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  1. Louisa

    ISO: coccoro cover in fun colors :)

    What do you have? I'd like pink, black, lime, maybe red? With infant insert please. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Louisa

    Question Help! Need a myride model number and DOM

    I need new clips to keep the cover on, they won't let me order without and I'm at work. Any one have one right there?
  3. Louisa

    In Search Of Leapster games

    My 3 yo boys got Leapster 2's for christmas but we don't have any games anyone have any to sell, looking for boy/gn games that would be approprate for the preschool set :) Thanks!
  4. Louisa

    In Search Of Verizon smart phone

    The boys broke DH's phone, anyone have one to part with?
  5. Louisa

    In Search Of Scurvy Oober?

    anyone looking to sell or trade?
  6. Louisa

    Question Cheapist way to ship a regent

    i have a regent in original box i need to ship (it is not for sale :) ) what would be the cheapest way to do this? it is going from NY to the southwest Thoughts?
  7. Louisa

    In Search Of iDso Radian cary bag that someone can ship like today

    preferably east coast, my bff is flying and realized she shouldn't check her seat, yeah i know she should put him in it, doesn't have a ticket. it is what it is Anyone east coast have a radian carry bag they could ship ASAP??
  8. Louisa

    Please recomend a nbb

    So i seem to keep inheriting children, we are up to four possibly soon a fifth will join us. As none of my children use a nbb i am not very knowledgeable about them. the fifth is a 10 yo boy will no doubt hate me but needs a booster, was in my car three weeks ago and the belt fit was...
  9. Louisa

    chat issues?

    I can log in to chat and see others posting but there is no where for me to enter txt, others can see me. Chat has worked for me before but lately this keeps happening :confused: I am on a Mac using firefox
  10. Louisa

    Hope Car Bed with link to fb album

    ok just came back from doing my first Hope for an actual child (had installed it before but only for practice) for 7 lb child with Gastroschisis (intestines and liver outside the body) first Bill (another fantastic CPST-I with SN training too) and i went up to the nicu and met with the family...
  11. Louisa

    For Sale NEW Avenue in black, two available.

    bought for grandpas car, never used, i actually forgot we had them :o black and grey pattern, one in plastic one out but still never used. Dom 2009 i would like 40 + actual shipping I am outside Albany NY, but travel to Rochester NY and Boston and Pitsfield MA often. I can ship on M, Th...
  12. Louisa

    Question tell me about the rfing instalation on a TF

    how upright can you get it? do you need noodles for an infant install? how might it compare to say a radian interms of front to back room? how's the leg room?
  13. Louisa

    In Search Of RSTV, new style

    small or large, no pink please :)
  14. Louisa

    anyone had USAA replace seats after a crash?

    How did it work, did they give you replacement value? someone told me that they have a perseat max of 150, that is not going to cover my seats at all:thumbsdown:
  15. Louisa

    Help!! need to replace 8 seats!

    SO yesterday on our way to pick apples our van was rear-ended by a drunk driver :mad: and the impact shoved us into our nanny's car in front of us. I had four seats installed in each car, so in a matter of seconds i lost 8 seats ::eek: so here is what i am replacing a borrowed Fr85 a radian 80...
  16. Louisa

    FINALLY ERFING!! at 25 months old!

    Don't panic, they were not FFing before, just below 20 lbs :) WOOOO! :love::love: My twins have finally broken 20 lbs!!! my little tiny, FTT, allergic to everything, boys are now 21 lbs :eek: and some pics, for you to enjoy :) now back to your regularly scheduled programing
  17. Louisa

    In Search Of 1 Random chest clip

    i need a chest clip to help keep one of my twins in their highchair for more than like 5 seconds will never be used on a carseat so brand doesn't matter the smaller and harder to open the better
  18. Louisa

    In Search Of Pet Buckle or Harness

    In need of a harness or pet buckle for my 60 lb golden retriever
  19. Louisa

    Question Need help finding a 3 across for a Volvo V40

    we recently inherited a Volvo V40, it won't be the primary car used for the kids but will need to accommodate them all occasionally. Children are : Ds1 47lbs 4yo 17in torso Ds2 19 lbs 18mons DS3 18 lbs 18mons DS1 has ridden in a booster...

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