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    Question CR-V and MyRide

    Ok...sorry for all the tether questions recently but we finally got the part to retrofit my 99 cr-v from the dealer instructions! So we pulled the fabric back from the ceiling and there were about 5 holes back there but only 1 the screw fit into and had threads inside the...
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    Question Used tether anchors?

    So, I was just wondering, when you get into an accident or something, do you replace tether anchors? I am wondering because we were looking into getting the tether anchors retrofitted in my 99 Honda CR-V but no one has them in stock and having it shipped costs more than the part itself to get...
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    Question Just a random question...adults and belt fit.

    So I am just a bit curious about belt fit. What exactly is acceptable? I always hear "touching the thighs" and "center of the shoulder/collarbone"... does that mean fully on the thighs or just touching? I just wonder because I see a lot of people post pictures of kids in boosters asking if the...
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    Question Using outboard tethers for center install?

    So I asked this in with my other question about getting top tethers retrofitted and it was suggested I start a new for the techs or anyone that knows..... I am not planning on turning my son around just yet but am trying to make sure my vehicle is ready for when we do so we are...
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    Vent No one knows about top tethers!

    I am just curious for those of you that have had top tether anchors retrofitted, how do you go about getting that done? We aren't turning yet but I am just trying to make sure my vehicle is ready for when we do. I called the 2 local dealers in my area and they keep giving me the run around...I...
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    Vent No car seat!

    Does anyone know who you call to report things like kids not buckled in properly? Is there a safekids number or just the local police? I didn't want to dial 911, or should I have? My husband and I were driving to the store yesterday and I see this car in front of us at the red light and it...
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    Question Older cars and top tethering

    Anyone know where the top tether's go for a 99 CR-V and a 99 Jeep Laredo? My LO is only 15.5 months so still RF right now obviously but we are still undecided if we will go beyond 2 so I want to prepared when the time comes since I know we won't be getting new vehicles any time soon, especially...
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    What is IMMI?

    I have seen IMMI harnesses/buckles mentioned a few times but I can't seem to find anything about what exactly they are. Is it a company or a special made harness system or something?
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    Question Loading advice?

    So I am just curious for those of you that have smaller cars/SUV' in the world do you get a 2+ year old into their seat? My son is only 14 months and 31 inches but I have an old CR-V (99) and the loading space between his seat and the car door frame is not much at all...I already bump...
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    Question What's up with all the buckle issues?

    Are all the Graco buckle issues I am hearing about only on certain models or certain DOM seats? The threads about problems seem to be popping up more and more...I have a MR and haven't had any issues with unbuckling... does this only start to happen after a while of use or what? I love my seat...
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    Question What do you think of the MR ff?

    I was just curious what everyone thinks of the MR as a ff seat, I know it isn't the best but does anyone have any pics of their installs or kiddos FF in it? We bought one for our son who is only 14 months so still RF but we are just curious how it will be when we turn him. I saw a few older...
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    Question deleting replies?

    I am new to the site and am having a little trouble, if I reply to someone's thread and then decide to delete it, how do I do that? I know there is the "edit" button at the bottom that says "edit/delete" but when I click it it only lets me edit, not delete. If I try to delete all the words it...
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    Moving up harness

    I was just curious how you know when it is time to move the harness height up? My LO is going to be 14 months this week and is almost 31 inches, I haven't measured his torso in a few weeks but it was close to 12 inches at that point. He is sort of in this awkward stage between harness heights in...

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