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  1. ketchupqueen

    Chevy express and carseats

    It's quite possible you'll need to add some narrower seats to the mix even with the Express.
  2. ketchupqueen

    How much should an infant seat wiggle in the base?

    Yes a small wiggle is fine. If you think it's excessive, contact the company.
  3. ketchupqueen

    RV and carseats

    There is no safe or legal way to install the seats there. No manufacturer approves it. Also, it's not really safe for anyone to ride in the back of the RV- both because it's basically a plywood box that's not very crashworthy, and because of the huge amount of projectiles, as well as the...
  4. ketchupqueen

    3-across in 2009 Honda Fit

    The Snugride Snugfit is the least likely of the 3 you list to fit. The Lling is the most likely. The Keyfit might. It's really hard to say without trying it. I would advise going to Buy Buy Baby, and trying it. Or, if that's not possible, buy somewhere with easy returns. Do be aware that your...
  5. ketchupqueen

    How to fit 3 car seats in a 2021 Volvo XC60

    There's nothing tried, that I'm aware of. Looking at your vehicle seats and dimensions, and taking the needs of multiples into account, I would try a Graco Slimfit3 LX/True3Fit (same seat, 2 names) for the eldest (likely center) and the Clek Lling or maybe Chicco Keyfit for the babies; all...
  6. ketchupqueen

    RideSafer travel vest Gen 5. Still certified, safe and good to use?

    The RSTV is certified and safe to use for children over about 4 years of age who get a proper fit. The WhizRider claimed to be certified but in fact never complied with FMVSS 213. There are regulatory challenges that mean that no, the RSTV can't currently be used on a plane, though we hope it...
  7. ketchupqueen

    How to fit 3 car seats in a 2021 Volvo XC60

    Your middle seat is very tight, in particular. I don't think you'll be able to make it work with the seats you currently have. Is the eldest going to be rear or forward facing?
  8. ketchupqueen

    Do Bases Expire?

    The bases expire just like the seat. The fabric covers and canopy can be reused if you buy the exact same seat.
  9. ketchupqueen

    Britax Allegiance

    You probably won't have a problem with it rear facing at an upright angle in most planes, unless they have very very short pitch. It might be uncomfortable to sit next to forward facing but would likely fit as long as you're in a row where the armrests lift.
  10. ketchupqueen

    Britax Emblem pins thighs in place

    Well, it isn't as pronounced in that seat as many others, and it doesn't usually bother the child.
  11. ketchupqueen

    Britax Emblem pins thighs in place

    The harness moving more forward at the hips is a recent trend across many brands. It has to do with crash performance I believe. Most kids quickly grow out of the awkward fit stage.
  12. ketchupqueen

    Car seat for Mini Cooper clubman S

    That's a tough one. I would advise trying before you buy if you can- is there a Buy Buy Baby near you? If you don't need to use the passenger seat that will open up a lot of options. I seem to recall a client getting a Britax in her Clubman, but I'm not sure if the angle was suitable for an...
  13. ketchupqueen

    Hypotonic CP, EoE, trachea stenosis, 2y/o

    I've double checked the limit and it's 40 lbs. So you could use it rear facing to the limit, but would still need something else forward facing; but to me, that's possibly a trade-off worth making if you like the seat.
  14. ketchupqueen

    Hypotonic CP, EoE, trachea stenosis, 2y/o

    If she has low tone, I still love the Sonus for that. The Evenflo Everystage 3 in 1 is pretty good for mild to moderate low tone if you want a fuller featured seat- the head part lies in a pretty straight line and doesn't push it forward, unlike other seats with no-rethread harness. It's...
  15. ketchupqueen

    Hypotonic CP, EoE, trachea stenosis, 2y/o

    Hi! I would hesitate to recommend any of those seats for a child who throws up a lot- they are all quite a pain to clean. In addition, the Britax shape is not likely to be helpful with the gagging, and while Diono allows install with that belt, getting a proper install will be near impossible...
  16. ketchupqueen

    Vest-style harness vs travel car seat for 32mo

    Carseatblog has a list:
  17. ketchupqueen

    Vest-style harness vs travel car seat for 32mo

    Hi! There are no vests approved for your child's age. Except in extraordinary (special needs medical, mostly) situations, I wouldn't recommend it for a 3 year old; generally a 4 year old. If you'd really like a travel seat that's very compact (such as if you're going on a cruise), the Wayb Pico...
  18. ketchupqueen

    One car seat two cars

    Hi! Using a rear-facing only seat without the base is absolutely fine as long as it is properly installed (correct angle, tight install, seatbelt locked, following the directions.) If it's done frequently you do need to be very careful each time; the more a seat is moved, the more times you have...
  19. ketchupqueen

    Car seats touching

    It really depends. Usually gentle touching (not shoving each other out of place, not forceful) is ok, as long as they are independently tight (if you remove the center the outside seats are still tight, and vice versa.) If you aren't sure, you can call the car seat manufacturer and ask.

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