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    Kidz In Motion check up event - does anyone know about it?

    I have a friend who desperately needs seats for her 3 and 5 year old. And as we are in the DFW area I thought we could go check out the KIM check up event - plus I need to stuff for the baby and always can use an excuse to go to Lone Star Baby She had them in expired OHS - until I saw them...
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    radian retroactive weight change - tech what do you do?

    so if you had a 35lb radian come into your checking station with in the dates that it has been included in the retroactive 40lb change and the parents child was 37lbs what would you do? Would you go against the stickers and manual and go ahead and install it rearfacing even though you have...
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    the NEW coccoro

    I know this has probably been said somewhere but I can't find it for looking does anyone know when the NEW coccoros should be available? I am seriously considering one for this baby due in Dec but I want to get my hands on one. thanks ladies
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    HELP - 7 year old in lap belt only need solutions

    A mom on another board has her 7 year old a lap belt only - he is too tall for most harness seats. she has a two door 1992 Mitsubishi Mighty Max my first thought was a vest and retro fit a tether - but according to the latch manual TA's can't be retro fitted. I called EZ-ON and they said...
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    anyone have any links or images on hip bone developement??

    I know I read somewhere about the pelvic bones needing to be developed enough to withstand the crash force from a lap belt before kids can use a booster. and also something about how adults have a natural cage in our hip bones that help protect our internal organs. now of course I can't find...
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    RFing angle on a TF for an older child?

    So I know that obviously you can install the TF more upright for an older child when RFing, but I'm talking to a mama on another board and she said she was told by a tech that it was dangerous to have older kids RFing at a 45degree angle. She has a TF and can't get it installed more upright...
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    am I crazy to consider a booster??

    Ok we are flying to London in May and visiting family for a month. DS is 3 and half - he turns 4 June 16th while we are there. He currently weighs approx 41lbs, has approx 16.5" torso and is 43" tall. I haven't measured/weighed him in a little while so he might be a little bigger but you get...
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    tethering in a 2008 dodge ram ext cab

    I am trying to help a mama on another website who is having problems tethering in her 2008 dodge ram with ext cab. I tried explaining how you route the tether through the loop immediately behind and then tether to the adjacent anchor. She is insisting that the manual says you must use the...
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    Harmony Juvenile Body Armour Booster???

    We are thinking about getting this seat for my 5 year old nephew. he is barely 40lbs but his mother refuses to harness him. She currently has him in a LBB, but told us that if we bough her a HBB she WOULD use it. SO what do you guys think of this seat? The good the bad and the ugly. The...
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    SUPER long belt stalks and AOE Rfing

    OK I am trying to help a friend install her to AOE rfing in a old chrysler. the problem is the belt stalks are super long - even with three twists the locking clip is leaning on the plastic. there is no latch does any one have any ideas? If we don't twist the stalks the locking clip is...
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    does anyone have any good information on why aftermarket products are dangerous?

    I have the manufacturers statements but I'm wondering if anyone has any other links etc explaining why aftermarkets are dangerous. Instead of me just writing out that they haven't been tested with the seat - they can inferere with the seats performance etc etc.
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    Have we discussed the Head Snuggler yet?

    If we have I'm sorry I must have missed i - but this is stirring up quite a bit of drama on other boards.
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    I'm gonna cry safeguard seat has a crack in it!!!

    We got our safeguard child seat less than 6 months ago for DH truck. It has been install in his truck which has never been in an accident. I brought it inside to wash the cover and this is what I saw :( [/IMG] I'm assuming that it is NOT ok to use this seat now. but as Safeguard isn't...
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    any word from Britax??

    So I know some of you kind ladies sometimes get the inside scoop on things. I'm curious with all these 40lb seats if there has been any word from the Britax camp about the possiblity of testing their seats to 40lbs or adding an extra bottom slot to allow them to fit newborns better???
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    Out of the mouth of babes...

    So DS cracked me up this morning and I wanted to share with someone who would get it and sadly the guys at work just don't understand. DS just turned three and a lot of his friends are starting to ride in boosters. When we pulled up at school one of his friends was getting out of his car and...
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    Frontier into a 2008 Range Rover sport

    Just help I can't for the life of me get this seat in. Its my brother in laws car - so its unlikely he is going to let me take it get it checked properly. He went and bought the Frontier because its what I have for my son. So kudos to him for trying but now I can't get it in his car and he...
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    Question seat for a 3 year old?

    I'm looking for yet another seat for Austin. He is 3 years old, 41" and 39/40lbs. I need a seat for grandma's car a 2009 Lincoln MKS as she is going to be picking him up from daycare at least one a week we want something that can just stay installed in there. Its going to be outbourd...

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