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  1. jessi f

    For Sale Complete Air cover ~ Harvest

    Obviously you will need to have a CA with brown headwings to match ;) $20 shipped.
  2. jessi f

    For Sale Nautilus cover

    I cant remember the name :o It's the one with orange piping... $30 shipped
  3. jessi f

    Vera Bradley

    Lizzy purse and double kiss lock wallet in Island Blooms. Barely used. Would prefer to sell together :) $45 shipped
  4. jessi f

    In Search Of ISO Girly Nautilus cover

    Title pretty much says it all :) It doesn't have to be in new condition but nothing to beat up. DD is bummed about retiring her Alma MyRide so I'm looking for something with lots of pink and flowers ;) I can do PP or trade a complete Garrison set (tan w/ orange piping).
  5. jessi f

    Just realized DD probably has to go FF in her RN

    I just did a search on the new LATCH limits (confusing!!!). Unless I'm reading it wrong I need to switch DD's XTSL over to a seatbelt install because she's 42lbs now. But I cant do that in our Mazda5 because she accidentally kicks the buckle and unbuckles her seat. It's not a huge deal, she's...
  6. jessi f

    Sold! Butterfly True Fit cover

    Sold The seat sold with the blue cover. The Butterfly cover is now for sale by itself for $45 shipped. This is a regular (not premier) True Fit. It comes from a smoke free home and both covers are in good used condition and all parts (infant padding, ect..) are accounted for (ETA the...
  7. jessi f

    39.4 lbs...

    That's what DD weighed fully clothed after supper tonight. I really wanted to RF her until she was at least 4 but two of her seats (CA65 and MR) only go to 40 lbs. She just turned 3 in August. I *think* our home scale reads a little high but not much. I dont want to turn her but we cant afford 2...
  8. jessi f

    Deco My Ride cover

    Pending... It's in great condition and comes from a smoke free home. The infant insert and little pillow are included but the harness covers are missing so I'm including a set from a Flair cover. You can tell in the pic they are a bit more grey than tan but they match ok IMO. $45 shipped
  9. jessi f

    DS in his Envy Probooster (pic heavy)

    We really like it! I think the fit on DS is great and he's doing well with learning how to stay in position. He can buckle it and adjust the belt by himself but I'll be checking it for a good while just in case ;) And I :love: the color, pics do not do it justice. I think didnt have his butt...
  10. jessi f

    I ordered DS' booster

    A probooster in envy. I really hope it isnt tippy and he rides well in it. I bought it from's going out of business sale so there's no returning it it it doesnt work :o He was in love with the orange SS turbo and I was about to order it but he changed his mind when I showed him...
  11. jessi f

    ISO: Angry birds fabric

    I'm trying to make a weighted blanket for DS and he has his little heart set on it having angry birds on it. I had no idea the fabric would be so hard to find but I have looked everywhere with no luck :( All I can find are some fleece pieces on ebay but I'm pretty sure the birds are too big for...
  12. jessi f

    Thinking about boostering DS... Or not? (with pics)

    I need to get DS a seat for out secondary car. At first I was going to just go for another GN. He likes it and it fits him well. But he's going to be 6 in October and has been asking about getting a booster. I think I'm ok with it but I'm just not sure, he's my baby :( When he does go to a...
  13. jessi f

    Newer chevy aveo vs. older honda civic: driver safety?

    Spin off of my commuter car thread :) I'm using these 2 models bc they are whats coming up most often in my search. In my price range (under $6000) I'm running into the issue of the cars with the better reputation like the civic are going to be older models with optional side airbags that...
  14. jessi f

    Help finding a safe comuter car

    Were looking for a commuter car for me to drive back and forth to school next year. Budget is under $6000 (maybe up to 7) but we'd really like to keep lower :cool: We hoping to find a 2002-04ish Civic but theyre not coming up often and get snatched up pretty quickly. It seems like everything...
  15. jessi f

    SO: Safety issues with sitting beside a FF seat

    It's been discussed that a kid in a NB booster or just a seatbelt could be hurt in a side impact by cracking their head on a FF seat beside them. I think I remember reading that sitting beside a FF seat or even another person was possibly beneficial in a side impact (and not just with the britax...
  16. jessi f

    In Search Of VB large duffel

    Nevermind, just bought one on ebay ;) I'm in search of a VB large duffel in well loved (showing it's age enough for the price to reflect it, but not falling apart :p;)) condition. I like a wide variety of the prints, but I tend to be more drawn to the flowery pink ones. Anybody got one theyre...
  17. jessi f

    Trade my True Fit for your Nautilus ?(or other combo seat)

    I have a regular TF wearing a Bionic Splash cover that I'd like to trade for a GN in a boyish color. I'd consider another FF combo, but I think the GN is the most similar in price. DOM is late 2010 or early 2011, I'll have to double check. Would prefer east coast to keep shipping costs down...
  18. jessi f

    Cotton babies has the Diono angle adjuster in stock

    I ordered one this weekend and it shipped today :D
  19. jessi f

    Does anyone have pics of a TFP cover on regular TF?

    I'm thinking about buying one in swap but I want to make sure the extra space around the harness adjuster wont drive me crazy. Thanks :)

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