Mobile Device
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    Balance Bike

    I want to get a balance bike for A. She just turned 4, is 38" tall, and wears size 3T pants (though 4 doesn't looks ridiculously big, so I'm sure she will be moving up soon). Coordination is an issue and she is low tone so I want to make sure I get a good one that lets her succeed. I am...
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    Talk me down

    I am considering buying a new seat after I just sold 3. Clearly I should have kept the Frontier. I have A fairly frequently. She will be 4 in February and is about 35 pounds. Mostly she rides RF in my XTSL. I have also been driving a friend and her little one (H, 20 mos, about 24 pounds)...
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    Question seat to rf in 2007 Forester

    A has really taken to being RF, but I have not taken to removing the seat every time I drive with adults in my back seat. I had previously gotten the Radian RF outboard, but for some reason can't recreate it with leg room for front seats. In the middle, the seatbelt covers the outboard ones just...
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    For Sale CARES harness

    I am selling a CARES harness. It was used once in 2012 and it has been stored in a closet since then. I have the original box, instructions, travel bag, and even receipt! I am looking for $45 shipped (would prefer to ship without box, probably), but feel free to make an offer. Also would...
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    Question versa tethers and top tether loops in trucks

    A and I are riding to CT with my BF for work today and he is driving the Ram 3500. I installed the FR80 in it and it goes in great. Went to tether it and realized I wasn't sure if you can use a versa tether with it. Looked in the LATCH manual and it doesn't say anything about it. Ended up...
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    In Search Of Rain covers for strollers and rain/outdoor gear 3/4t

    Am looking for a variety of items. I have BJCM, BOB Sport Utility, and Mac strollers all needing rain covers. I am also interested in rain/outdoor clothing in size 3 or 4T. Rain jacket, rain pants, long underwear, etc. I will admit I am going to be slightly picky as I want her as comfortable as...
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    For Sale or Trade Radian XTSL Flora Cover and TB Cover

    I have (FSOT) an EUC Sunshine Kids XTSL cover and Milan reversible TB cover. I can get better pictures if there is interest. Would like $45 PPD for Flora (all inserts included) and $25 PPD for Milan. Also would trade (or partial trade) for Licorice CCO cover (infant inserts not necessary).
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    In Search Of Red or black FR80 or SK Radian XTSL covers

    I'm soon to be using these seats again and the non matching covers are killing me. I would really like to switch them out for red or black/grey covers. Ideally I would love to trade, but also open to buying. Currently the XTSL is wearing Flora and the FR80 has canyon. Let me know what's out there!
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    Would you let her sit up front?

    S is now over 13! :eek: How she got so old I have no idea. But anyways, I am wondering how people would feel about her riding in the front. Her parents started letting her on her birthday but she (and they!) totally get the "my car my rules" thing with me and are leaving the decision up to...
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    In Search Of Possibly looking for covers

    My seats no longer match and they're driving me nuts! Trying to go with a red and black theme now. Pretty sure I found a local swap for my Flora XTSL. Seats I have are FR80 in Canyon and CCO with green cover and blue insert. Anyone have red or black covers interested in sale or trade?
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    Question Using an Oobr without LATCH?

    I am considering getting an Oobr for Z (if tech ones are left). I don't have LATCH in my car I have now, but will be getting a new one this summer that will have LATCH. In order to get the Oobr I need to sell a couple seats I have. Would you use the Oobr without LATCH for a couple months...

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