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  1. EmmaCPST

    For Sale Drift Oobr

    Selling my Drift Oobr, 2010 DOM. Used it in Grandma's car for a year but she isn't doing pickup anymore and I'm tired of having it sit in the closet. $100 shipped from CO.
  2. EmmaCPST

    In Search Of ISO: RSTV small

    Anyone have one to sell?
  3. EmmaCPST

    Inflatable seat belt updates?

    Has there been any recent news as to who is allowing their restraints to be used with the Ford inflatable belts? I know Britax allows across the board, and Graco, Tomy, and Chicco allow with their boosters. Has anyone else added to the list?
  4. EmmaCPST

    Are Britax HUGS no longer required forward facing?
  5. EmmaCPST

    Has anyone seen the Batman seat in person yet?

    Just curious. :)
  6. EmmaCPST

    Where to find pool noodles in the winter?

    I live in CO, so the usual places don't have them right now - I've checked Wal Mart, Target, and a couple dollar stores. I stocked up in August when they were on clearance but like every other check since then has needed them so I'm down to only one. Anyone have any good online sources or other...
  7. EmmaCPST

    Is there a reason the Monterey isn't on the blog's recommended list?

    Did it get bumped from the updated list? Any particular reason?
  8. EmmaCPST

    Request for a photo I can use publicly? I need a 5 stepping child!

    I'm making a poster to use at a car seat safety booth at a fundraiser next week, and I need a photo of a child that 5-steps to use that shows good seat belt fit. The poster will probably live in our front waiting area (I work in an automotive shop) when I'm not teaching. Anybody have an older...
  9. EmmaCPST

    Size4Me aka MySize70 pics from BRU

    Sorry, taking down these pictures.
  10. EmmaCPST

    Complete Air vs Pria

    Besides the Tiny Fit stuff, what makes the Pria so much more loved over the Complete Air? I haven't seen one in person before and I've recommended it to plenty of people, but besides the Pria being great for newborns/small babies, what are the differences?
  11. EmmaCPST

    Britax Marathon 65 (light blue) and Roundabout 50 Onyx Covers

    I have two Britax covers that need to go: This one is off a 2003 Marathon so it's been around a bit. It's actually overall in very good condition though, pretty clean (I have not washed it) and no holes or anything. The elastic is pretty weak though. Just cover shipping from CO and paypal...
  12. EmmaCPST

    Size4Me vs Radian Pics

    Someone in another group asked for these, it's easier to post here and I figured someone here might like to see too, so here's some Size4Me vs Radian pics: Vehicle is a 1998 Honda CRV, Sam is 4 years old, 34 pounds, 40" and I can't remember torso height - small torso though. S4M installed at...
  13. EmmaCPST

    We got a Size4Me, and it's not Branson!

    I was at Target today, and swung through the baby section... much to my surprise I see a Size4Me box sitting on a clearance endcap!! I figured maybe they were just stocking them and it was going to be regular price... but it was $115 (:love::love:!!!) and I definitely couldn't pass that up...
  14. EmmaCPST

    Question about the Car Seat Lady's post today - boosters don't take any force? Bolding is mine, and what I have a question about. I've always been taught that the "artificial hips" function of a booster actually does take some force in a crash, thus absorbing force that the child's pre-pubescent pelvis...
  15. EmmaCPST

    Did Clek officially change the Oobr minimum to four?!!

    Has it been discussed that the Oobr officially says 4 and up for both the high back AND backless portion now? Spurned from this discussion from Facebook (which they handled SO well, I thought) At first I thought it was the Canadian version...
  16. EmmaCPST

    Pics of the new covers at Target (and a couple of Sam in the SureRide)

    Snapped a couple pics of the new covers at Target this morning: MyRides: Triumph: And I didn't take an IRL pic but they had this Amp too: And I played with the SureRide for a minute, pretty cool! Sam is 4 next month, 35 pounds and 40": Those top slots are HUGE. They're so high up...
  17. EmmaCPST

    Foonf today on the Magic Beans Giveaway!!

    KQ has this in the thread over in deals already but it's so exciting I feel like it needed its own thread lol. And I want someone from CSO to win it!!! :D:D
  18. EmmaCPST

    Complete Air $120 at
  19. EmmaCPST

    Does the Guide 65 need noodles?

    A friend is going to pick one up to take on an airplane on Friday and asked me if there's anything she needs to know about installing it (RF for her 2.5 y/o) in their rental car, and I still haven't seen one in person. Thanks!
  20. EmmaCPST

    Got our Frontier Giveaway today!!

    I won the June technician survey giveaway and finally decided on a Frontier 85 for my mom's car so that my brother can have the Marathon that she's using. It came today, fresh off the Britax presses with a June 2012 DOM! :love: Sam is a fan! :D

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