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    Need a quick answer to a Cosco Comfy Carry problem - x posted

    I just saw a dad with a Cosco Comfy Carry. When we were snapping the bucket into the base, we clearly heard the latch catch. However, when I was talking about not jamming the front seat into the back of the infant seat, I tried to demo the rotation of the seat, and the whole back of the bucket...
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    Checking interest:Older Boulevard covers in Parkway and Shannon

    I've got 2 older style Boulevard covers, one in Parkway and one in Shannon - Any interest on these? They do not fit the newer seats, they're the discontinued style.
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    For Sale Safeseat, Parkway, and Airboost Covers

    These 3 covers are all older, but in as new condition. Please email me for pictures. 1) Graco Safe Seat in black and white, complete with boot. Cover has black on white floral/paisley print. 2) Graco Air Boost covers in tan 3) Britax Parkway (the original) in black with leopard print...
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    ISA MyRide cover in Alma

    Just got this seat & found out there was a *gasp* purple cover. As dd has red hair, I now must quest for the purple cover!!! :p Ann
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    Vermont Inspection Season now live! Plan your visit!

    Visit us at the website to find an inspection near you! You can also find us year round at our fitting stations. :)
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    Evil mom trick - I turned my kids into poster children!

    Literally! I turned my kids into poster children for car seats! And they're downloadable on our website... Hehehehehe... Doesn't pay to have a mom who runs the statewide CPS program, lol... Ann, who's giggling
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    New Website for CPS!

    Hi everyone, I'm proud to announce, that after a year in development, we've improved our website by leaps & bounds! Please visit us at Ann :D
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    I need some help finding pictures or video!

    I've got a tech who's having a disagreement with his sponsoring organization. He's a medicaid driver and frequently transports kids who are moving between foster care and parents or in custody disputes. Here's the problem. His organization doesn't follow recommendations for strap...
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    Flyers based on the 4 steps

    Does anyone know where I might find such an animal? I'm having a dreadful time...even NHTSA doesn't break them down to a flyer on step 1, for example. Help? Thanks, Ann
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    Is there a list of child restraints that can...

    Is there a list of car seats that can, provided the vehicle allows for it, use the innermost outboard anchors while the seat is in the center position? Thanks! Ann
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    Recommendation Please! I need someone good in Boise, Idaho

    Here's the story... One of my highschool friends just had her first child at 41. She's been caught as part of the recession, and her husband had been laid off and is job searching. They went to their hospital's car seat program and used it. They've got a Scenera. However, the tech who did...
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    Question Techs & Instructors, What do you do when...

    I have a big question about appropriate use. I appologize for not putting this into the technical forum, but I've registered but never been able to gain access...I just can't get in. So, here goes. A little background first. I'm the admin for the state of Vermont's car seat program. I work...
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    Ok, just because now I'm second guessing myself...

    I had a question in another forum where the definitions of both Bracing and Touching came up and the question of which seats allowed for it. Does anyone want to have a go on these? Ann
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    Ok, here's a stumper, but I need a starting place.

    Today I bought a commute vehicle (traveling 200+ miles a day to and from work) of an 05 Toyota Prius. Occasionally, I'll need to put all 3 children in it. What fits? All of my kids are small for their ages, ods is 7.75,50 lbs in a hbb, yds is 5, 35 lbs, still fits (barely) in a Scenera, dd is...
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    Hope this is the right place to post this question...

    Ok so here's the question. I'm the admin for our state's carseat program. I had another tech, who works in a maternity unit call in with this question, and while I *think* it's ok, I wanted more input on it. She had 2 Dorel seats that have gone out recently, on which the straps, instead of...
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    GACK!...MIL wants to take my boys X-country!

    So, MIL wants to take my boys X-country, not to where she lives & there's a tech at the fire station, literally across the street, but directly to San Diego, so's they can go to Legoland. I need to ensure she gets to a tech there...she was postulating she could get the car rental company to...
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    What are the bottom slot heights on the ETA & the Radian 80?

    I've been looking for 2 hours, everywhere on line and can't find the info... TIA, Ann, who's decided to pick some brains smarter than hers
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    Seat check issue with Baby Trend Flex-Loc today...advice please?

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong place, I couldn't figure a better one to put it. Here's the, today, my boss & I were in Kmart oogling seats (ok, really checking out the Dorel Pronto to see if we wanted to buy 150 or so for our program) and around the corner comes this unhappy...
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    Oh! Squee! Lifesavers!

    I'm over-the-moon excited...I just reserved for Lifesavers. Ok, this is the geeky star struck moment...I get to come meet a whole bunch of you...IRL!!! EEEeeee! I'm just way too thrilled, lol..
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    List of seats that were new in 08 or early 09?

    Hey folks, I'm working on a list of seats that were new or significantly changed (so much as to make it practically a new seat) in 08 or early 09 for our Tech Update class. I'm wondering if I've got them all or if I've put some in that were previous years seats. Can you all give it a peruse &...

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