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    Joovy too qool! That thing looks awesome...except for the price tag. Seems their 800$ price tag might be a bit much considering what you can get a bready for. I just love that the bottom seat doesnt look like an after thought or add on.
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    Double stroller ?

    Okay I bought a used baby jogger city mini double off a local woman for 80$..maybe 90$? Anyways I didn't want to buy new incase I didn't like the side by side as I've only had tandems. There are a few things about it that I can't stand that I'm wondering if they've improved in the new models of...
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    Graco click connect latch?

    Do they newer Graco click connect infant seats come with the nicer latch hooks like on Britax seats? I'm a big fan of everything about my graco infant seat except the hard to undo latch hooks.
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    ISO Crazy8 promo code

    My magazine didnt have one this month... anyone have one they're not using?
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    Ebay stores

    Besides baby surplus which is albee's site are there any other trusted baby dealer sites?
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    City mini double ?

    I just found a used baby jogger city mini double in my area. The only problem is its black..which I don't love for summer use. Can I buy replacement fabrics for it? I can't seem to find any details on their website so I'm thinking no
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    Kohls sales, kids clothes

    Prices are really good on many things this morning. Codes for Card holders are SHIPPINGMVC and PUMPKIN30 for 30%off and free shipping on any purchase Non card holders can use CARAMEL for 20% off + free shipping on orders over 100$ My finds so far are great prices on girls christmas dresses...
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    hanna andersson sales?

    Can anyone tell me whats the best deal on their family sweater sets? Like whats the cheapest they'll be before they start to get limited? Like the baby romper is marked down 38$ from 58$ is that the best it'll get?
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    In Search Of Mickey stride rite shoes (not sandals)

    Boys size 6,6.5, or 7.
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    Kohls baby deals!

    There's another post about the size4me but I thought its worth mentioning theres quite a few good buys there right now :D I'm ordering a b-agile double for 270$ and get 50$ kohls cash! I was tempted by a b-safe for 100$ plus 20 kohls cash but DH may frown upon that lol
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    Walmart Clearance baby deals!

    Check your local walmarts for baby clearance. Mine had several things marked 50% including highchairs, several car seats, & cribs. Its a very small walmart. They usually just carry 2 options in every catagory but cleared inventory for what appears to be a makeover. Now they have at least 8...
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    New Nautilus Cover Blair?

    Is this new?
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    ISO Graco snugride30 Sahara Cover

    Title says it all. I'm kicking my self for not just buying the whole travel system of albees ebay store this past winter
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    Frontier as a booster

    I've been thinking about boostering DD1 full time this fall. She's already in a frontier85 but for some reason its never occured to me to just use the frontier as a booster. It's probably in my head because its the first higher end carseat I bought and I bought it to harness DD1 longer not to...
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    05-10 Sienna booster suggestions

    I'm looking to move DD into a booster except for longer trips. She rides in a evenflo big kid as a spare but I'd like something with more support and probably latch. Her legs go to sleep in the evenflo due to the lack of support and padding. I'd also like something with head wings or more...
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    Double stroller for 2yo and 5yo recs

    Okay just realized I dont have a stroller option for my 2yo and 5yo. The only double I have is a graco which is okay for how rare I use it with the 2yo and 6mo. We are planning on a day trip twice a month till fall and I dont think my 5yo will be able to walk all day long. Even last year she...
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    Newer Generation Siennas 8th seat

    We're purchasing a van this month. I'd really like to get a 2010 Sienna 8 passenger and call it a day but DH really would like the newer model. We'd have to be able to get three across or I refuse to get it. Does anyone know of any seats RF or FF that fit on it? Really any as I'm open to buying...
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    I've come to the conclusion that all tandem double strollers suck... like theres no "you can have it all" tandem. Something has to give. I NEED a tandem for shopping where we live. Should I just get a cheap one like a graco ready2grow as it will do the job and then sell it as soon as I dont need...
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    New Argos Print at kohls?

    I was checking out the kohls sale and spotted this one. Not sure if its been shared here yet.

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