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  1. Kel

    ISO Coccoro Sets

    Hello! I know this is a long shot... but is your grape cover set still available? Thank you!
  2. Kel

    ISO Strawberry Shake CCO cover

    Hello! I know this is a HUGE long shot.... but I’m looking for a strawberry shake cover set with harness covers. Thanks!!!
  3. Kel

    ISO Diono RXT Covers

    Hi all! I'm in casual search of a couple of rxt cover sets. First choice would be Trekk, that's the black and gray camo cover. Maybe Sunburst, and possibly Ventura. I'd like all pieces, infant insert, harness pads, etc.. Thanks!
  4. Kel

    ISO Blvd G4.1 cowmoo seat

    Hi ladies! I'm ISO a Blvd cowmoo seat. I'm not 100% sure this is what I want, it really depends on price. I may just order a new marathon clicktight in cowmoo. It would need shipped to 61241. Thanks!
  5. Kel

    Honda odyssey

    Hello all! I drive a,12 passenger. We're tossing the idea around of getting an odyssey for a 2 nd vehicle. To drive when I "only" have 5 kids or less with me. Witch car seats fit nicely In the Odyssey? Convertible and boosters please. Thanks!
  6. Kel

    E2F cover and harness questions

    I've been reading reviews on the E2F. I keep coming across harness tightening problems. Also issues with the cover being hard to remove. How difficult is the cover to take off and put back on? I tend to wash mine fairly often. I seen the rapid remove covers and I could go the route, but I think...
  7. Kel

    Which Graco seat would you pick?

    If you were to pick out a new Graco convertible seat, which would you pick? And why? Thanks!
  8. Kel

    Graco Sequel 65

    Hello all! I just noticed this Graco seat. Does anyone here have one? Any information on it? Looks like the E2f but without the extension.. Thanks!
  9. Kel

    Cco infant insert questions

    I'm going to install our Cco today for my 4.5 month old. He's about 14 lbs. On the cover the seat came with yrs ago the insert says use until 16#'s or something. On the newer cover I'm putting on it say MUST be used until 25 lbs. I find this crazy! He gets a much better fit with out it... Any...
  10. Kel

    Evenflo pantinum safemax

    Can someone tell me more about this seat? I can't remember the last time I owned an Evenflo seat, maybe infant seats for my now teenagers! For some reason I always skip right over Evenflo....I thought maybe I should at least find information out on the seat before I rule it out. I'd like to...
  11. Kel

    Graco 4ever SS vs Clicktight

    Hello! Do any of you have a Graco 4ever with Safety Surround? I was pretty set on getting an Advocate or Blvd. Today while I was browsing Target online my DH noticed this seat and liked the blue colored trim, so I figured I'd at least check It out. Any thoughts on this seat? Likes or dislikes...
  12. Kel

    Nuna convertible?

    Any information on the new Nuna convertible seat coming out in September? Thanks!
  13. Kel

    Safety 1st advance air se and ex questions

    Ok, think I got those names rights, lol. Do any of you own one of them? I can't find many threads on these seats. What are the differences between these two seats other that the 50# RFING limit? How's the Harness and buckle? How's the install? I don't hear much on it here, Is it not...
  14. Kel

    Smoothest harness?

    Witch convertible seat has the smoothest harness in your opinions? I'm a huge harness adjuster. I've read reviews saying the e2fit has a very hard harness? Is this true? Thank you!
  15. Kel

    Anyone still useing a My Ride?

    Hello all! I'm just wondering if anyone is still using a Graco My Ride RFing? Baby boy is 11 days old and I'm debating still weather to buy a new convertible seat for him. I have a MR that he can go into when I get tired of the bucket seat. It was my DD's favorite seat for RFing. I like some...
  16. Kel

    Rainier SIP

    How are you all feeling about the Rainier as far as SIP. Baby will be outboard with no side curtain airbags. I'm wondering if a baby will even benefit from the newer beefed up sides? Younger babies seem to sit low in this seat for quite awhile. Or would you prefer a deeper seat like an Advocate...
  17. Kel

    Rebound control?

    Hello! I'm picking out a new seat and am wondering about rebound control. For instance, on top of my list are the Rainier that can RF tether and the Britax clicktight convertibles that I can order an arb for. BUT, seats like the Graco extend 2 fit, witch looks great, don't have either...
  18. Kel

    Anyone love their Clicktight convertible?

    Hi all! I've been saying I didn't want a clicktight convertible for a couple reasons. One being lack of leg room, but I'm starting to a couple questions.. Is the leg room that bad RFing? I keep reading its bad. How about FFing, do you think it has enough leg support? How is...
  19. Kel

    Graco extend2fit

    Hello! For those of you who are using a graco extend2fit, how are you liking it? Space isn't an issue for me and I ove the cup holders. I'm highly considering this seat for the new baby due in July. He'll use a bucket for a few months, but not much more than that. Also on my list are the fllo...
  20. Kel

    ISO MR65 Streamer cover set

    Found!! Hi all! I'm looking for the Streamer MR65 cover set, in EUC.It's olive green/brown. I would need all the pieces. Harness covers and infant insert. I can possibly trade a cuddle set with all pieces... Shipped to 61241. Thanks all!!

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