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    Virgin Atlantic - What can I expect with their provided car seat?

    Any ideas? Will it only be allowed for use during cruising?
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    Using a U.S. carseat in a London taxi? Is it illegal? Seatbelt install?

    I am hearing different feedback on this. I want to take a seat from the USA to use in the taxi or really any vehicle we ride in while there. Is this illegal? And Would it install just the same as seatbelt install in the States?
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    Travel to London w/ 20 month old RF or FF

    We will be in both private and public transportation situations. Currently DD is RF in the Peg Convertible. I have heard that on long flights it is hard for the person in front to recline their seat if the carseat is RF. Would you do FF on the plane? What about in taxis in London? This is our...
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    Question Noodle allowed w/ installation w/ RF Peg Perego Convertible?

    DH attended a car seat check this morning where they checked his RF installation of the Peg Convertible. He has it outboard behind the passenger. They placed a noodle during the inspection check to use RF. I wasn't sure if it was allowed with the Peg. Is this allowed?
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    Photos of Peg SIP Convertible side by side with other seats?

    Or comparison shots of the Peg? Installed or not installed, either will do.
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    Question Can I place a convertible seat on the middle "bump"?

    The middle bump/hump of a Civic coupe (03). DH needs the two outboard seats free for use, which leaves the middle hump/bump for the convertible seat. I am attempting to place a Radian RXT on here this weekend, RF, seatbelt install. Will this work? I need to prepare for if this does not fit. If...
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    How important is steel in a car seat?

    Do seats that incorporate steel in the frame hold up differently in crashes?
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    Peg Perego Convertible vs. Maxi Cosi Pria?

    How do these two compare? I wish BBB was closer to me to see both in person.
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    Next convertible seat(s) to be released?

    What are the next convertible seats to hit the market? Is the Foonf the next?
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    Convertible seats that do not install well in Honda Civics?

    Are there any convertible seats that I need a heads up on regarding difficulty with installation?
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    Side Impact Protection Quality by brand?

    Are all SIP materials the same at the end of the day? Is there a difference in quality between brands?
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    Best convertible seat for 17lbs, 28.9in 15 month old?

    We have a small 2003 Honda Civic Coupe. DD is 17lbs and 28.9 inches tall. Which convertible seat will be the best? She is slender in size and has never disliked the Britax Chaperone or its headwings. I am not sure how much longer we have in the Chaperone, but I don't know that the Foonf will be...
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    If the Britax Chaperone didn't fit, will any Britax convertible?

    The Chaperone didn't allow the passenger seat in our Civic coupe (03) to be used or even pushed back. Now that its time for convertible seats, will a Britax convertible fit? Is the footprint larger? About the same?
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    Convertibles that can fit 2003 Honda Civic Coupe?

    Which convertible seats can fit in the 2-door Civic 2003 model? Will any fit in the center?
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    Actual photos of seats from the crash testing?

    I remember seeing a website or maybe a pdf file some years back that showed the actual car seats during crash testing. It was infant seats that were featured and even included photos on different types of testing surfaces, one was a blue or red bench type seat, another an airplane seat. They...
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    Convertible w/ side impact protection - which is best?

    We have an older model vehicle with only two airbags both in the front. What type of convertible do you think has the best side impact protection? DC is 15 months.

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