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    Little kids on school bus

    I'm putting my kids on the bus to school for the first time. My 3 year old weighs 28 pounds and my 5 year old weighs 34 pounds. The bus company says kids over three don't need a car seat. Parents can purchase this seat if they want (and for...
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    34 pound 5 year old on school bus

    My kids will be going on a bus to school for the first time this year. I plan to install a 5 point car seat for my 28 pound 3 and a half year old. My 5 year old only weighs 34 pounds, so he should be in a 5 point as well, right? He uses one in the car. We live in NJ. Are there laws about this...
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    2 and 3 year olds on bus (merged thread)

    I'm trying to figure out if putting two and three year olds on a regular yellow bus (has lap belts) is possible. The company claims that in New Jersey, kids don't need car seats on a bus, but I'm not comfortable with that. I'm looking online and I see harnesses and vests that can be used on...
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    sliding seats in 3 across in '11 Odyssey

    I have three seats in the back seat of my '11 Odyssey: RF radian and two harmony defenders, all three installed with seat belts. I'm having a big issue with the forward facing seats moving more than an inch at the belt path. The only way I can get them not to move is to recline the seat back...
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    2014 Town and Country

    I just spent over an hour trying to figure out how to fit 5 car seats in my rented 2014 Town and Country. I only have to fit 5 kids in for one ride (I'm returning the car tomorrow), but I'm about to scream! I ended up taking the back off of the Defender I use for my 5 year old nephew and he'll...
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    Frontier in 3rd row of 2014 Honda Odyssey

    My sister just bought a new Honda Odyssey and I was helping her install her car seats into it. I was trying to install her Frontier into an outboard seat in the third row with the seatbelt because it's a heavy seat and her son is pretty big so I felt it might be safer. I tried and tried, even...
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    AAA Car care center carseat checks

    Does anyone know if the people who do the car seat checks at the AAA Car Care Center in Springfield NJ are actual techs? I'm rearranging and reinstalling my seats for this newest baby and I want to get them checked. Is there a better place to go in/near Union County, NJ?
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    Diono Radian in booster mode

    We're nowhere close to being able to use our Radian in booster mode, but I have a question about it. My kids are light weights and probably won't weigh 50 pounds for a very very long time. If a child fits the booster mode well (belt at middle of the shoulder, low on the lap, not on belly) but...
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    Safe winter infant seat cover

    My LO is due in December so I'm looking for an safe warm cover for the infant seat. It's a Snugride 22. Anything you particularly like?
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    Rear facing to booster

    I'm pretty sure I've seen a thread on this topic, but I can't find it now. My 37 month old is only 35" tall and 28 pounds and uses the second from the top slot in his Roundabout 50, rearfacing. I expect he'll fit rear facing in the seat for quite a while. I might get him a radian when my new LO...
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    Interesting french car seat

    Look at this thing You install the base and then the whole seat swivels to be rear or forward facing! Kinda neat!
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    Thoughts on angle adjuster for other car seats

    Just to be clear, I'm not going to do this, but I was thinking about what would be the difference in using diono's angle adjuster for other car seats. Is it because it hasn't been crash tested with other seats? Or is it the principle of the thing that we don't encourage use of aftermarket...
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    Help me arrange 3 RF and 1 FF Please!

    I'm trying to figure out how to arrange my van for next year. I have a 7 passenger (so no center middle seat) 2011 Honda Odyssey. These are the kiddos and the seats I have: -newborn, RF 22 month old, RF 3 year old, FF carpooler 3 year old -Graco Snugride, Radian R100 with AA, Britax Roundabout...
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    3 RF seats in 7 seater Odyssey

    I have a 2011 Honda odyssey without the plus one seat. In a little bit, I'll have 3 rear facers. My 2.5 year old is in a Roundabout, 1 year old in a radian r100 and the newborn will be in a graco snugfit, all RFing. Does anyone have any advice about placement so I can access the third seat...
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    3.5 year old is booster

    I pick up my friend's 3.5 year old from school and he's just about outgrown the Scenera I have him in. His parents don't want to buy him another seat and told me they want him in a booster. He fits in it, physically, but I don't 100% trust him to stay in place, not lean around. So can I lock the...
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    Neat rear facing picture

    I don't have any info about this picture, but it came up in an image search I was doing. Has anyone ever seen this before? What is it?
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    Radian harness adjuster

    I just got a new Radian R100, and I have a question about the harness adjuster. Does it have some kind of tension limiter or something? It seems to have a point where it just won't tighten anymore, just before I feel it's tight enough. It will pull down all the way without a kid in it, so...
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    Radian angle adjuster in stock? /moved from Re: Official Angle Adjuster Thread

    Does anyone know if these are in stock anywhere? I want to put my radian (arriving today! yay!) behind my passenger seat but can't brace it, so I need it.
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    Radian or TrueFit in '11 Odyssey?

    I'm in the market to buy a new ERF seat for my 11 month old. He's 28" and only 16 pounds. I'll have it in the passenger seat behind the driver. I was set on a Radian, but then I heard that the TrueFit is a nice tall seat, too. Any factors I should consider when choosing? I'd like to keep the...
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    Rfing convertible in Corolla

    My friend is looking to buy a convertible for her 8 month old and wants it to be able to fit behind the driver's seat. She has a Toyota Corolla. She'd like to ERF, but I'm not sure which seat have tall shells but would also fit in a tight space. Any suggestions?

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