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  1. bethng

    Question Graco atlas?

    Even searching but can't find the top harness height for the atlas. Anybody know?
  2. bethng

    Out of the booster loop. What's the latest and greatest.

    Love our recaro performance booster. Been in it almost 3 years now. My son will be 11 in May
  3. bethng

    For Sale FR 90 CT cow covet set-new

    Long story but I ordered a FR 90 CT from Britax and it came yesterday. I thought I ordered metro but apparently I accidentally ordered cow. The person this seat is for is not so much a cow fan. I have a replacement cover coming soon and will be looking to sell the cow cover. The child is...
  4. bethng

    For Sale CARES airplane safety harness

    Never used CARES harness for sale. Perfect condition. Non smoking home. $35 ppd
  5. bethng

    Best wrap for an older child?

    Looking for the best wrap or the like for an older about 3 years old....30+ pounds. Thanks!
  6. bethng

    Top harness height on recaro performance sport?

    Guess the title says it all. I know it's less than the FR90 but how much less? Thanks!
  7. bethng

    Baby jogger city elite

    Am thinking of purchasing this stroller for my special needs students. Kids that would ride in it are 3-6 (small 6 year old). Some 50 or more pounds. Anybody have this stroller? I need some input as to how much taller the back is vs the city mini that we already have and is too small for...
  8. bethng

    Black FR85 cover for sale or swap

    Have the black (onyx?) FR 85 cover in great condition with comfort pads and belly pad. Looking to swap for a livia. Or maybe pink sky. Anybody?
  9. bethng

    Question quick info needed!

    My daughter is babysitting a 3 year old boy. She has been asked to transport him to preschool here soon (like in a week or so). She asked to look at their seat. She says its almost brand new and the parent insists that they can use the seat's 5pt harness while using the seat as a...
  10. bethng

    Best stroller for older/ bigger child?

    I do respite care for an almost 9 year developmentally delayed little girl. She is about 50 pounds...maybe. She has her own special needs stroller but even when taken apart, it won't fit in my Camry. I have been using a BJCM....she fits but she is close to being too tall for it. Are there...
  11. bethng

    In Search Of FR85 in Livia OR just the Livia cover

    Title says it all. Need a FR85 in Livia or perhaps just the Livia cover since I have a lead on an 85 from a friend. Not sure that will go through though. Livia seems to be pretty popular but I am hoping someone has one to part with!
  12. bethng

    Best graco infant seat for average size baby?

    Have a mom with a very old graco infant seat and she is due soon with #4. (Previous seat went through the first three babies). It's important to her that it fit in her graco strollers. Baby is expected to be average sized 7 pounds-ish). I am not up on the current graco infant seats. What...
  13. bethng

    2 questions about the pioneer

    For those who have one or are knowledgable about them..... 1) can you install LBP? 2) does anyone have an IRL pic of "redwood". I am wondering if it has any pink in it. Thanks!
  14. bethng

    Which is more narrow?

    Evenflo chase LX Or Evenflo chase select?
  15. bethng

    Best price for poineer 70?

    Ugh....waited too long for the great price at and the pioneer is back to $184. Tried the coupons but none worked even if I created a new account. Anybody know of any sales or coupon codes for the pioneer anywhere?
  16. bethng

    Anybody ever order from here. From what I can find, they have the lowest price on the pioneer at $167 in garden gate . Just wondering if anyone had a bad experience with them before I order.
  17. bethng

    Combination seats with built in lockoffs?

    It looks like I have to purchase a combination seat for my 3 year old step-granddaughter. She is in an very expired evenflo triumph deluxe. Parents don't seem concerned. Two other kids (5 and 7) are riding without any seat/booster so I bought 2 HBBs for them. Their van is old and the seat...
  18. bethng

    how do you get the #$@& cover off an AOE?

    ok, my friends AOE (2/13) is a mess. Filthy. So I told her I would clean it for her. OMG. Now I hate this seat even more! How do you get the cover off of this seat? I am down to just one part...where the harness comes out near the childs thigh. There is a plastic oval shaped thing that is...
  19. bethng

    Question Mazda CX9 or honda pilot?

    Have a friend looking at getting a new (to her) vehicle and she is considering both these vehicles. She has a 22 month old rf'ing in a headwise and will soon have a newborn in a key fit to start off then a new generation marathon. Both mom and dad are quite tall so they need their seats all...
  20. bethng

    RFing tether point in 2012 sienna?

    My cousin has a radian RFing in a captains chair behind the drivers seat. She can't find a place to wrap the D ring around in her 2012 sienna. Anyone have this van and know of a tethering point behind the driver?

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