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    Question 5-Steps or needs RightGuard??

    What about our other car? Does she 5-step here? (We last checked about 6-8 months ago and she did not) Since we're passing down boosters, which is DS's best fit? Clek Olli Chicco GoFit Plus (This one does have a shoulder belt guide, that is not in use for the pic. IDK how much it would...
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    Question 5-Steps or needs RightGuard??

    DD is newly 12yo, 58" tall, and approx 90lbs. She doesn't want to move out of her Recaro Performance Booster, but we need to pass it down to DS, plus she has about maxed out the height on the booster. She easily 5-steps in the 3rd row of SUVs and most vans. The last time we checked, she...
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    International Travel with 11 and 9yo WWYD

    We had bubblebums, but they need replaced (both have popped and no longer hold air; one is now expired anyway). Here is the data: Upcoming trip to Asia (3 weeks total) -Flying Japan Airlines - not planning to use seats on the plane -Will need to take 3-4 taxi rides: airport to hotel in Hong...
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    Check Belt Fit for me, please

    Couple more pics for you: We have one more seat at the house, so we pulled it from the other car and tried it. This is the Recaro Performance Booster in the Forester Shoulder Belt Lap Belt Is this fit any better? Can we put this one in as her main booster? (They're taking a long trip...
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    Check Belt Fit for me, please

    Our Forester: (we still don't know what to do with the Sienna; we just had Grandma keep the kids home while we ran the half marathon this morning) Incognito, lapbelt Incognito, shoulder belt Vivo, lap belt Vivo, lap and shoulder belt view (sorry for the sideways picture; I could fix it...
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    Check Belt Fit for me, please

    Here is DD in her new Olli. I can't try it in the cars it will be going in until she has to ride in it, so this is it installed in our Subaru Forester. How does the belt fit look? If it is bad, lmk asap so I can order something else. I need to have it by Saturday. Please let me know what...
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    New Seat for Grandma's car - Advice Needed

    Short Version: DD has maxed out the height on her Turbo with Safety Surround, so it's time to get her a new seat. Suggestions? Long Version: Current plan is to pass the Turbo w/ Safety Surround to DS (who is complaining vociferously about the Evenflo Sureride that he currently uses in Grandma's...
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    Question Frontier Click Tight

    Short Version: Please tell me how easy it is supposed to be open the Click Tight on the Britax Frontier. Long Version: DS finally outgrew his RFing seats, but due to his bone-age delay, we want to keep him harnessed, so we got a Frontier (manufacture date is Apr 2016). We heard they were SO...
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    New Seats after Accident

    My sister and her kids were in a car accident last night. The other driver was determined to be at fault by the police. My sis needs to replace her kids' boosters. I've already told her to request reimbursement in the settlement. She has no funds, so I will be buying the seats for her (like I...
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    Bone Age Delay and Outgrown Seat

    What do I do now? DS is 5.5yo, but his last bone age scan showed 2y8m. He will not get another bone age scan until July. He has stayed RFing bc of the bone age delay. Here is the dilemma: DS has hit 40lbs (scale says 40.5 lbs with clothes and shoes). In one car, he has a rfing radian, so he's...
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    Help with Incognito

    I got an Incognito for my 11yo niece who is 4'10" and 90lbs. She does not 5step in her mom's car (lap belt too high on abdomen and shoulder belt on neck). Her current backless booster raises her too high for the head support in the car. I received the Incognito today. While reading the...
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    Need Booster Advice for my 7yo

    My 7yo DD needs a new everyday booster. Recs please. Thx! She turned 7yo in Sept. She rides perfectly in a hbb, but is not ready for a nbb. (We use one on vacation, but she needs constant reminders to follow booster rules when in one and she still falls asleep in the car at home). Current...
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    Question Urgent- tether issue in 03-04 chevy venture

    Trying to install my tfp ffing in my sis's 03 or 04 Chevy venture (she's not sure of the year) and cannot get the top tether onto the anchor point with the tether strap straight and the back of the clip facing out. My choices are: 1. Leave the seat without top tether (legal in the us, but...
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    Question American Girl

    DD really wants an American Girl for Christmas. I'm not opposed, albeit not super-stoked either, but I hate paying exorbitant shipping. Anyone know a way I can find a free shipping code for American Girl?
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    Which RFing seat?

    DS is getting close to outgrowing the Truefit by weight (and, if the Endocrinologist and the Gastroenterologist have their way, he'll be gaining weight quickly and SOON!), so we need a new RFing seat for him. We had planned to turn him FFing, but with the test results showing his bone age at...
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    Reduced Bone Age

    I'm caught in a conundrum. We've always let our kids choose the direction their carseat faces at 4yo. However, we've been worried about DS's growth for some time (grew 0.5" from 1yo-2yo, then averaged about 1-1.5" for the last 2y). I've been blown off by drs b/c DH and I are small people (I'm...
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    Question Challenge - puzzle a 2006 sienna

    In 4 days, I have to make the following people fit into a 2006, 8 passenger sienna for 2 weeks: 3 adults (all average sized) 11yo DNiece 9yo DNiece 7yo DNiece 5yo DD 3yo DS All children need seats in the van. The 11yo is the only one who can safely ride in a backless booster. I do not have...
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    NBD - Oobr

    I have a Julius Stripe Oobr in my cart right now on NBD. With shipping, the cost is $225.94 (unless I can find a code to bring it down). Is it worth it? Or is that too high a price to pay without knowing the DOM? BTW, they also have a TFP up for $145 and change (+shipping). Couple other...
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    ABC attendees

    Do we get to hear about The First Years/Compass/LearningCurve/Lamaze/ whatever-they-are-now 's Combination Seat? (Urban/Unite/B830?) I've been checking the blog and Carseat Chat daily for an update. I've been waiting on that seat for *forever* :D Need. Update. Now. ;)
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    Question Best (hbb) Booster for fixed, angled, headrests? (Prius and Miata)

    Short Question is in the title: What is the best hbb for fixed, angled, headrests? Long version: My ILs bought a new Prius. The Turbo I had for DD in their car, has a HUGE gap, so I swapped out our Vivo for their Turbo. The Vivo works for now, but will also have a huge gap as soon as DD needs...

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