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    Booster in a Hyundai Santa Fe

    I know I just posted about putting my soon to be 7yr old in a booster (7 in May). I am looking at the Recaro ProBooster, possibly the Vivo. Do these seats typically work well in a Hyundai Santa Fe? Mine is a 2012. I've seen mention of tipping and there is no store close that sells them that I...
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    Booster for almost 7yr old?

    DD is 6, she will be 7 at the end of May. Currently she is harnessed in a Frontier80, but honestly, it's so dirty and I am tired of looking at it. The cover is impossible to clean. I looked into a new cover and I can not find one anywhere. So, I guess in order to get a clean seat I'll have to...
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    Question MyRide... Sweating problem?

    My friend has her 4month old in a MyRide and is having problems with him sweating really bad in it. No matter what the temp is outside she pulls him out and his back is soaked. Anybody else have this problem? Or anyone have any suggestions of things she can do to help? She keeps it (very) cool...
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    Britax coupon code?

    Hi! Does anyone have a coupon code for the actual Britax website? Thanks :)
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    Seat for my moms car

    DD will be 4 in May. She is 40lbs and just about 40inches. Her torso height is about 14 1/2inches. She rides in my moms car maybe once a month, sometimes more sometimes less. Which seat would you recommend? She had a roundabout in there but that's obviously got to go! I don't want anything...
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    Chicco Keyfit 30

    Yesterday I was at my friends and we were trying to install her seat! The installation is beyond easy but for some reason we could not get it to stay tight. It would be tight and then within a second I could move it side to side with ease. She had a seat protector and we removed it and...
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    New seat?

    I am not loving my Frontier anymore so I am strongly considering a new seat. DD is 3 1/2yrs old... 38" and 35lbs...14"torso. What would u get if you were me?! I'd like to stay under $200 so DH doesn't drop dead when I tell him I bought a new seat! :rolleyes:
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    Unbuckling chest clip in MR65

    My sister inlaw called me yesterday saying that my niece (she just turned 1) is unbuckling the chest clip in her my ride. She does while sister inlaw is driving and I don't know what to tell her to do! Any advice? It's freaking my sister inlaw out and I don't want her to end up turning her FF so...
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    Car seat for 10month old

    My niece is 10 months old and is about 20lbs and 26inches(around that). She really needs a carseat that will last. I want to spend around 100 no more than 150. I need to be able to buy it a store today. Her torso is 11 inches. What would you recommend?
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    help! asap please!!

    My niece will be 10months old on the 15th.. She is 26inches and 17.5lbs. My SIL has an evenflo tribut that was given to her by her insurance. She wants me to look at it and install it when I get there (about 30min). I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on the seat or install! Thanks
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    Frontier installed in '08 hyundai santa fe

    My husband installed my daughters new frontier the other day. I took some pictures last night to see what your opinions were! It is rock solid... doesn't move at all. It is installed with the latch. I am concerned with how this hangs over the edge of the seat. Is that okay? DD was not...
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    Infant Seats

    My best friend is pregnant and I am BEYOND excited! I was wondering what your all time favorite, would recommend to anyone that will listen infant seat is? Thanks :)
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    Need another seat

    My daughter is a little over 3 and weighs about 35lbs and is 37in. tall. I gave her Roundabout to my Mom to use in her car for either my daughter or her other grandchildren. That left us without a seat in my husbands car. I want to give him the Marathon from my car and get a new seat for my...

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