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  1. Nedra

    Is the RightGuide discontinued? Recalled?

    I was just recommending the RightGuide to my sister whose 8 year old is really tall. But when I went to find her a link to the product, I couldn’t find it anywhere — pretty much just a lot of rave reviews all written in the last few months. Clearly, it is a good option for some families, but it...
  2. Nedra

    Experience with the Graco Atlas?

    I was in a hurry to get a new car seat for my daughter and the website said I needed to order in the next 4 min in order to get fast shipping, so I went with the Graco Atlas. The next day, I found out that we actually aren’t in as big of a rush as I had thought and I had buyer’s...
  3. Nedra

    Replacement seats after automobile theft

    Yes, we were home and asleep. They came in through an unlocked window and barely made any noise. I heard some noises but thought it was the neighbor’s teenage kids coming home late at night. It was so bizarre. 😔 I don’t feel comfortable with my 5 year old in a booster. She is only 35 lbs so she...
  4. Nedra

    Replacement seats after automobile theft

    Some people broke into our house last night and stole my purse and laptop, then used the keys from my purse to steal both our vehicles. Obviously we are shaken up and there is a lot to deal with. I’m really overwhelmed and, being a car seat tech, I am now overwhelmed with how we are going to...
  5. Nedra

    Replace car seats after a vehicle burglary?

    I think this may be a silly question, but I guess I'm just nervous . . . Last night one of our cars (parked outside) was broken into. Someone crawled from the back window (which was smashed) up to the front of the car in order to steal an (empty) laptop bag. There was glass and snow on the car...
  6. Nedra

    Locking latchplate cars?

    Calling all seatbelt nerds...anyone know if there are any recent (2018+) cars that have locking latchplates on 3-point seatbelts? Makes and models appreciated!
  7. Nedra

    Booster Recommendations

    I need two different booster recommendations (can be the same seat or different). 1) What boosters are best for a smaller (40 lbs) 6.5 year old to buckle and unbuckle herself? Needs to be high back, but other than that can be booster-only, combination, 3-in-1, etc. 2) What booster is best...
  8. Nedra

    Have I go gone too far? (booster readiness)

    I have been a CPST for 3 years and was just certified as an instructor. Perhaps not surprisingly, I have raised a safety-conscious child. She is 6 years old and when she turned 6 I tried her out in a booster on the demo seat at Buy Buy Baby. Belt fit looked great. I asked her, “Do you think...
  9. Nedra

    Crash test video showing misuse of not locking the seatbelt?

    Does anyone have a link to a crash test video that shows a car seat that was installed without locking the seatbelt? I can find ones that say the installation was “loose” but I’m struggling to find ones where the belt was pulled tight but left in ELR mode (or with ELR-only belts where a locking...
  10. Nedra

    RF tether anchor in a Volvo?

    Anyone actually encountered a dedicated RF tether anchor in a Volvo? I am helping a friend choose seats for a 2008 Volvo XC70. Does anyone know if it has a RF tether anchor and, if so, where I would find it? Thanks!
  11. Nedra

    Question Back seat child safety locks-- do you use them?

    I've never used the child safety locks in my vehicle. When the kids were babies they certainly couldn't reach the door handle and, until now, my kids have always been rear-facing and so I don't think they can reach it -- or if they can, they have never done it. I didn't even really realize that...
  12. Nedra


    G turned 4 on Saturday. I installed the IMMI Go in my in-laws' car because they were SO excited that they finally get to forward-face her. Today she rode FF for the first time when they picked her up from preschool. This evening she told me that she wants to be FF in our cars too. [emoji26]...
  13. Nedra

    Opinions: which convertibles make good FF seats?

    Ok so I have never had a forward-facing child before and I am likely going to be transitioning my older daughter into some FF seats sometime after she turns 4. Because all our convertibles were specifically purchased for their RF features, I don't know which ones I am willing to give up to...
  14. Nedra

    Question Quick help! Contender or Sonus?

    I need a budget-friendly long-lasting convertible that can fit a newborn. Which of these two would you recommend? Sonus bottom slot is 6" as opposed to Contender's 7" -- I don't have a good sense of how much better this makes it for a newborn. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Nedra

    Who decides whether to forward-face a 4 year old?

    I'm wondering if anyone has any guidance for me. My older daughter is turning 4 in March. She is about 32 lbs, maybe 36" and she's never ridden forward-facing before (except once on a plane). Getting her into her seat has been more of a challenge lately, but not because she doesn't like her...
  16. Nedra

    Question Car seat for newborn stranger?

    My husband belongs to a group that helps local families in need. There is a family that will be having a new baby soon and we are helping to get baby clothes and a crib and whatnot. My husband is going to find out if the family has a safe car seat to use. If they do not, what would be a good...
  17. Nedra

    Question Mold on infant car seat. New?

    My sister is due next month. They got the infant car seat from storage at her in-laws' and it had mold on it. 1. The seat is a Britax B-Safe, which also isn't supposed to be machine-washed. If they hand wash it is it safe to use if it had mold on it? What about if they go against the...
  18. Nedra

    Question 3y9m -- should we forward face?

    My daughter rides RF in a Britax Marathon car seat when she is with her grandparents (this seat is the only one that they can reliably install and use, so a different convertible probably isn't in the cards). My in-laws are concerned because they are having a difficult/impossible time getting...
  19. Nedra

    News School bus seat belts -- I am hopeful Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Nedra

    Sad news -- school bus crash

    I don't know if others have heard yet, but I just saw the news of the school bus crash in Chattanooga. It really makes me hope that school busses around here are outfitted with lap-shoulder belts by the time my kids start school. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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