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    Any Albeebaby codes working?

    I tried 15off, and it wouldn't work for the FR 90 or Pinnacle pre-order... is there another code?
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    Frontier 90 in a Volvo

    We previously had trouble getting our FR 85 installed in our Volvo... it always seemed like the car seat would slip forward on the leather (with LATCH and seatbelt install), never really tight enough. I'm wondering if the Frontier 90, with the new Click Tight, would maybe help with that? Any...
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    Turbobooster $30 at Target

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but Target has Turboboosters for $30 this week! I'm considering buying one so we can have a spare booster around.
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    Difference between Evenflo Big Kid Sport and Amp HBBs?

    I am trying to figure out what the difference is between these two HBBs... besides price, colors, etc. I am wondering if there is a difference in the actual seats. After searching on here a good bit, I've come to the conclusion that my options for a HBB in my Volvo XC90 are quite limited, due...
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    HBB in center seat of Volvo XC90...

    Anyone know of a HBB that's narrow enough to fit in the center seat of a Volvo XC90, specifically next to a RFing Advocate? Does such a seat exist? My daughter (6 years old in a few months, 44", and close to 40 lbs.) has been in the center seat in a Radian XTSL, but I have reached my limit of...
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    Turbobooster opinion, please

    I feel like I have asked a million questions lately, but I am totally new to the HBB world, so I'm trying to make sure I make a good choice. :) I bought a Turbobooster for my daughter... I went back and forth between the regular and the Safety Surround. The seat will always be in the center...
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    Turbobooster flimsy back...

    I am considering using a TB for my daughter, but I've read a lot about how easily the back falls off... does this pose any sort of risk incase of a car accident? Could it not provide proper support because of this?
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    SIP in center seat?

    After responses from a previous post, I've decided to buy a HBB for my daughter in my husband's car. It will always be used in the center seat... how important is side impact protection in this position? I am looking at either an Evenflo Big Kid Sport or a Graco TB. The TB definitely has...
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    Maestro or Dedicated Booster?

    First off, let me start with my daughter's stats: 44 inches, 38.5 pounds (clothed), 6 years old in a few months. She is very mature and listens very well. I had posted here before about possibly getting a Maestro for her, and I finally decided to order one. It came yesterday... I decided to...
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    Anyone bought a Frontier 85 SICT...

    just to have a booster with the extra SIP? My older daughter currently has an 85 that's used in harness mode, and I'm debating on "upgrading" to one with SICT. (She has a few more pounds to go in harness mode, but I'm thinking down the road here...) My youngest has an Advocate, and I love the...
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    Walmart car seat returns?

    Does anyone know if Walmart is good about returning car seats if they don't fit in your car? I am about to order a seat from them, but wanted to make sure I wouldn't get a hassle returning if the seat ended up not fitting well. (I would keep all tags intact, the original box, invoice, etc.)
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    Evenflo Maestro is center of BMW 5-series?

    Wondering if anyone happens to have experience with a Maestro in the center of a 2000 BMW 5-series. Have been pondering this seat for a couple weeks now as a way to harness longer, and the middle seat of the BMW can be a little tricky to get a good fit in. Anyone know if it can give a good...
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    Outboard with harness or center with booster??

    My husband and I just got done switching seats around to accommodate for getting our daughter back and forth to school. She has always been in a 5-point harness. My hope had been that we could put our Frontier 85 into the center of his 5-series BMW and let her continue to ride in a 5-point...
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    Car seat sitting on LATCH buckle?

    OK, I am going to try to explain this and hopefully it will make sense! When I install our Frontier 85 in our Volvo XC90 with LATCH, sometimes it feels like the seat is kind of sitting on top of the LATCH connector. I try to position it to not be like that, and I am probably over-thinking it...
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    Inflatable high back booster...

    I read a thread about the Bubble Bum, and looked to see what it was out of curiosity. When looking at it, I came across a picture for a high-back inflatable booster: I currently have no need for this, but seems like it would be great for traveling/rental car/etc. I had...
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    Opinions, please, on seat placement

    My younger daughter's Advocate just came today and is installed outboard, rear-facing, behind the passenger seat of my Volvo XC90. Currently, my older daughter is harnessed in a Frontier 85 outboard behind driver's seat. Now that my younger daughter has the extra SICT cushions, while also...
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    Frontier SICT fit in Volvo XC90?

    I am considering replacing my daughter's Frontier 85 to one with SICT. The seat would go outboard in my XC90 -- anyone know if this will fit? Seems like it should since it's a good-sized SUV, but when I was looking at the Frontier we have now in there, it was hard to visualize the extra width...
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    Radian next to a RFing Advocate?

    I drive a Volvo XC90 and am wondering if I could fit a Radian XTSL (which we already own and use in my husband's car) in the center of the 2nd row, next to an outboard RFing Advocate? Planning on buying the Advocate for my younger daughter and trying to figure out the safest placement for both...
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    Rear-facing tether vs. good side wings?

    I am currently working on placement for seats in our cars... my younger daughter rarely rides in my husband's car, but I want to have a spare seat for his car, just incase. (Side note-- car does not have rear airbags.) Since it won't be used often, I don't want to spend a ton, but I still want...
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    Advocate crash test

    In my incessant research of seats the last few days, I came across this on youtube... it's a crash test with a Britax Advocate. I was very impressed! It looks to me like the side impact cushions definitely help, which is pushing me towards the Advocate, away from the Boulevard (which also...

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