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  1. Tara

    Covers for Britax RA50?

    What covers fit the RA50? The 50, 55 and Marathon are all the same shell, right? Are there any differences I'm forgetting that would make the covers NOT interchangeable?
  2. Tara

    Latest booster recommendations?

    Looking at booster training with my 5 yr old, could be used part time in dad's vehicle. He's 42#, I don't have current height. I know that's on the small side, but like I said, I'm looking for part time/training here. I'm just out of the loop for new seats over the last few years. I found what...
  3. Tara

    Sit n Stand

    Item #1 of business: How likely am I to find a sit and stand IN-STORE for $150 or less (heavy on the 'less')? I have in close proximity: WalMart, Target, TRU/BRU, BBB, do JCPenney or Sears generally carry these? I think that's everything. I'm hoping to get something for my trip this weekend...
  4. Tara

    RA50 pics

    She was delivered this morning, much to my surprise. I was expecting later in the day. Here's my FB album of photos from today.
  5. Tara

    5 kids in an '04 Sienna

    I have a Canadian friend looking for advice. They are expecting #5 this spring. They drive an '04 Sienna, 7 passenger. 2 kids presently ride in Montereys 2 in Radians She's not sure how well a 5th is going to fit. She's looking into the Diono RXT as a possible replacement for the Montereys...
  6. Tara

    I did it...

    Remember my "I want a Britax" thread not long ago? Where I 'dared' you to talk me out of a RA50? has them for $110 right now....I did it...we have a Kathryn on the way. Now it better work and be all I envision it to be or I'm going to have one reaaaaallly upset hubby. :p Having...
  7. Tara

    Roundabout 50/55...tell me why not?

    Technically, I don't need a new seat yet. But...I hate the Radians. This weekend I was going to swap seats around and rf the baby in a Radian. I couldn't get a good install. Not with LATCh (which is the only way it will install ff in my van), not with seat belt. I plan to try again and hubs...
  8. Tara

    LBP with Radian?

    I know I know, read the manual...I's just not in front of me. I'm just curious....anyone ever used a long belt path with a Radian? Is it legal? Is it possible? I just had the crazy thought today, thought I'd toss it out to see if anyone else had already thought it and quite possibly...
  9. Tara

    ProSport vs Frontier

    Gimme the skinny! Please :) What's your preference and why? Pros/cons of each. Set me up peeps!
  10. Tara

    Tether anchor info please

    Mazda MPV 2006 I have a friend needing tether anchor locations, please. Are any already there? Are there acceptable places (ie seat leg)? What about approved spots where she can have an anchor installed?
  11. Tara

    Interested in an Inspired by Finn co-op?

    I'm considering placing an order soon. Anyone else interested? I'll start a coop and pass out the code.
  12. Tara

    Jogging stroller?

    I'd like to get back to running, though now I have a newborn I don't want to leave for that time in the morning with the other kids who would be doing school work...therefore..I'm interested in a jogging stroller. Not likely going to be buying new any time soon. But wanted some names/styles to...
  13. Tara

    Need stroller recs please

    For a friend, her requirements: Easy to push/steer (she has major back and shoulder pain due to injury years ago) Lightweight Fit an almost 40# child Basket for diaper bag Used in places like mall, zoo, etc. Price: She's been looking at stuff just under $200 Go ahead, spam me :) Thanks!
  14. Tara

    Checking interest - Chicco KF30 Miro

    NIB - just delivered (order mix up, long story) Is there a place on the box to find manufacture date? If so, I'll look it up. But the other seat I ordered has a date of Aug. 2010. I just wasn't opening the Miro at all as it needs to go back/be sold ASAP. Local would be ideal (B'ham AL) but if...
  15. Tara

    Chicco KF - Fuego vs Miro

    What's your take/preference on these two covers. These are my preferred options. I keep going back and forth between the two. Do they *feel* any different? I've only seen the Fuego in person. I'm satisfied with it. Just wondered in the Miro was any different. Anyone have a close up real...
  16. Tara

    Need help - 39# 2yr old

    I need help with recs for a friend of a friend. I don't know all the exact stats, but, 2 yr old, 39#, said to be the size of a 4 yr old. Presently in an Alpha Omega, top slots below his shoulders and head nearing the top (if not over, I forgot now, sorry). I don't know what their budget is...
  17. Tara

    Airbag question

    Is there an age/weight limit for when a child is ok to sit in the front with the airbag ON? Thankfully our truck is equipped with the option to turn it off. But I was wondering at what point is it ok for Eldest to sit there with it ON, just out of curiosity.
  18. Tara

    Question about the retroactive Radian rf limits

    I've been meaning to ask this for a while, I just keep forgetting. Hang with me as I try to word it in the least complicated fashion. So they started with the 33# rf limit on the Radians. Then they went to 35#. That change was retroactive to x point, right? Why? So, those were the same...
  19. Tara

    2004 Ford F250 extended cab

    Anyone aware of any issues with this truck? My hubs just got one for work. Yay a second vehicle! Much needed as wrestling season starts soon in which he takes 4 of the kids. Now he can take his truck and I....can still have a vehicle those 3 nights a week (meaning my dd can take a class she...
  20. Tara

    Losing the Vivo love

    I'm realizing my dd's legs aren't well supported in the Vivo :( Do you think it might help to get a styrofoam cooler or such for her to rest her feet on, as they dangle a ways above the vehicle floor. She's tending to want to slide down in her seat so the bend of her knee is closer to the end...

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