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    Vent Booster in the front seat of a sedan, I was so ANGRY.(moved to Carseat Chat from Carseats)

    Today while I was at a strip plaza, walking thru the parking lot, I saw a family of five depart from a 2010-newer Toyota sedan. 2 little girls under 3'8", no more than 3-6yrs old, one of them exited the car from the front. After they went into a store I walked by the car and saw a Graco Turbo...
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    Question Why is the Amazon packaging for Graco and Harmony different?

    I'd like to start off saying that I work manual labor in an Amazon Fullfillment Facility, aka the shipping warehouse for Amazon in Kent, Washington. We load packages onto palates for USPS to deliver to people's homes. We get a lot of Graco, Cosco, Britax, DIONO **i have yet to spot boxes for the...
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    Question Car seats without design flaws

    Curious question here, stupid question possibly. Are there any, is there any one single car seat on the market that has ZERO design flaws? I could list many seats that do have design flaws, many of which have poor and INTENTIONAL design flaws as a way to make more money, styles that have...
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    Question Curiosity about use of British and Swedish car seats used in US

    I love car seats, their designs, and evolution of car seats styles and designs over the past 3 decades. So out of curiosity, could a person in the US install/use a British or Swedish car seat ? Bc I've seen the celebrities do it via Instagram (North West is in a Britax King without the chest...
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    Question Number of Graco Clones on the market?

    I look at all the entries everyday bc this car seat stuff fascinates me, and feeds my need of having car seats without having kids. Kinda. Anyway, how many different models of Graco Clones does Graco have on the market? I counted 13 current models, not including expired/recalled models...
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    Car seat collecters and vintage enthusiasts

    Besides for Bobby Mac and Strollee car seat pics galore on Pintrest (all which I already have pinned on following) and considering Google images doesn't exactly help narrow down pic search, where can I find perhaps an online catalog/database of fisher price/GerryGuard car seats dating 1985-1995...
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    Question 45-50lbs ought to be the minimum weight limit

    I have a question, a complex complicated question. Why do car seat companies make convertible car/harness-booster car seats with high max weight limits but then make booster seats with really low minimum weight limits? Don't they care about their consumers being able to make a car seat last as...
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    Question Defunct car seat brands

    Why did the brands Gerry Guard, Strollee, and Bobby Mac go out of business? Why does Fisher a Price still makes seats for Canada but not the US? Why did Little Tikes recently start with Diono, what took them so long? Do the new Diono-Little Tikes boosters use LATCH or are they flimsy...
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    Question Abbreviations on this site??

    Don't understand what certain abbreviations mean...I want to be a CPST within the next 5 years but I'm just absolutely confused. What do the following mean? -60/40, 40 outboard? -DD? -DS? -DH? And any other abbreviations that I can't remember now. All help is appreciated :) 2 questions: Why...
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    Question Oldskool shield booster

    So I am looking for my old car seat from 1993-1997, it was a shield booster. It was off white-grayish plastic, with an over the lap shield plastic bar that was on hinges on the left side, so it would go up and down, and the lap belt would feed straight thru that shield bar. It might have been...

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