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  1. BritMum-in-US

    Question WWYD 7yo in Shuttle Bus

    Hello! My husband is a tour guide at the Grand Canyon and he wants to take our 7yo on a tour with him this week. The Bus/Van he usually has is in the shop (it has lap/shoulder belts), so he is taking a Ford e350 super duty Van Terra shuttle bus with a turtle top. It only has lap belts with those...
  2. BritMum-in-US

    Easy Travel Seat for 38lb 4.5yo

    What's on the market these days? dd has two Frontiers at home but I need a harnessed seat for an upcoming flight to London. I was hoping to go with nothing but we are driving 8 hours before the flight and then 4 hours when we return a month later. For those reasons I don't feel like she could do...
  3. BritMum-in-US

    Who's Rules? Delta or VA?

    We just booked a flight to London (me, my 6 yo and my 4 yo.) The tickets say "Virgin Atlantic - Operated by Delta." Logic tells me Delta will be running the show so I should be able to bring a car seat on board. But I'm not so sure...seeing as Virgin Atlantic doesn't allow that. I know I could...
  4. BritMum-in-US

    School Vans for Field Trips

    So I'm a little worried about my kindergartener traveling to field trips. His school, starting today, goes on one trip a month and take two buses/vans instead of a school bus. One is the the kind with a tall top/roof that has only lap belts, and the other one is a typical 15 passenger that has...
  5. BritMum-in-US

    For Sale Coccoro + Keylime and Strawberry Shake Covers

    -SOLD- So sorry for the large pictures!! I can't get the sizing right for some reason. DOM 11/2011, has the nice LATCH connectors and grippy bottom. Seat in great shape, brand new straps that were sent from Combi. Sticker on back panel slightly torn. Covers are Key Lime (came with this seat)...
  6. BritMum-in-US

    Price Check Coccoro

    I want to sell a 2011 Coccoro with brand new straps and the nice LATCH connectors, and also two full covers sets (keylime and strawberry shake). I have no idea what they are going for these days. Any ideas for the bundle or even individually?
  7. BritMum-in-US

    Are SR22s still made/used?

    I have a nice cover set that's from a rear adjust from 2007 but not sure if I should just toss it?
  8. BritMum-in-US

    What Convertible to Fit Next to Infant Seat

    Hi everyone. My sister is planning on having several children and currently has her firstborn in a SnugRide 30 (she's almost 3 months old). She wants to get a convertible in the next few months and likes Graco, particularly the MyRide. However it is wide and I'm not so sure it will fit. I know...
  9. BritMum-in-US

    First Time Booster Help

    PHOTOS! :) Okay so I got both boosters and tried them in both the captain chair and the back seat of our Odyssey. DS wants to keep the orange as it's his favorite color haha. I think the fit looks pretty similar, no? I still need to test in our Jeep before I decide, but I think the Turbo SS is...
  10. BritMum-in-US

    Any great newborn car seat safety checklists?

    Looking for a good article that includes things like no aftermarket strap covers etc to send to my sister :)
  11. BritMum-in-US

    First Time Booster Help

    DS is 5 in January, and is currently a solid 41lbs and 42" tall. I want to start booster training him after his birthday, probably used mainly in a 2002 Jeep Liberty, though also our main vehicle eventually (a 2012 Odyssey). And I want it to be easy to put in friends' vehicles. I am a bit...
  12. BritMum-in-US

    What to do re: 4YO in Europe

    Thank you very much KQ. I seriously doubt it will get used at all but I know it's important to prepare anyway, just incase. So I bought one and today we tested it out and I think the fit is pretty good, right? Well, in an Oddy captain chair anyway. (Excuse the lack of clothing, it's darn hot)...
  13. BritMum-in-US

    What to do re: 4YO in Europe

    In two weeks we are flying to England, and I need some help with what to do for DS. He is 4y 3m, 37.5# and 41" tall. Originally when I was planning, I honestly thought he'd be 40lbs by now. He was fluctuating from 37-39 pounds for several months. He's like a little rugby player but now he's just...
  14. BritMum-in-US

    Baby Jogger Summit XC on Wayfair for $199

    These are $379 on Amazon.
  15. BritMum-in-US

    Your Experience with Air New Zealand?

    We are planning a pretty big trip to the UK in May...and I've been solely looking for flights with US based airlines or British Airways, as we will have a 2 year old in a CCO. Not sure if DS will have a car seat or not, we are 99% sure we will not be using a vehicle while in England and gosh I...
  16. BritMum-in-US

    Anyone Looking for a Snuzzler?

    I have a Kiddopotamus Snuzzler in excellent shape that I obviously don't want to give to just anyone because they might use it in a car seat. If somebody wants to use it for their newborn in their stroller I'd be happy to give it to them free of charge, just pay shipping. I can post pics if...
  17. BritMum-in-US

    For Sale Naked Coccoro (Brand New)

    Um...VGUC? GUC? It looks pretty good to me...a couple of small light stains in the bottom, a few snags here and there. And a group of short snagging by the feet. Here are some bad cell phone pics but I'll take some better ones with my good camera in the sunlight tomorrow.
  18. BritMum-in-US

    For Sale Naked Coccoro (Brand New)

    D.O.M is November 2011, it's the new one with the nice LATCH connectors and rated from 3lbs. Includes rf tether, locking clip, manual and all paperwork. I got it from Wayfair, it came perfect - sealed with all tags attached. I just bought it for the cover, though I am sooo tempted to keep it...
  19. BritMum-in-US

    Wayfair has $81 RA 55's Popping Up

    4 of them in the color Onyx...they come and go. I did manage to grab a $185 Maui Frontier today :D Which ended up being $180 with my rewards. And I got $5 in rewards from that purchase. Worth keeping an eye on Wayfair today!
  20. BritMum-in-US

    Oodles of Leg Room!

    I know this isn't new to anybody, but I was surprised at how much room the Radian offered dd! She is 16 months, and is in the 90th percentile for height right now. She is in 2T pants but 12/18 mth tops. She's all legs! She is usually in the CCO but had a little "incident" and we had to switch...

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