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  1. actuallyamanda

    Longevity of Roundabout

    Is it possible to RF in a Roundabout until age 3? What if you have a super tiny kid? It seems like this seat generally is outgrown RFing before then but I was just curious if it was possible for anyone. Reid is almost 22mos old now, only 21lbs. and still easily RFing in the CCO. He still has...
  2. actuallyamanda

    In Search Of Casually ISO diaper sprayer

    I don't need one of these yet because Reid is only 5 months old & I'm still EPing for him but I figured I would go ahead and start looking now. I know I want a sprayer with an adjustable nozzle so I can control the water pressure. I just don't want to pay anywhere near $40 plus for one. I'd...
  3. actuallyamanda

    CCO odd fit?

    Just curious if anyone else had this problem. Reid is in a CCO and we're using the infant insert bc he's only 6lbs now. He fits well in the seat, straps are below his shoulders etc. My only complaint is that it seems like it makes him lay at such an odd angle that he can't turn his head well. I...
  4. actuallyamanda

    In Search Of Ergo infant insert

    Does anyone happen to have an extra Ergo infant insert? The Ergo is camel colored so I'm hoping to find an insert that is just white or creme colored. Amazon has them but I don't want to pay $25 for a new one.
  5. actuallyamanda

    For Sale or Trade Maternity- sizes S up to XXL

    I bought a huge lot of maternity clothes with mixed sizes. I've taken everything out that I will wear but the rest I know will never fit me. I have to get pictures of everything still but I should be able to do that later on today or tomorrow. I'm open to any offers really, I just have no use...
  6. actuallyamanda

    In Search Of ISO Boba/Sleepy Wrap

    Looking for a Boba/Sleep wrap. I'd prefer to have a neutral color like gray but would definitely consider any color if the price was right.
  7. actuallyamanda

    How long will a CCO last me?

    Now that we're expecting again, I'm dying to get my hands on a CCO but I really need to be practical about which seat I buy. I don't want to have to buy a new seat within a year or two after the baby is born. The good news is that I tend to have small kids. For example, my 5yr old DS is only...
  8. actuallyamanda

    For Sale Complete P90X Program

    SOLD Complete program, all discs included in great condition. Some of the discs were never even used because I didnt get that far into the program. I have 1 of the elastic bands and the doorway pullup bar also. I'm really not even sure what to ask for it all so feel free to make offers...I'm...
  9. actuallyamanda

    In Search Of Cheap Maestro or Nautilus

    Or something equivalent. I just need a cheap seat as a spare or to keep in DHs truck. We have a FR85 now that I've just been moving back and forth but it's getting annoying & I'd rather just find a cheap seat to stay in there. Sent from my iPhone using Car-Seat.Org
  10. actuallyamanda

    For Sale Ipod Nano 8gb

    SOLD I had an older Nano that I had to return to Apple because the battery was recalled and they replaced it with a new model Nano. I could really use the money more than I could use the ipod so its for sale. I'll ship it exactly as it was sent to me from Apple. Still has the clear protective...
  11. actuallyamanda

    For Sale Saucony athletic shoes, size 9

    SOLD Womens athletic shoes, Saucony brand, size 9. I only wore them 2 or 3 times and just dont really like the fit. $45ppd
  12. actuallyamanda

    In Search Of LEGOS

    I'm planning on getting Nolan the regular small Legos for his 4th birthday this year. My mom has some at her house and he just loves to sit and play with them. He doesnt really care about building certain things yet so the specific sets arent that appealing to me. I'm just looking for a big...
  13. actuallyamanda

    For Sale Rushmore FR85 Cover

    SOLD For Sale: Rushmore FR85 cover, like new with all pads $55ppd We only used this cover for about a month. I washed it in my front loader with Tide Free & Clear on gentle cycle and hung up to air dry so its already clean and ready to be used.
  14. actuallyamanda

    For Sale XTSL in Nitro plus Shadow cover

    BOTH SOLD! I got Nolan a FR85 so we dont really have a reason to keep the XTSL anymore. We were going to keep it as a backup but I dont really see the need. DOM is 9/09 so almost 2 1/2 years old now. It has been well used but not abused. Never crashed, gate checked, etc. It has the Nitro...
  15. actuallyamanda

    In Search Of Go Green Lunch Box

    Anyone have a go green lunchbox they would like to sell? I actually need 2 of them, but I figure its going to be a long shot just to find 1 person willing. My girls will be using them so nothing 'boyish'. They have been taking their lunch much more often this year than the previous years so...
  16. actuallyamanda

    Please tell me this is right...

    I have been wanting to turn Nolan back rfing in my car. I've done it before in the center and just wasnt happy with the recline so today I was determined to get him rfing behind the driver seat. I drive a 2008 Nissan Altima. I fought with this seat all morning and finally got it installed. I...
  17. actuallyamanda

    Question Most comfortable nbb?

    What would be the most comfortable nbb? Kendall is turning 9 next week and she's currently in the graco nbb. She's 70lbs and appx 4'5". She doesn't give me any problems abt sitting in her booster but she has told me that it isn't very comfortable. There's no foam or padding so I can see why. So...
  18. actuallyamanda

    2006 Ford Freestar

    Can anyone tell me anything bad about this van? I'm looking to trade my car for a minivan, and I just happen to come across this Freestar for a very cheap price. Its just a basic model with high mileage but it seems to be in great shape. It even has the carfax report and everything for it...
  19. actuallyamanda

    In Search Of Shadow XTSL cover

    FOUND!!!! Anyone have a Shadow XTSL cover they want to part with? I'm so sick of this mesh cover we have and really, the Shadow cover is the only other one I think I'd like for him. I'd like to stay in the $50 to $55 range if possible.
  20. actuallyamanda

    For Sale Taiko Drum Master for PS2

    Taiko Drum Master for PS2, includes game and drum controller with drum sticks. Still in original box. $35 shipped

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