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  1. Kecia

    Graco Extend2Fit drool/freak outs/whatever

    I had forgotten about that! :ROTFLMAO: Regarding the recline angle and space it takes up RF in the vehicle - I just want to point out how flat those vehicle seats are in the picture. The Ext2Fit base looks like it's level with the ground which is pretty unusual. In general, the flatter the...
  2. Kecia

    More info on Chicco KidFit Booster (re: buckling when unoccupied)

    Just fyi - according to my contacts at Chicco, the recommendation to buckle the KidFit booster when unoccupied even when LATCHed in (in highback mode) has to do with the fact that the back will rotate forward in a crash since it's a separate piece. The back portion isn't going to break off and...
  3. Kecia

    New Britax B-Safe 35 infant seats in Canada

    I got an update on the release of the new B-Safe 35 and B-Safe 35 Elite models so I wanted to share. Canada is getting both the B-Safe 35 and the B-Safe 35 Elite models. Both will be rated to 35 lbs. and should be shipping into Canada by the end of March. That means they should be available at...
  4. Kecia

    Best convertible carseat for 2013 Ram pickup w/4 dr crew cab

    Here are pictures of a Classic Roundabout 50 in a friend's 2011 Ram quad cab. He has the smaller cab so the rear-facing carseat really needed to go in the center otherwise the front passenger seat was unusable for most adults. I used a noodle in this case to increase recline because it was for a...
  5. Kecia

    Britax marathon click tight harness strap problem

    Re: Britax marathon click tight strap I added this picture to our Blvd CT Review so people know where to look. Britax also has videos that show how it should be attached properly to the hip anchors in both longer and shorter harness setting. Keep in mind that the shorter harness setting is...
  6. Kecia

    Have we noticed this pattern?

    Houndstooth with regular grey harness straps. There will be a Heathered Gray fashion too. Both will be sold exclusively through specialty stores in the US. ETA - We asked about the colored webbing we saw displayed the previous year's show and we were told that they decided against it. Not sure...
  7. Kecia

    Rear-Facing Convertible Space Comparison Blog Updated!

    FYI - I've added the Britax Blvd ClickTight, Diono Rainier, Graco Milestone and 4Ever:
  8. Kecia

    BIG News from Dorel - Forward-facing minimums on convertible seats going to AGE TWO!!!

    We have confirmed with our contacts at Dorel that they intend to increase the minimum age requirements for FF from age 1 to age 2 starting in 2015. Not sure about Canada - I'm waiting for an answer on that. The Scenera NEXT and Apt 50 convertibles coming in 2015 will launch with these new...
  9. Kecia

    Ultimate RF Convertible Space Comparison Review *UPDATED*

    FYI - the blog post has been updated to include the Diono Rainier, Graco 4Ever, Safety 1st Guide 65 and Safety 1st Advance SE 65 Air +.
  10. Kecia

    Evenflo Buckle Recall Being Announced Today

    Just a heads-up that the recall for Evenflo convertible and combination seats with the "QT" buckle is being announced today. These are the same buckles that Graco was forced to recall recently so we've been expecting this. The recall "fix" will be a different buckle that will automatically be...
  11. Kecia

    Gracos at BRU....Finally back!

    They are not using IMMI buckles. Only the Symphony (which had an IMMI buckle to begin with - before they switched to the QT buckle) is going back to having an IMMI buckle. The new Evenflo buckles are a style that you are probably familiar with because they have used it on a lot of different...
  12. Kecia

    Anyone else's kid find the incognito too hard?

    DS2 (9 yrs., 54" tall, 90 lbs.) is the perfect size for this product and he tested it extensively in the first few weeks that we had it. He said that even though it's firm that his "butt forgot about it after a few minutes". I laughed about that comment but I totally understand it too. When you...
  13. Kecia

    New Video - Why Children Should Travel Rear-Facing

    Dr. Marilyn Bull explains clearly and eloquently why children are safer when they travel in the rear-facing position. It's a great video and will be a part of the new standardized curriculum for training future CPS Technicians. Why Children Should Travel Rear Facing - YouTube
  14. Kecia

    RF seat for 03 Dodge Ram quad cab

    We used to have an '04 Quad Cab and we now have a 2012 Ram Crew Cab so I have lots of experience with these vehicles. Your problem (besides lack of front-to-back space) in the quad cab is that the center position in the Rams isn't as deep as the outboard positions. For some unknown reason - the...
  15. Kecia

    New Britax Covers! Advocate, Boulevard, pavilion, Marathon and Roundabout fashions

    Laguna is soooo nice. It was the only cover fabric we saw at ABC that was actually different from anything else Britax is using or has used. ETA: It loos blue in these pics but it's really teal.
  16. Kecia

    NHTSA Announces Final Rule Requiring Seat Belts on Motorcoaches

    NHTSA Announces Final Rule Requiring Seat Belts on Motorcoaches! :thumbsup: The final rule, which amends FMVSS 208, applies to new over-the-road buses and to other types of new buses with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) greater than 26,000 lbs., EXCEPT TRANSIT BUSES AND SCHOOL BUSES...
  17. Kecia

    UPDATE on Recaro Performance Booster Review

    In our blog review published yesterday we initially stated that the Recaro Performance BOOSTER required buckling when unoccupied even when attached with the LATCH attachments to the lower anchors in the vehicle...
  18. Kecia

    Eddie Bauer leather edition car seats

    Welcome! :) You received some great info so far but I just wanted to add that you should double check the date that the seat was made because I'm pretty sure those EB leather seats were discontinued a long time ago. One of the sticker labels should list the date of manufacture - if it was made...
  19. Kecia

    Question Clek Tokidoki

    This pic is from part of the clek display at ABC show last fall:
  20. Kecia

    Last chance to enter to win True Fit SI Convertible!

    We close the promotion tonight at 11 PM Eastern time.

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