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    Frontier in Blue?

    Has the frontier been discontinued in blue? I see it on sale at buybuybaby and amazon and albee, but nowhere in store and not at bru. My son's favorite color is blue, so I want him to have a blue seat. And since he has such a long torso that he's outgrowing a RF radian at 2y8m I want a frontier...
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    How much longer do you think he has?

    I know you get these questions a lot, so throwing mine in too! My son is 2 years 7 months, 39.2 lbs (in shorts and a t shirt, shoes and diaper, no sweatshirt but that will be added soon) and 37.5" I think. He's in a radian xtsl. Posted via Mobile Device
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    Is this possible?

    Is there a seat that is low profile (to fit in a beetle with the weird curved edges) that is a harness to booster and will accommodate a very tall 6+ year old in booster mode? H still drives our beetle and for 2.5 years we've been unable to drive my son in it at all unless we know long enough...
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    At what age...

    Would you no longer buy a new RF seat for a child? Relevant info: He is currently 2.5 (almost to the day, birthday of 2/15) His 3T shirts are now too short, so he's moving into 4T for fall/winter clothes He's 38" and 36 lbs Riding in a SK Radian XTSL passed down from big sis (expires 08/17) He...
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    Convertible after radian?

    Is there a convertible seat on the market that will last significantly longer than a radian XTSL for both height and weight? Ours will expire when our 2.5 year old is 4.5 so we'll have to buy him an additional seat regardless. He's currently 37" and 36 lbs and RF. We would love for him to RF...
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    Current thinking on high back versus backless booster?

    I tried searching the site but I only got posts that were 5-7+ years old, so I figured I'd ask! I have a daughter who is 7.5, 53" and 53 lbs riding in a britax parkway. She has room to grow and I had intended to leave her in the high back part until it was outgrown. A friend rode with us last...
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    Quick emergency question

    I have to run and rescue my mom whose car broke down on her way home from a vacation. Since she and her partner have a car full of luggage and their bikes I have to bring our pilot to get them. DH is staying home with our kids. He doesn't plan to go anywhere but if there's an emergency he may...
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    Mistaken on 3.5 year old outgrowing radian

    We got in the car yesterday and I saw DD get in her seat and, as she pulled on the headwings to climb in I saw them lower a touch. I looked and they had fallen a lot slowly over time and made the fabric harness slot look low! When I reraised them she has a good inch and a half before hitting the...
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    Using radian above the top slot?

    I know that here in the US the radian is approved for use when the shoulders are above the top harness slots but is this truly safe? I guess I feel like if there really were a safe way to do this britax, recaro, graco, etc would allow it as well. The reason I ask is that my younger daughter...
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    Keyfit vs OnBoard Air

    I'm trying to decide between the keyfit and the OnBoard Air for our arrival expected in Feb. Any raves or rants about either? It will be going either driver side or middle of the middle row in a 2004 Pilot next to a FF radian and sometimes next to a parkway (other times the parkway will be in...
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    Should I remove the safestop?

    At her 3 year well visit yesterday my daughter weighed in at 39.2 lbs. She's FF (hit the 1.5" from top of the radian mark a few months ago; my girls have monster torsoes!) and has safe stop in of course. Is it better to remove safe stop when she's slightly under the weight or risk her hitting 42...
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    Infant buckets

    Any recs for an infant seat with better padding than the snugride 22? I have a perfectly good one from my older two kids, but both older kids screamed nonstop in the car from day 1 until they moved to the convertible seat (radians) and I'm wondering if a more comfortable seat would help since...
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    A beetle mama no more :)

    Thanks for all of the advice and info (some directly asked, much gleaned from lurking) over the past year! This weekend DH and I bought a 2004 Pilot and I love it! Already tried our parkway, radian and snugride across the middle in prep for February and was able to get in with room to spare to...
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    Question about a baseless infant seat installation

    When we met with a CPST before DD1 was born he said that for a baseless infant seat installation you need to take the baby out of the seat, secure the seat, lock the belt then put the baby in. I've taken that as gospel and never questioned it (it's rare we use it baseless) but I'll admit getting...
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    3 across a smaller car?

    We're going to be buying a new-to-us/family car in the next few weeks and it will be our main family car when #3 arrives in Feb (because the beetle only seats 4!), so we're trying to decide what to get. DD1 will be 5 next week. She's 45", 46 lbs, 18.5" torso riding in a parkway. We have no...
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    Cat smell in seat :(

    I just pulled my infant seat out (we'll be buying a second/new-to-us car shortly and will need to be able to fit three kids come Feb, so we're bringing it with us to look at cars and installing to see what will/won't work). I pulled it out and it smells like cat pee! I'm thinking that right...
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    Need car advice

    We have been a one car family for 5 years (our beloved beetle :)) but we now live in the suburbs and in Oct DH will need the beetle to commute with. In February we're adding baby 3, so the beetle will officially be too small for our family. Our original plan for this summer of buying a gently...
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    Radian- lost safestop

    If you have misplaced your safestop and need to install a radian65 FF for a 38 lbs (at last check, a little over a month ago) child you install with seatbelt and leave off the top tether until 40 lbs, correct? RF install is not a possibility because the seat was manufactured 08/2008. I will be...
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    s/o of monterey needing head support

    Does the radian need head support as well? Last time I tried (admittedly this was in 2008) the radian was the only high harness height/weight seat I could get an acceptable install with in my beetle (I know disney (she's the nanny with the beetle, correct?) has gotten the nautilus in, at the...
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    Graco myride?

    Spinning off my when would you go FF post in a different direction. Does anyone know if a myride 65 would fit RF in a beetle? I know the radian has a taller shell, but how tall is the myride? We're going to need additional carseats this summer anyway (we'll be leaving the city and getting a...

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