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  1. BookMama

    Question Older Radian RF in Mazda MPV 3rd row?

    A friend of ours is watching the kids for the rest of the summer, and between her 3 and my 3, her Mazda MPV van will be full! :) Part of my plan is to put DD2's older Radian (2008 DOM I believe) RF in the middle of the third row. When I look at pictures of the vehicle seat, I see that there are...
  2. BookMama

    Question Black Friday discount at Children's Place *Outlet*?

    Anybody know what the discount at Children's Place *Outlet* is today? I think it's different than in the regular stores. Last year it was ht off outlet prices - definitely worth my time! Sent from my iPhone using Car-Seat.Org
  3. BookMama

    Arms getting stuck in CCO loops

    Has anyone had problems with their child's arms getting stuck in the CCO loops? (There are fabric loops that can be used to hold the harness out of the way while getting a child in/out of the seat.) DD2 has done it once or twice in the past, and now several times this week. On the way home...
  4. BookMama

    My mom won a Smart Seat!

    Graco was running a Facebook contest last Friday, and the five winners got to pick a Graco product of their choice. I entered and got my mom, sisters, brother, and SIL to enter, too. We were all trying to win a Smart Seat for my nephew, who we knew would be needing a convertible soon. My mom...
  5. BookMama

    $9.95 for new small Fuzzibunz "seconds"

    The Fuzzibunz Seconds Factory has new small Fuzzibunz for $9.95, plus you can add an insert for $.25. They have lots of colors. (They have other sizes discounted too, just not as low $9.95.) I've purchased Fuzzibunz from them numerous times and haven't had any problems. :thumbsup: Hope this...
  6. BookMama

    FuzziBunz training pants - $9.95

    I check out the FuzziBunz seconds shop often (waiting for more colors in medium ) and noticed today that they have training pants. This is the first time they've had them, and I have no idea whether they're any good or not, but the price is $9.95, marked down from $17.95, and they have up to...
  7. BookMama

    Snugride 35 in Pontiac Vibe

    Anyone have trouble installing a Snugride 35 in a (2009) Pontiac Vibe? My stepcousin is due Friday and has asked me to help her with her seat. They can get it nice and tight outboard, but she's quite tall and a center installation would be better, but they just can't seem to get a good install...
  8. BookMama

    Cybex Solution X-Fix vs. Clek Oobr - pic

    My X-Fix and Monzogary's Oobr met yesterday. :p Of course, since Mary had her great camera, I had her take a picture. The pic below shows both seats at their highest position. DS has about 1" or so to grow in the X-Fix (maybe a little more, it's hard to tell in that seat) but has loads of room...
  9. BookMama

    Cybex Solution X-Fix booster arrived - pics!

    A couple of weeks ago, I won the Cybex booster on :love: It arrived last week, and I was finally able to try it out on Friday. (Had to wait until we were going somewhere without the baby, since it simply is too large for 3-across.) DS rode in it for about an hour total, and...
  10. BookMama

    New car bed 4.5-35 lbs.

    Merritt has a new car bed due in July. The Hope will accomodate children 4.5-35 lbs. More info here. nak
  11. BookMama

    Transporting newborn after open heart surgery

    My newborn nephew (born on St. Patrick's Day :love:) has multiple heart defects, and will have open heart surgery when he's three months old. What do we need to know about transporting him after the surgery? I'm assuming that the chest clip would irritate the incision or cause him discomfort. My...
  12. BookMama

    Help me find a Barbie house

    DD1 wants a Barbie house for Christmas. Really, really wants one. Of course, what she really wants is one of the three-story ones, which we just can't afford this year. Can anyone help me find a good deal on one online? If I could find one for $50 with free shipping, I'd get it. (Our laptop and...
  13. BookMama

    Anyone ever use the "Carseat Buddy" to aid in installation?

    Has anyone ever used the Carseat Buddy to aid in installing car seats? I've thought about getting one ever since I saw on the back of a van last year (it's apparently a local-ish company) but now that I have three Radians, I really think I might need one. The RF belt path is...
  14. BookMama

    Coccoro in Ford Escort?

    Has anyone ever installed a Coccoro in a Ford Escort? I think we're going to need one to accomodate our 3-across eventually, so I'd like to buy it now and put DD in it until baby needs it. I can't find one locally to try. I'm willing to gamble that DD will fit in it, but I do need to make sure...
  15. BookMama

    Spin-off: Three-across in Ford Focus

    (This is a spin-off/continuation of this thread.) OP has a GN, Touriva, and wants to get a Radian for her soon-to-be newborn, all in her 2003 Ford Focus. I have a GN, Scenera (similar to Touriva) and Radian so offered to try out a few combinations, since she doesn't have access to a Radian...
  16. BookMama

    Does a Scenera puzzle comparably to a Touriva?

    Does a RF Scenera puzzle comparably to a RF Touriva? Asking in reference to this thread:
  17. BookMama

    How does the Princess Radian look in person?

    I don't think I've ever seen a Princess Radian in person. How does it look? How bright is the green? Does it look better when the infant inserts are removed? Etc. I don't mind girly covers at all - we have several, including the Britax Tiffany cover - but with the print infant inserts, the...
  18. BookMama

    Angle check please - RF Radian

    What's the recline on this Radian, installed RF in my Ford Escort? RF Radians always look way too reclined to me. Combine that with the fact that DD's other seats are usually quite upright, and I have no idea whether this is an appropriate angle or not. I fought with it for about 20 minutes...
  19. BookMama

    How wide is Maxi Cosi Mico?

    Does anyone know how wide the Maxi Cosi Mico is at the widest point? I searched and found this question asked several times but it was never quite answered. I am considering this seat for our three-across - it would be between two FF Radians in a 2003 Focus and a 1998 Escort.
  20. BookMama

    Regent LBP question

    I'm going to play musical car seats this weekend, and one of the seats I need to install is my Regent. It's a pre-advisory, so I plan to install it LBP, which always gives me a better install. :thumbsup: However, the last time I installed it, the splitter plate got hung up on the seatbelt, and...

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